Sometimes we have a need to wax poetic........from the heart........about have you..........Share your genius here.........poetry can have several interpretations, just like a painting,
abstract-in-nature, open to the eye of the beholder..........I waxed poetic on another discussion and it was called "endless mind wandering"......wander with me...I'm a stranger in paradise......

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"Endless Mind Wandering"

As we attain the age, our Soul-Spirit urges decisions.......not demanding......encouraging........our existence to turn forward to the good end.

Consciousness of the crossroads seeking a comforting creed....can we drift to others understanding.....or must we make our way with our own choice?

We are the channel of the Life-Force....offering us share the perfect love.

Our bodies....the mortal self....have needs and demands.....that can tend to dominate.....and if given full reign...pull us from our destiny.

We serve ourselves by serving others....and thus mould our Soul-Spirit....seeking a balance....avoiding the excesses of joy and sadness....pleasure and melancholy.....despair and exhilaration....moderation in all things...complete control of the self.

The greatest of life-force diversities is love....forms of love manifest as reverence....appreciating sharing with nature....your appreciation.....with the "Source-of-All."

Turning away from the world is the wrong was be fully be experienced....striving for resolution.

Many side-roads are there....alluring....seeking to divert the true-way.

Worldly success is a reward of diligence....that is to be sought with moderation....seeking the power of balance....a state of harmony.
One Day At A Time by Sadijara:

I once saw my life flash before me, I closed my eyes so I couldn't see.
But it didn't help, I saw anyway. Now I'm thrown back to face another day.
I won't promise to make great, heroic strides But from my fears, I will no longer hide.
I will try to teach those who want to learn and I will learn from those who will teach...
I will no longer be one who is hard to reach.

I promise to guide from the darkness those who want to see
And I will protect the young and old, at any cost to me.
I will try to face each day
with courage and humility along the way;
For the Lord is my Shepherd and I shall not want;
Neither will those whose paths I cross
Whose dreams
Thanks for your Psalm. Sometimes one can't share the truth point blank.....but spoken in thoughts, allow those to contemplate, and find truth for themselves. That is the victory in poetry; One has to go within to connect. That's why "The Master's" words were so illuminating....He wanted all to find the truth we wouldn't forget.
Thank you for this invitation, my friend... I believe poetry is a melody from the soul and resonates with the reader on an emotional level. I write primarily in the modern romantic style and would like to share one of my pieces here...

Wayfarer's Plight

by Alisa Js

What kind of wretched soul am I?
Doomed to wander writhing in this dark,
Lofty ideals of love and forevermore
So mote it be banished to depths below and remain,
Bound to the murky mire never again to be seen or felt ...

Younger days brought with it the tender swell
And promise of love's first kiss,
Tempered blights in pursuit of that passion,
Deterred me not as I reached again for one
more glimpse of enchantment ...

Stumbled through winter storms full of betrayal,
Double-edged hailstones pierced through this exposed heart,
Leaving in it's path, a lunar stream
One that bleeds from time to time,
When peacocks cry at ten past midnight
In the land of the occasional bloom ...

Dare I even for a fleeting moment in time
Consider this glimmer before me?
Promise of long forgotten sensations
Echo within this vapid hollow where I dwell,
Gentle winds of this fluttering beat
Leave bare Akashic's parchment tale of mine ...

Very nice Alisa, I hope you contribute more thoughts. Good to hear from you again!
Thank you, Larry...

I have some darker stuff as well as haikus/senryu's...

Any preference?

alisa ;-0
Bring it all on, I'm up for anything.

it's hilarious
back-slapping funny, in fact
droning on and on and on,
if they only knew, like I know
where would those houseflies be today?
catatonic lines
swaying dangerously close
to the truth that tries to free the mind
and stuck like piles of fragmented refrains

wayward letters fly around these words
attempting in vain some sense of it all
moronic at best
from their full and supple lips

craving just one chance at perceptions of happiness
and eternal bliss
give us a gander at romance, they cry
in unison
breaks my posterior to see them all
jutting out in front,
give me a break, won't ya

this is no formula for true amour
in the scheme of things
and why should I care, anyway
why should this give me nightmares?
maybe it's because I care too much
maybe it's because I'm deaf, dumb and
way too kind

ironically, I tended to live in those dreams
but since I fell back
and died,
no gift for the dead
no life for the dribbling fool I've become
roll over, Beethoven
I'm Ludwig ...

( by: alisa js /08/17/2007) * a darker one..
LOL, I love it!
More...more...gimme more.
I have shared with some my expaination for my picture of the submerged cactus......I'll share it with you, as well.

I moved to the desert......and found it I bought a houseboat........and prayed for rain

I am happy for you and yours...

aloha to you from this side of paradise....

alisa ;-0


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