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The new and old traditions all lead to one objective, increasing human consciousness and connection with the earth. It has been said there are 108,000 ways to get it wrong, and only one way to get it right. I would like to hear of others various techniques for going down the path.

Have Fun and be Happy!
Chi-man. Yes, the idea is meeting of the ways, this does also include the christians, at least the ones focused on the practices of centering prayer. Thomas Keeding is one who comes to mind. I have yet discovered a tradition that does not root in the idea that we must become a rider of our minds, rather than trampled by it, or controlled by our emotion backed thoughts or known in Buddhism as kilesha. Most eastern traditions, martial arts not excluded at all, work under the basis of resting the exhausted mind. We sleep hours each night, but the mind is still active during this time.

Spiritual awareness. This is a trick phrase in my book. Really, I am simply talking about the awareness of HERE and NOW, AS IT IS, and accepting it unconditionally with the inspiration to make changes in the world that serve the planet we are here to serve. I can elaborate on the last sentence if you like, but it primarily has to do with the 5 element system that is the operation of life as we know it. Also growth, and that is also vast, but simple in the eye, if you will, of our blue planet.

Glad you have joined here. The meat for this forum I feel is unending as you also indicated.

In the mean time, just be happy, no reason or situation necessary.

Kunga; You're topic is a vast and involved one, and I am glad you started a forum on it. I would have done it if you hadn't. I have just gotten finished composing a thesis I have been working on for several years, "Christianity - a Made Up Religion". I am 'fried' from doing all the research and documentations. I thought I would apply my brain power to something creative and enjoyable like responding to your topic invitation. But, I see that it is almost 1 pm, and I am more tired than I thought. I have much to share and contribute on this topic in personal experiences and will do so tomorrow possibly.
Before I close, I just want to clarify that you are talking about spiritual awareness, correct? Because I am a black belt in karate, have taught a school and I can talk about all kinds training to increase awareness in one's physical surroundings. I much prefer talking about spiritual awareness.
Goodnight, JIM
Hi, Chi-man! I much enjoy not just sharing what I know about spiritual awareness but what I have also experienced. I picked up a book called, "Riding A Stallion-Igniting A Fire" written by Robert P. Theiss. It is teachings from the Family of Archangel Michael. I feel a rather close connection to Lord Michael. He's not the kind of angel to beat around the bush on any subject matter. He has always been upfront & direct yet very loving with me. I had a dream when I was in my early 20s about riding a black stallion & reaching for a white stallion in the sky. I learned later that I had to take the reigns of my physical body (black stallion) & bring my soul of virtue(white stallion) back in to my physical body in order to take responsibility for it all. I've taken some pretty hard knocks in life. I spend most of my time in my early childhood & part of my early childhood with God/Angels at HOME (kingdom of God). Meanwhile, while I was gone my ego protected me. Shielded my heart from harm. I was young & I couldn't express this. I grew up with christian doctrines that told me to eliminate my ego that it was evil. I found out from Michael that even after death, we still have an ego; you don't get rid of it. I didn't understand why the ego is so evil when it is a part of me. Anyways...
This book explained about what I went through as a child & why I couldn't remember most of my earlier years. I had been denied love most of my life until my second husband. Love was hard for me to accept at first because I had been denied it for so long, yet it felt SO GOOOOOOD! LOL... My husband freed me from the imprisoning bonds of Christian dogma doctrines of guilt & shame. Once away from that rat race of dogma controlling negativity, my husband introduced me to the Ascended Masters teachings. I had an unquenchable thirst to know more & to feel more. It led to my ordainment.
I started reading this book around 8pm & didn't stop reading it until midnight. I woke up early this morning to read some more. I was discovering more & more about how to take responsibility for my "selfs" & how to balance the selfs through love. For example,
The ego is not something you can eliminate because it is a part of your soul. The ego is one of the other "self" of you. It will be with you even in the afterlife. The ego (like it was for me) is actually the protective shields of the heart & how we need to create more joyful loving experiences in our lives in order for the ego to feel tangibly safe enough to let down it's shields. Michael says it is a good idea to befriend your ego because it not only protects your heart from the pain of withheld love, but also allows for the physical integration of your divinity.
I have a lot of personal experiences in expanded awareness. Many were related to my passion for the martial arts, karate, etc.. At first, I thought to discount those, but the more I thought about it, they offer a very good foundation for what I can share with people about spiritual awareness – the fact that we are magnificent spiritual beings trapped in physical bodies, and not physical bodies trying to become spiritual. The whole thrust of what I want to present is that we are already there consciously; we already have all the powers we’re striving for; we have just forgotten that we do. We need to believe and remember it again. I’d like to offer a lot of examples in my life and some simple everyday techniques that I’ve learned. These are devoid of any esoteric terminologies and philosophical systems. They’re just plain common sense. I have a lot to say, so I might conduct these responses in installments. I think I’ll compose them all into a book. So here we go.
Kunga, you talked about the 108,000 ways to get it wrong and only one way to get it right. Actually, there are many, many ways to get it right. But that one magical way that triggers your remembrance of your true nature is the one that’s right for you. So, as I’ve said, I’m going to offer a lot. I’m hoping that some one of the things I present might be the trigger for the reader that allows him/her to break through the illusion that we are mere physical beings, and helps them begin to expand their awareness.
In my karate class we practiced every possible way one human being could possibly harm another (short of shooting each other!). We would practice an appropriate block and a counter that would take the least amount of time and the shortest distance of travel. After years of practicing, sometimes 3 nights/week, we got really good. You’ve heard of the quick gun draw contest. Well, we were masters at the quick fist-foot contest. We would stand within arm’s distance of each other and attempt to punch or kick each other as fast as we could. We never could touch each other, because we were all so conditioned to react to any incoming, block it, and return an effective counter attack. It was an awesome super-cocky, confident feeling to be that good. I have to clarify that none of us were cocky. We never walked around looking for a fight, yet when attempted to be mugged, we ended the incident quickly, still standing.
I would meditate a half hour before my students arrived and I would get inspirations on what and how to teach whatever lesson for that night. We invented the quick danger assessment drill. We took two blankets and cloth pinned them to an overhead rope. We would burst through the seam and confidently and effectively dispatch two of our classmates who were waiting to way-lay us on the other side. We were able to almost project our awareness to the other side of those blankets and ‘see’ how and where they were standing. We had only one rule in that class, “anything goes!” Once we set foot into the dojo, we needed to always be alert to possibly being hit by a flying basketball or a padded bat. It really elevated our awareness. We never maimed or injured each other. We all had to be able to go to work the next day.
OK, so that’s just physical awareness. But a very magical thing started happening to me. I started to be able to do something that Bruce Lee mentioned – “knowing without knowing”. I would perceive danger before it happened. One very comical incident happened by a Holiday Inn swimming pool. I was standing by the edge of the pool. I don’t know why I do this, but I seem to always have to hem and haw and think about diving in instead of just doing it. As I was standing there, I started having self-conscious thoughts that I must have looked silly taking so long to jump in. A “what-if” scenario flashed through my mind of somebody being impatient with me and running up behind and pushing me in. I thought to myself that if it really happened I would side-step out of their path, grab their wrists and propel them further in the same direction they were going. I was prompted to turn around and look behind me, and lo and behold a little 12 year old kid was doing exactly that. And I did exactly what I had mapped out in my mind. I grabbed his extended arms and swung him over the edge of the pool. He was fully clothed with a ski parka, because it was winter outside. My son and I had gone to Wisconsin on a weekend skiing trip. I didn’t want to dunk the poor guy fully clothed, so I swung him back around onto the concrete away from the pool. He stood there visibly astonished. I said, “Sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you. It’s just my karate training.” I looked about 15 ft. away to the edge of the room where several 15-16 year old boys who I assume had prompted him into the little prank were sitting on a bench. Their expressions looked equally impressed.
What was so magical is that I knew what was going to happen without hearing or seeing it. And it wasn’t a feeling like “Uh, oh, I’m in trouble here!” It was just that “what-if” scenario. It was up to me to act on it, which I did. This same “what-if” mental scenario happened a couple of more times, and each time I would act on it and sure enough, the situation was real. Now why did this happen? Sure I heard about it from Bruce Lee movies, but I didn’t ask for it, I didn’t try to develop it.
It happened because that was just another extra added benefit of intent. I have been the victim of many attempted muggings and bully fights in my life. It seemed as if I had a “kick me” sign stuck on me somewhere. I had a need and I wanted to be as alert as I could be to possible danger from other human beings. My student buddies and I practiced endless hours with great enjoyment learning to be this physically capable.
What I am postulating here is that we all have the ability to tap into higher levels of awareness. We just have to really want to. I want to give you one more example of “what one can do, all can do”. I was impressed with Jean-Claude Van Dam’s movies where he portrayed a character’s ability to fight while blind-folded, or at least block a strike. I was inspired to invent a training technique for this with my 9 year old son, Jason. I would seat him blind-folded on the couch and present a padded bat around his head, either in front, on top or at each side. I would just hold it still there as I instructed him to not think, but react if he had a feeling where it would be and raise his hand to push it away. 7-8 times out of 10 he put his hand to where the bat was! I had him do it with me, and I could only do about 50%. What I noticed is that when I was correct it was from a very simple and matter-of-fact feeling of knowing. What was interfering when I was wrong was logic. I noticed my mind trying to figure out logically where he was putting the bat this time. “Let’s see. He had here the last time and there the other time before. So now he probably has it here.” Well, that didn’t work. It just interfered. The more we practiced not thinking and tapping into that intuitive feeling, the better we got.
When we’re young, our minds haven’t gotten that cluttered with habits of thinking logically. This feeling intuition comes naturally. Especially when we’re raised in a very loving and supportive family situation. The more dysfunctional and traumatic our childhoods are, the more fear we’ve got rolling around in our heads and that is a great deterrent to expanded awareness. Most of our mental energy is being utilized for survival.
I tried one more game with Jason, “psychic hide-and-go-seek”. I want to note here that my boy never exhibited any extraordinary psychic abilities spontaneously, and now that he’s a grown adult, he has no interest in them. But I, knowing and curious about all this stuff, just had to experiment on him. I would invent all kinds of fun games to entertain each other on my weekends of visitation with him. One time I suggested hiding our dog Chewie somewhere in my house. I told Jason to go in the far bedroom and sit and try to think where Chewie might be while I took Chewie upstairs and put him in the shower stall. Jason said, “I just can’t do it Dad.” I said to just try to picture Chewie in his mind and then examine the surroundings where he saw him. He said, “Oh. I know”, he got up and went straight to the upstairs shower. This really astounded me. So I said go sit and think again and I’m going to go hide somewhere. He found me again, but what was doubly astounding is that he told me he first checked the exact same two spots I first went to considering whether they might be good spots to hide. Where was he getting this information? I'm saying that it is always out there, all around us. We just have to learn that we can utilize it.
In my next installment, I will get into techniques for developing these skills, I want to impress upon you that we all have that innate ability to “know without knowing”. The skill has just been clouded over with our mundane living. I have suggestions of how to ‘uncloud’ yourself.
To know without knowing. I am very interested in hearing from you about this. In the Zen tradition, they state very clearly, that in order to know with out knowing, is never to know for sure. Paying attention to here and now, the direct experience in the moment. That is all we can ever know, and there is never certainty. Once the mind begins to access information from the past, or future, or makes comparisons, or gets involved beyond just noticing or paying attention, Wham! You just lost the ability to block, and received a blow from your opponent. This I am sure you know real well. The other day, I was walking to my abode through feet of snow, living in the mountains, with a pair of snow shoes I am still getting used to. If I thought of the destination, plunk, right into the snow face first. Then I went into past, some issues I have with a neighbor, and again, plunk. Once I was fully with the movement of my legs and body in sync, and the sound of the snow under my feet crunching, and the breath, most important, I was walking like a pro. Sometimes reciting a favorite mantra, or visualizing Reiki symbols when my mind is really busy will clear the jabber jaw mind. Remember jabber jaw, the cartoon whale? That is my mind. Really entertaining, but quite blumbering. And a talker. And on and on and on........

Look forward to more here, thanks guys!

Yeah, Kunga. I can relate to that. Here's a personal experience just like yours that sends home the fact that being in the 'here and now' can give you all kinds of power. In the 70's my wife and I were hiking up a small mountain. The path was smooth and wide, but I was getting tired way too early. I noticed my mind was busy with all these thoughts, "Boy! Am I tired. I wonder if my legs will hold up 'till the top of the mountain. Maybe we shouldn't have tried to do this. Bitch, bitch, whine, moan!"
I had read some Zen literature similar to what you mentioned, and it came to me at that moment. So I started taking deep breaths, relaxed and evoked the Chi-force down and through my body. I also turned off my mind and just silently got into the feeling of my body performing it's duty (the here and now.) I marched non-stop to the top of the ridge in no time at all. I wasn't even short of breath. My poor wife was miffed at me for leaving her way behind. I apologized and explained that I was taking advantage of that moment to employ a very valuable Zen exercise.
Another time I had to drive about 35 miles back home from a concert in Chicago. It was in the middle of winter and below freezing. My wife and I were driving a Volkswagen 'Thing' back then, and the spark plug for the heater kept malfunctioning. And if you remember, the windows were crude hard plastic flaps. I was literally driving outside the whole trip. Luckily I was wearing a snowmobile suit and other warm clothing. I had no other choice but to get home, so I started evoking my chi, turned off my my mind for the whole 45 minute trip and never shivered. But, once I got into my driveway, it broke my concentration, and I started shivering like mad. It's amazing the powers we have over our physical environment.
I learned some more interesting information from the book I mentioned. It says that your mind is truly devoted, but without the presence of its counterpart, your heart, it becomes confused & disoriented. (This book calls the mind, the male & the heart, the female.) It continues to say that unlike your heart, the mind does not perceive the bigger picture. That the mind is not in its divine nature. It is perfect the way it is. It gives you, SOUL, the opportunity to describe in detail the exquisite beauty of the Heart of Creation. Your dilemma is to stop relying on the mind to give you what only your female nature (heart) can embody--unlimited, intuitive, & all encompassing perspectives. No divisions, no right or wrong, black or white, good or evil. It is ALL INCLUSIVE in its perception of reality. The majority of humanity is allowing itself to be ruled by its divine male nature. The mind's purpose is to dissect, separate, & describe the unfathomable & mysterious nature of its female counterpart (heart). The mind is sensing that many of you are beginning to acknowledge its concerns. If you prefer to call this your awakening, indeed this is a beautiful description. In a way, you can say you are picking up a phone that has been ringing for a very long time. You say "hello" & hear a barrage of complaints from your mind asking & pleading "Where is my Beloved (your heart, the female)? You keep asking me to make your life safe, known, & secure when I do not have a clue." Your female nature is endowed with a presence that brings a profound CLARITY to your thoughts--A perception that does not require the use of the mind.
Women are given a bad name by society as being irrational or too emotional. This is why.. The male, the mind & the female, the heart have to be in tune with each other like a marriage. One cannot be without the other. You doubt me. OK... try this little exercise then. This will be a real test for you to see where you are in life totally. Here is the exercise: Stop your internal dialog for 10-15 minutes & notice what part of you is now perceiving your life? (The mind or the heart?) Where did all the anxiety go? Why do you suddenly feel so ecstatically blissful?
As a human being you will feel the presence of your female nature when you rely on your intuitive abilities to acknowledge her, trusting your feelings to guide you through your life.
We know that the state of consciousness that you adapted while growing up has you to deny using your feelings (THINKING IT MAKES YOU WEAK TO RELY ON YOUR FEELINGS) as your main preceptor. You learned to rely almost exclusively on logic & reason. And yet (LOL...) even logic would confirm that your collective reality lacks balance, cooperation, & clarity. Logic cannot confirm that Spirit is real. You only ridicule the very nature of your mind with such questions. It can give you a very detailed description of pieces or a slice (LOL...) of her (your hearts) nature. You know, of course, there can be enormous pleasure in dissecting these slices, but it becomes dysfunctional when you are relying on the describer to take responsibility for the describer, basically. Now turn around & give that same responsibility to the indescribable, your heart (the female nature) in PARTNERSHIP with your mind, body, & SPIRIT and watch your personal reality blossom.
Many of you are discovering that when you rely on your female nature to answer your questions about life it leaves you speechless. You develop a sense of knowing that is difficult to describe even for the describer. And yet the mind, being most comfortable when it is truly connected to her presence will joyfully attempt to describe her magnificence. Your divine male nature then is at peace with itself by serving its counterpart, the divine female nature, its Beloved! This is NOT a gender based relationship. You are using your human nature & physical reality as a mirror to reflect back to you the balance within yourself. Lots of Love, Michelle
Yes, Michelle, I agree with and have experienced what you are speaking of. The Tibetan word for mind, "Chit" is also the same word for the heart. They see no different. When the mind is quiet, the heart has a chance to be heard. This can be misinterpreted by some when emotions and discursive thinking, or kileshas begin to arise. Some will interpret the kileshas as an inner message from the heart. This couldn't be more destructive. When the mind is clear, or at least our reactions to that which arises in the mind is under control, so to speak, then the true messages come through. I have found that my heart, for now, just likes to see the grain in the wood floor, the sound of the snow under my feet, the gaze of the sky, the smell of fresh chai, and so on. When it comes to worldly matters, the mess starts all over again. Let's go here, I am seeking more info on this "in the world, but not of the world".

Thanks folks, this is getting awesome!


One more Byte in my arse. Connection with others. When we are standing face to face with someone else, making eye contact, and there is that feeling of connection and acceptance, and maybe you hug or shake hands or bow, and then...... The mind wants to get involved. It doesn't need to really, you think?(LOL)
But, then we begin to jabber that jaw. And most of what comes out, in my experience, like writing here, is no where near what is going on inside. It is just some act. The minute the jaw opens, I find a loss of concentration. There is a practice called "social Practice" in my tradition, I have engaged with it some, easier with someone who also is practicing it. It is actually just another awareness of awareness, while just letting the words flow. Then I find for me, that the other person says "what did you just say?" Here, the mind gets running wild again, concentration lost for the moment, and I have no Idea what just came out.

Yeah! Doesn't Earth just suck? I'm writing a novel where the main character spontaneously slips into the etheric plane during his dreams and meets his twin flame plus a whole lot of other personages. He's at first blown away at the fact that nobody really speaks, there is no air to conduct sound. They just know what the other is thinking, feeling, because it is all energy generated by thought, even the things he wouldn't particularly want them to know.
Wouldn't life on earth be great if it could be like that? No jabber jaw. I have this male friend in another city. We have had this subliminal sense of harmony for years and we maintain it even tho we're miles apart. Years ago when we'd greet, he started giving me these long strong arm hugs with his chest up against mine. At first it was disconcerting what with homophobia and all. But after a while I tuned into his true intent. He was drinking in the higher vibrational essence of our relationship, and he was imparting all the love and respect he felt for me. Just like lovers do, only on a platonic level. He is a very dear friend.
How do you think Chi-man that people/spirits are able to telepathically communicate? I've been trying to meditate to find this answer. I can tell you one thing, it is like having a one way conversation. I can send out messages with my mind, but have a hard time receiving unless one of the spirit guides speak loudly. I used to worry about that. I'd ask myself questions like, "How am I going to be able to communicate with my spirit guides in what I consider emergencies?" Now, I've been reading that book I've mentioned. The biggest hurdle for me is that I was always trying to eliminate my ego. I found out that the ego serves me. That is my tender heart's protective shield against the pain of love withheld. It explained how our DNA is shifting, & to be patient with myself that all will be known with time. I think it is cool you are writing a novel. Sounds interesting. I think I'd like to read it when your finished with it. Lots of Loving Hugs.


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