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Music for a new generation of Humanity!!

Dearest Souls- blessings to you xxxx I would like to introduce you to my band SAY as we are launching our album 'MULTIVERSE' on January 26…

Started by Jay StansfieldLatest Reply

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Black magic or evil eye

Hello all, What are your thoughts on removing any type of black magic or negative influence caused by the evil eye, a jealous person and su…

Started by Angela

0 Apr 17, 2012


On SBSHDTV, 25/2/’12,1 I watched art critic Waldemar Januszczak, present Ugly Beauty. The nature of beauty has always been a philosophical…

Started by RonPrice

0 Mar 4, 2012

Do we really care about GLOBAL WARMING ???

We people don't care about tomorrow, we don't care whats going to happen after 100 yrs, and in every warning given to us about G.W (Global…

Started by Vishal Trivedi

161 Feb 18, 2012
Reply by James Freeman


Director Sidney Lumet died yesterday. He was 86.  This prose-poem will not tell you chapter and verse about his legendary career which, if…

Started by RonPrice

0 Apr 13, 2011

lots care at

But not many come from SuperLife. what up?

Started by Alexander

0 Aug 21, 2010

Energy of Healing hands & energy of pyramids

Spiritual energy healing. Ways of movement rays of subtle energy in a body and places of their exit are known in the literature of energy…

Started by Konstantin

0 May 10, 2010

Synchronicties, coincidences, and noticing the little things

I have recently opened myself up a little more by tapping into the universal energy and believing. As a result I have started to notice mor…

Started by damien

24 Apr 20, 2010
Reply by kelly ruef

Dear Producers

Started by Doris Anne Beaulieu

0 Dec 21, 2009

Meditation Technology - Isochronic Tones & Binaural Beats

Hi my name is Don - ive been in meditation daily practice for about two years now and ive found that audio enhancements really help my min…

Started by Don McCarty

0 Dec 18, 2009

Remote viewing Tibetan monks see E-T powers saving the World...

Remote viewing Tibetan monks see E-T powers saving the World... Cmdr. Lyur here. I am preparing a series of articles on 2012. The article b…

Started by Cmdr.Lyur

0 Dec 3, 2009


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