Each of us have children some of us had nightmares.....some of us have children that come to our beds at night seeking our silent protection that just being near us.....beneath the covers, between mom and dad, helps them feel safe, gives them the peace they seek.......Lets share our awareness brought to us through the dream-state.....What say you? Tell me about your dreams....your nightmares....your epiphanies.

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As a child, I had a recurring dream, it seemed a nightmare to me, one that occurred time and time again. I would go to the room of my parents, stand in moms presence, at the edge of the bed watching her breathe.......and then she would open her eyes, and as if knowing it was me, not startled by my trespass into her night space, she'd whisper....Did you have a bad dream?....I'd whimper ....yes.....she'd open up the covers...silently bidding me to enter the sanctuary of safety....I'd enter......all is well..................The dream was vivid. I was downstairs, in the basement....I have no Idea of the reason for being there....the scorpions ....hundreds of them......tail curled in the air....after me.....The basement was always dark.....I'd finally make it to the stairs.....I thought they wouldn't be able to negotiate the steps....I was slowed them but they kept coming....I quickly made it to the top of the stairs....the door was locked! I banged on the door, but it did not open! I banged did not open!!!!!!!!!! I came back down....half way....I had to move quickly....they were getting closer....I moved some boards.....maneuvered them across the the window,,,,,,as I crossed the abyss....aware that the darkness....I saw the churning, even through the blackness, of the scorpions.........anticipating my fall. As I crossed....hurriedly....they had begun to follow behind me on the board....every second became a deafening were getting closer....finally, I made it out the window.....the booming of my heartbeat was pushed aside as I negotiated the portal to the silence was so silent......I began to wish for some sound....any sound....the darkness of the night wrapped around me and became my blanket....and in the distance.....shattering the darkness......a shaft of light.....beaming up,.... in the darkness......I had to make it to the I came closer the shades of darkness.....fallen pillars...a maze of fallen pillars...that kept me from taking a direct path. In the darkness, around, over, to the right, to the left...over another.... .....all about the shaft of light....I negotiated the field of fallen pillars until I approached the light......I made it....finally, I made it...and as I peered down into the light....the dream ends.
There are many who would interpret this dream for me but....we have the task of interpreting them for ourselves....that is the victory...and the indicating factor for our steps forward. This may be my ego talking, because by sharing this with you I've come to realize the meaning in my life.
There, perhaps is the sharing we receive...and in sharing we grow. And, since I'm such a short guy....I definately need growth. I'm 5'8" with intentions on 6'4".
The scorpions in the darkness are the injuries I've caused to my soul.....they sence my wanting to separate from their influence...their strength is in my dwelling with them and on them.....they chase me to keep me from finding my way to the light....since I had this dream as a child I perceive karma is seeking balance thru my new life. I know that my imperfections in this life have given them companions, but I am changing that now.....the pillars...the fallen pillars.....I suppose someone could explain the symbolism that a fallen pillar has....
Hi, everyone! I need to share a message with you that I received from Archangel Michael while I was surfing the internet this morning. I also shared another message from a Light Spirit in the Stepping Up in Consciousness forum. Enjoy them both for the messages pertain to all of us & imperative we know & apply. My Love to You, Michelle

Greetings to you, my dear friends on earth! It is with joy that we return to speak with you. However, this is to remind you of what really matters in life. We see that many are still very connected with matter, and see the illusion of the physical world as the unltimate and only truth. Although the physical world does hold some truth, of course, it is yet an illusion and as such very incomplete as truth.

It has become evident that we need to ask every single one who reads this, to please reconsider their thoughts and actions. It is vital for mankind, that you all begin to change your thinking, and become aware that your thoughts create your world. Observe carefully what you think of every day, every hour, every minute... you may be surprised to see that although you may understand the principles of creative thinking, you are still contributing to all that you see as reality. The way you see the world - is how you created it, with your thoughts. You may find it impossible that you, as an individual, can change the world. There is nothing I can say to convince you of that - you can only experience this, by changing your way of thinking and thus changing reality. This is no "New Age" hokuspokus, but cosmic law. And the way this earth looks, is a collective creative act of mankind. Only you can change the world - as you are part of this collective. We cannot do this for you. Each and every one of you can take charge and modify the collective creation. Initiate new thoughts, which can then run like a ripple through the collective and cause true change - not just in the way of thinking, also changing the physical world.

And this is an urgent call to change your consciousness, to change your thinking, although in a cosmic sense there is no time, there are obligations of mankind that must be fulfilled. We are therefore asking for your cooperation, and be assured that we will be there for you always, to assist you in all ways that we may. The only thing we cannot do, is do your tasks for you. But we will support you, so fear not, you are not alone in your efforts, we are with you.

I do not wish to speak of predictions at this time, although there seems to be a desire for receiving such, because we want you to focus on the task at hand, nothing is more important. Spread the light, spread positive creative thoughts, be a sun of light to all around you, and all of mankind. That is all that matters. Amen.
Michelle, here is one of the meditations I do daily that is helping me in learning to control my thoughts and redirect them when they tend to stray from manifesting the good that God has to offer us and maybe it will start changing the lives of others as this and my other meditations have starting changing my life:

I know that I am one with the Universal Mind. I know this mind is perfect and I may rely upon it for cocmplete guidance in all of my daily affairs. This Universal Mind, this great Subconcious Mind, this mind of God knows no evil or limitation or lack. It simply creates in my experience that which I believe and accept. Therefore I deny all evil and all error. When my eyes and my senses are deluded with the apparent circumstance of evil, I turn away, lifting my thoughts to the perfection and abundance and love of all the universe. I know that God does not create evil; and I know that by using the power of God I am able to deny evil, which is only illusion, simply error, and will not stand before truth. For the great reality is good, which is always attempting to manifest itself. I know that error or evil is the result of my own thought, is the result of error on my part, is the result of isolating myself from the power of the Universal Mind. I know that the Universal Mind is constantly creating in my experience that which I think, and if evil is manifested, it has come from my own thought; and my own thought may as quickly deny it. I do not will anthing to happen, for I am not bigger than God. I simply understand that the law of creation is bigger than I am and that I cannot help my thoughts and beliefs from becoming real in my experience. Therefore I hold my thoughts steadfastly on the good. I do not do this with effort as if I were commanding something to act. I simply relax in the contemplation of the good, secure in the knowledge that everything rests with a power much greater than I am. I trust this power. I have complete faith and confidence in this power. I rely upon this power for guidance in all my daily affairs. I refuse to acept evil and evil is gone. I accept good , and the supply and love of the universe are mine.
Thank you, Sadijara, these are very beautiful meditation words.
I will never forget this dream I had in the mid 80's.
As I remember....I was in a deep ravine....digging up bones....looking into the depths......
Archeology has always intrigued me...... I didn't realize I was dreaming........Chipping at the rocks, seeking whatever I could find in the dust of the past.
At one moment.....I felt as if someone were watching.........In looking up and noticed a tall, thin man....looking off into the distance.....He was at the upper edge of the ravine.
My attention was drawn back to digging.........and as I continued my dirt work.....I felt my consciousness drift to the upper edge of the ravine.....and I looked up. He....... the stranger on the edge.........was still staring into the distance........I thought it peculiar.......But my attention was again drawn to the work at hand.....would I find a dwelling...or something else giving me clues to the past.
A third time I felt the man on the edge...........and curiously..........I turned and looked up.....a third time......
This time I asked.......are you here for me............and strangely, I my mind...... I knew.......He was sent from words echoed. Are you here for me............?
He turned his attention to me and stretched his hand out....beckoning me out of the ravine......
And I went up..........expecting something had happened...had the ravine caved in and buried me......was he here to escort me to the beyond....? I guessed..... I surmised....he was an angel...
The next thing added to my awareness was a great white house....then inside.....many old people......happy.....all in white.....
sharing welcoming, smiling stares.
That was the end of my dream and to make a long story shorter...Fourteen years later I opened, what my wife and I call the "Carriage House On West Garden Lane," an assisted Living home, after several expansions, grown to a center.
When contemplating our success, I became aware that I was visited by a messenger showing me a portion
of the destiny Patti and I would share.
Before this dream I had another dream showing me that I needed to move to the Mountains of Arizona. I didn't know why we did, be we moved to the Mountains and the "White House" dream came to me as a result of a spiritual inquiry, as to what was I doing here?
Knowing now that dreams can be a connection to "The Light," I pay attention to what comes to me at night when I'm sleeping.
Perhaps you should too!
In dreams, you play all the characters good & bad. Edgar Cayce, used to say that unless an individual is seeking to improve his spiritual life by asking for help in terms of prayers, the dreams will be a meaningless jumble. But if he is unselfishly seeking God's will for him, then the higher consciousness will monitor his dreams & give him a clearer sense of direction in meaning of a dream, especially if it is related to an aspect of behavior, unless an individual wants to change or improve himself. That is what happened for you, Larry. LOL...
I have alot of dreams that tell me where I am at spiritually, physically, emotionally, & mentally, same as anyone else; I imagine. None of my dreams have shown me any kind of career to take up. My "career" I suppose is to be a mother. I do have alot of dreams of being a mother.This as many of you know is my heart's desire. And to be a good mom at that. Anyone has any tips on how to be a good mom, feel free to send the tips my way. I would appreciate any advice from parents I can get. I'm thinking of home schooling to. Any parents out there home school. You could help with tips to. Lots of Love, Michelle
This dream , I think was precognition. I didn't, at-the-time, place any significance in it; it seemed only a dream which I pondered. The interpretation came several years after I built the Carriage House. That was when the dreams significance became apparent. I have had dreams since, which seem to show a future event in which I am a player.
Recently, the same person, Angel, if-you-will appeared to me when I was concerned about a drop-off in business; which reminded me and soothed my soul. To me it was saying, without words, remember your doing what you are meant to be doing, in the place you were meant to be doing it.
Ah! I love our non-physical brothers & sisters of Light, they are truly a good friend. You want to know something funny. Recently I had been thinking how neat it would be to have a bunting (tiny bird) friend in my office. THis morning I sold my Dodge Van. While the buyers were at my house, I caught Caleb (one of my cats) about ready to chomp on a bunting. I raced outside in time to save the little bird's life. I stopped the bleeding by gently covering the wounds with flour. That is all you can do for them. Unless you know of a local wildlife licensed rehabber. Lots of Love, Michelle
It's amazing how God answers & so quick. I thank you Father God & give you the glory!
I was visiting a friend, in another state, recently. Had a great time, and received a Patriarchal Blessing. Later, after my return, I had a dream. In the dream, I was viewing my friends back yard. I saw a fox stream through the yard and grab the tail of a lamb. I asked someone that was with me, "Do you see the fox?"....He said he did. The wool from the lambs tail stretched out, the lamb moved out of the picture, and then my friend entered the picture, out of his back door. I yelled at him ....Turn around and see the fox. He turned the wrong way....the fox just stayed near him and did not run away. My friend walked further into the back yard just doing things willy-nilly. I yelled out to him about the fox..several times...He didn't hear me. Once he turned around and his face was looking down, just passing the fox's nose; I marvelled at how he didn't notice the fox. When I woke up the next day I told my wife about the dream and said to her that it was a message that was for him, not me.

I called my friend that day and relayed the message to him from the dream. I asked him to think about his life, recently, or be mindful of the near future, to see if anything could fit the dream. Haven't had a dream that went beyond my realm before, including others that I know and may be able to help. I'll remain receptive to my dreams.


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