Synchronicties, coincidences, and noticing the little things

I have recently opened myself up a little more by tapping into the universal energy and believing. As a result I have started to notice more and more signs along the way answering questions that float through my consciousness- printed signs that call out to me by the way they look, lyrics in songs will sync up and answer me (especially the way my ipod shuffles the songs gives great meaning to moments), things people say at specific times and what its connotation or denotation means. Now my song just told me that "what has been done to you has been done for a reason".

Who else is going through this or has gone through this? It can be very disconcerting at times. Now my song is singing "I won't fight it". Seriously, sometimes it just seems like the world is stalking me and i know that is true in a good way because wherever you go there you are. It's great, but just like getting something new, I am getting used to it so that it feels comfortable.

I'm in the middle of reading something talking about how we are moving from Dualtiy into Triality. If this is what it is then it's really interesting to be so much more interactive with life.

Does anyone relate to this?

Btw, now my music is telling me "Don't tell me, tell me what I already know". I never knew indie rock could be so enlightening. ;D

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for me it's a whole new way of being. it truly is excercising oneself. everyday i am getting stronger because i am teaching myself not to fight it and open up to sense things with my sixth sense. and when i say sixth sense for me it's something that is complementary to the other five senses. it's utilizing them together in such a way that new meaning arises from things. and it's amazing.

even the other day when i wanted to turn it off and escape it to just have down time and watch a movie that didn't even happen. i figured "meet the robinson's" would be a nice little light-hearted distraction, but instead it was amazingly apropos with a great message "keep moving forward". i highly recommend it. that being said, i now realize that no matter what from this point on there is no turning off of it. it's like me saying that i've had enough of touching things or hearing things.

this new view is quite amazing and is taking some adjusting for me. it's like learning to ride a bike or write. i'm just getting the hang of it now, but i'll master it and be a pro in no time.
There is a book by James Redfield called The Celestine Prophecy. If you have not read it yet you might want to pick it up. It is written as a story but is one of the best metaphysical instruction books I have read. It deals a lot with the synchroncities of our lives and teaches us how to spot them and inturpret them. It will help you to move into the higher vibrations so that you can continue to grow as soul. Good luck and keep your eyes open.
thank you for the heads up. i have already read the celestine prophecy and the tenth insight. i have yet to read the secret of shamballa. i just finished reading Home With God, and i do suggest that to anyone who hasn't read it yet. it opened me up to so much more than i bargained for and i am highly great-full for it.

i've noticed synchronicities before but now i'm noticing messages within everything, even the seemingly mundane or diversions. now i see many levels of meaning to things and can not anymore view "diversions" as diversions because nothing can truly divert us from ultimate truth.

My DVD just gave me a great message- "intuition cannot be controlled ordered or persuaded. it comes from within the soul". And that came from a war-machine from an anime. go figure. i'm getting more used to listening to the messages beneath the messages. it's weird at first but it employs hearing with my whole being, not just my ears- a whole new way of living.
Hi Damien,

I have always considered synchronicity, coincidences, and multiples of things that happen in a short period important information.
Sometimes an affirmation, sometimes a confirmation, and sometimes a notice to pay closer attention.
Kind of a red light, green light, for me.

Excellent that you are reading the Celestine Prophesy series. Keep reading!
That had invaluable information for me about clearing the past, control dramas and seeing energy fields.

Another personal favorite is a book & accompanying deck of cards that shares traditions of the native American Indians regarding the animals. The Indians believe that every animal has a lesson for man and that we need to observe and learn. They call that knowledge of the lessons, medicine, and because the Indians lived so close to the land, they were able to truly observe the animals. For example snake medicine is all about transmutation. Think about what you already know about snakes, they bite, they have poison, they shed their skin. Well all of those characteristics have symbolic meaning for us. shedding the skin = growth in the life-death-rebirth cycle; multiple snake bites can be an initiation or allow the person to transmute other poisons, be they mental, physical, spiritual, or emotional. This is all very valuable information when one is going thru the course of their day. There is also symbolic meaning in the contrary too. If you are using the cards and pull one in reverse, that information is different than if it were right-side-up, or if you come across the animal dead or hurt it would mean something different.
The book is called Medicine Cards, the Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals, by Jamie Sams & David Carson. Bear & Co. publisher in Santa Fe originally published it.
"follow your soul, stick to the road that your heart wants you to go"- from another song as i'm typing this. i live each moment to my fullest and embody my highest ideals, so others can see how i create my life. If they tire of their ways of living in fear then i reach out with a helping hand and let them know that everything is easy, and if you want it just have it. I used to rail against life until one day i grew tired of it and decided to love everything. I now feel i have a more full-filling existence because i have let go of the fear controlling me. Every moment is a new experience that I cherish wholly and unconditionally no matter what is brought to me. This amazing life brings us choices everyday. Whether or not we choose to experience them at the moment is entirely up to us. That being said, I thank you for your words of wisdom. :D

here's a great photo i snapped in London. enjoy!:

I'll definitely look into the cards. I'm sure my mom has them. I think she has about every set of cards out there. :-) Living in New York City I don't really get to interact with animals that often. One animal that has been coming up in conversations recently has been the bird, specifically the crow. Do the animal symbols still mean something when you don't physically see them?

The Secret of Shamballa et al will present themselves to me when the time be. Home With God did just that for me. Right at this moment I'm reintroducing myself to myself. It's interesting to get to know oneself again. When I'm settled in to my new home I'm sure I'll add some new furniture to it. ;D

just a little gift of a photo i shot in my travels:

Yes, animals refer to the animalistic side of our nature. The Raven (crow) could be a reminder of God's love & the ability of God to meet all of man's emergencies. To an Englishman, the raven might mean self-survival or the British Empire, because, for centuries, the raven has symbolized the continuity of the United Kingdom. For this reason, the ravens at the Tower of London have their wings clipped & are fed raw meat, for their departure would be considered a dire omen. If the dreamer is familiar only with the raven in the context of Edgar Allan Poe's, "The Raven," it could symbolize fatalism & despair.

Yes, even if you do not see the animal physically, the message is still the same.

In the Native American tradition, there is crow and also raven medicine. I'm rewriting both entries for you ,
Of the 44 animals from this book, Raven is # 16 and all about magic.

Each entry also has a haiku ~ so Raven's is . . .

Raven . . .Black as pitch,
Mystical as the moon,
Speak to me of magic,
I will fly with you soon.

Throughout time, Raven has carried the medicine of magic. This has been true in many cultures across the planet. It is sacred, in the medicine ways, to honor Raven as the bringer of magic. If the magic is bad medicine, the carrier may be honored out of fear rather than respect. Those who fear Raven may do so because they are dabbling in areas in which they had no knowledge, and a spell may have backfired on them. Rather than analyzing the dark side of sorcery, realize that you will fear Raven only if you need to learn about your inner fears or self-created demons.

Raven magic is a powerful medicine that can give your the courage to enter the darkness of the void, which is the home of all that is not yet in form. the void is called the Great Mystery. Great Mystery existed before all other things came into being. Great Spirit lives inside the void and emerged from the Great Mystery. Raven is the messenger of the void.

If Raven appears in your spread (card reading or consciousness) you are about to experience a change in consciousness. This may involve walking inside the Great Mystery on another path at the edge of time. It would portend a signal brought by the Raven that says, "You have earned the right to see and experience a little more of life's magic." Raven's color is the color of the void - the black hole in space that holds all the energy of the creative source.

In Native teachings the color black means many things, but it does not mean evil. Black can mean the seeking of answers, the void, or the road of the spiritual or nonphysical. The blue-black of Raven contains an iridescence that speaks of the magic of darkness, and a changeability of form and shape that brings an awakening in the process.

Raven is the guardian of ceremonial magic and "in absentia" healing. In any healing circle, Raven is present. Raven guides the magic of healing and the change in consciousness that will bring about a new reality and dispel "dis-ease" or illness. Raven brings in a new state of wellness from the Void of Great Mystery and the field of plenty.

Raven is the messenger that carries all energy flows of ceremonial magic between the ceremony itself and the intended destination. for instance, if a ceremony is being performed to send energy to a disaster area where people need courage and strength, Raven would be the courier for that energy flow. The intention could be to allow the people of the devastated area to feel the concern and support of the participants in the ceremony.

If you have chosen Raven, magic is in the air. do not try to figure it out; you cannot. It is the power of the unknown at work, and something special is about to happen. the deeper mystery, however, is how you will respond to the sparkling synchronicity of this alchemical moment. Will U accept it as a gift from the Great Spirit? Or will U limit the power of the Great Mystery by explaining it away?

It may be time to call Raven as a courier to carry an intention, some healing energy, a thought, or a message. Raven is the patron of smoke signals or spirit messages represented by smoke. So if you want to send a message to the Blue Road of spirit, in order to contact the Ancients, call Raven. Or, who knows, the Ancients may be calling you.

Remember, this magic moment came from the void of darkness, and the challenge is to bring it to light. In doing so you will have honored the magician within.

Raven reversed is not to be taken lightly! It can mean that the boomerang is coming home. If you have wished harm to another, beware -you ha
When you speak of the "void," it reminds me of the inner silence during meditation. The "Blue Road" you speak of reminds me of Archangel Michael & the Blue Lightning Angels under Michael's command. "Will I accept it as a Gift from God or will I limit the power of the God by explaining it away." I have a question about that though. How does one limit the power of God by explaining things of God that are complex by making it simpler to understand for the simple minded. Perhaps the student is becoming the teacher with Divine permission. Just because one becomes the teacher does not mean his/her learning ends. Just like Ascended Masters; just because you "ascend" in higher God consciousness does not mean the job is over or the learning is over. If you know the teachings what good is it if it is kept to yourself, not applied personally & not shared with those who are in the same type of situation as you? That is like being a spectator to me to be honest with you. We are God, sweety. Like what the Natives believe God is everything & everyone, nothing exists outside of God whether physically or spiritually, period. If God were a pizza, each of us is a whole slice of the God pizza. Do you get what I am saying? We are God, period! Unity! We are all ONE! We are family! Most Christians just don't understand this because they believe in a man-made shame & guilt doctrine. If I were to walk up to a christian & let them know that they are God, that person would think that I am egotistical or from the "devil." God is LOVE! Anything that is not of love is not of God! The boomerang you are referring to is summed up by the orients & buddhists (etc) using the word "Karma." Do not be afraid of karma. It to, is the law of God's love. We will go through situations like what we created over & over & sometimes over yet again until we change that karmic situation by having a little more compassion towards each other. When we hate someone, we are hating ourselves because that is our brother or sister that we are hating. It is humans who like to categorize everything.

I love the messages the Ascended Masters share with me. I love sharing it with others because in a way I feel it helps my brothers & sisters of Light share the message they are spreading to others. This is like a ripple in a pond kind of affect. The more these messages are shared, the more people awaken to God reality & the more closer we become to community, brotherhood, world peace, love, harmony, joy! Lots of Hugs.
just some quick notes Michelle...

i noticed that you mentioned making something that is complex simpler for the simple minded. we all can understand and know anything we want to, and in that vein do/create anything. to initiate that one just believes, wholeheartedly, and loses ones mind. no matter where you feel you are in life everything can be had by all. that is what God is- everything, and everything is love. fear is naught but a construct of our creation in order to experience this life in different ways to truly know everything. limitations are of the same nature. they are only in our mind. once one comes to the realization that anything and everything can, will, has, and is happening all at once then the doors will fly open. you can have it all.

quantum physics explains a lot about this idea of multidimensionality. it gives a physic-ality to something that is oft spoken of in meta-physical terms. others who are not so inclined to just believe can really grab on to something solid to define this theory of everything.

now you michelle may personally know this, but what is mentioned above is for anyone who happens upon this post and garners something out of it. i know others will gain something from even taking a precursory glance at even a word of all of this conversation.

have faith in yourselves and believe wholeheartedly that everything is happening to you all at once. it is just your choice to make it turn out how you want it to.
Thank you. Lots of Hugs.
Ms. C Most
I've just finished reading your reply to Damien RE. "Raven". All I can manage to say at this moment is: AWESOME!!!!!! The Great Spirit has blessed you mightily!!!!! I happen to be a caucasian, BUT have ALWAYS had the greatest respect for the Native American cultures and ESPECIALLY their Spirituality. I applied to and was adopted by the Pottawattomi and named by their Medicine Man: Man with eyes of flowing water (Spirit). He explained that "I am a walker between the worlds of man and Spirit. Since Easter of 1993, I began having spontaneous "Supernatural" experiences that have kept me "blown apart" ever since. (in a positive way).
My personal Spiritual path , as I've been told by those much more experienced than myself, has a name: Angelic-Esoteric. I've tried to become accustomed to such things as: Spontaneous Clairaudient Channeling, Visions, E>T> Contact (in the conscious/physical), etc. BUT I still have difficulties understanding certain "Archangelic references" to myself from total strangers in a variety of locations/situations that really give me the "heebie-jeebies" I've been hypnotically regressed by the Midwest director of the MUFON Organization (Ms. Shirley Coyne, Flushing, MI) She is a clinical psychologist, who worked with Bud Hopkins in regressing Whitley Streiber, the author of "Communion, etc."

At this stage of the game I keep-on " going full circle to the place where I began, and knowing it for the first time". Maybe there's hope for me yet. I have learned one VALUABLE lesson in all of this regarding forgiveness of one's self and all others ( in the sense that we are all individuated "raindrops" within the "Ocean-of-Onesness" (The Pneuma). That I TRUELY Love everyone and everything in this GLORIOUS CREATION; B-U-T I absolutely do NOT have to "Like" everyone/everything in the VASTNESS! (Freewill notwithstanding). As Buffy St. Marie sang (1975?) : "Time itself the Magic length of God." RSVP if would be so kind:



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