Over 400 Insiders Join to Expose ET/UFO Cover-up, Citing Covert Projects That Could Save the Planet if Declassified

by Richard W. Samson

According to military, intelligence and industry witnesses with impeccable credentials, there's an ongoing cover-up of extraterrestrial visitations, and billions of tax dollars have been funneled into secret projects that have back-engineered ET technology.

De facto, the testimony amounts to official disclosure. Policy changes on the heels of this would unlock closeted technology that could solve the energy and environmental problems and launch a golden age of peace and prosperity.

WATCH THIS VIDEO* (2 hours and worth it!):

*Or CLICK HERE to view a series of short segments.

After viewing part or all of the 2-hour video, or the short segments --

1. CLICK HERE to send this article to 10 or more friends and associates. Just a few of us can start a chain reaction that reaches millions. If an average of 4 people responded to each "pass-along" request, it would take only 12 or so cycles to reach critical mass. Mainstream media will cover this issue seriously only on the heels of widespread public awareness. The potential impact of Internet referrals (4 send to 4): 4 > 16 > 64 > 256 > 1,024 > 4,096 > 16,384 > 65,536 > 262,144 > 1,048,576 > 4,194,304 > 16,777,216 ...

2. CLICK HERE to check out the Disclosure Project. It's the non-profit that has gathered more than 400 expert witnesses willing to testify before the U.S. Congress. They include key people from all branches of the U.S. military, NASA, covert agencies, and military contractors.

3. CLICK HERE to support the Orion Project. An outgrowth of the Disclosure Project, it's a non-profit R&D program for creating the same "free energy" that powers ET vehicles. The Orion Project can make the new technology available SOON. According to witnesses, the covert projects have already developed "free energy" that is routinely used in alien reproduction vehicles. However, the projects are restrained by complex legal and bureaucratic structures; freeing their fruits will take time. Contributions to the Orion Project are tax-deducible.

4. CLICK HERE to join SuperLife -- for continuing alerts and participation. And invite others to visit

Official disclosure of the ET/UFO cover-up could --

  • Make advanced energy and propulsion systems available for public use -- providing oil independence and near-free ways to power our cars, homes, and industries.
  • Restore faith in government -- now at a low point.
  • Slow global warming -- by making greenhouse gas emissions unnecessary.
  • End starvation and poverty -- by making decentralized production available everywhere, at low cost.
  • Make us more secure -- by ending conflict over oil and other resources, and redirecting funds to legitimate defense and safety needs.

Although several of the witnesses have already made public statements -- at the National Press Club and elsewhere -- they did it shortly before 9/11. Then the Attack on America grabbed the headlines and the disclosure issue receded into media obscurity, though interest on the Internet has grown. Now the issue is resurfacing in the media, and Internet exposure is poised to mushroom. More insiders have joined the Disclosure Project and the amassed evidence has grown substantially since 2001. There now appears to be enough momentum to break through media inattention and congressional distraction.


1. CLICK HERE to send this article to 10 or more friends and associates.

2. CLICK HERE to check out The Disclosure Project.

3. CLICK HERE to support the Orion Project.

4. CLICK HERE to join SuperLife.

Many people believe official acknowledgement of disclosure must happen soon, before the 2012 U.S. Presidential election; and that progress toward acknowledgement should be well underway before the November 4, 2008 election. Spreading the word NOW can help assure a positive outcome for us all.

Alternative links for the National Press Club video:

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Copyright © 2008 by Richard W. Samson. Brief excerpts are permitted and encouraged, so long as they are linked to this article. Please do not copy and paste the entire contents of this article. Instead, refer others to it or link to it.

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You've certainly covered a lot of relevant points in your post! Thanks. The clearest path to the truth here is, I believe, through the Disclosure Project, since they have assembles over 400 key individuals who have been part of the secret operations conducted by the military, NASA, intelligence agencies, and aerospace contractors. If we can achieve the political willingness to listen to them, they are ready to testify before Congress and present their evidence, which includes eyewitness accounts, radar and other data, and experience with alien debris and back-engineered technology. According to Disclosure Project leaders, 70% of those currently working on the classified projects believe it is time to let the public know what has been and is going on. The percentage is up from less than 50% just a few years ago, an encouraging sign.
I've taken some time to view the video and information on the Project site and am very impressed and overwhelmed with the body of evidence and number of educated and articulate witnesses. I just wonder how many people have the time to sit down and watch a two hour documentary and think perhaps for some it would be better for some to present the video available in 12 parts beginning with this one: This first video also has lots of interesting links to other related videos so it is a could resource by itself.

This is a great idea! If you were to post this video in the Video area, together with an invitation to click the Share link to "pass it on," I think many people would respond. The 2-hour Disclosure press conference video IS a lot to swallow all at once! :-)

If you have time to post all 12 parts, that would be even better!!

I'd like to suggest that if people are really interested in UFO disclosure" then, instead of playing the government's game, instead of waiting for "big daddy" to throw another crumb of denial and disinformation...simply visit and learn about the ONLY scientifically proven, still ongoing (for over 66 years) UFO contact case and you'll discover what the government and the media DON'T want you to know about.

Of course, if people prefer to still carry on about Roswell (with NO remaining evidence) and other go nowhere, speculative, lights in the sky kinds of phenomena, far be it for me to spoil the fun.

But for the rest of us...there's a revolution going on, a silent revolution of truth.
I've visited Great site! And I'm very impressed by the Meier information... The disinformation has been so extensive, I think people need a LOT of credible information from several different sources. I've found the Disclosure Project -- -- a good source, as well as Alfred Webre's exopolitics site:
This is indeed revolutionary to say the least. I will hope and send prayers that their testimonies in front of Congress make a difference. This is what we need. We need Truth. Altho I don't have time to as of lately to watch the full 2 hour video I did absorb a bit that has refreshed my thinking process. Imagine, if in time, we show to the "E.T.'s" that we are indeed NOT hostile and that we can except their comming with great enthusiasm rather than fear. We could learn alot about ourselves and the Universe in whole. So for anyone who knows about this, please send prayers. I will try to help spread the word as much as possible. I even saw on the news today about a U.F.O. in the sky here in L.A. area and military nor government officials new what the big bright light in the sky was but tried to dismiss it as a meteor shower...which from the video cleary wasn't haha. Even the news casters believed it to be a U.F.O. Funny how more and more cases of U.F.O's are comming up today. Hopefully it will increase and maybe one day we get contact... Does any one here reading know what we can do individually or as a whole to help publicize this information? I think the pendulum is slowly calming it's swing here and people really need to know... How much are public service announcments/commercials.... if we got enough money donated we could really have something going on here. This type of stuff needs affirmitive action. Anyone with me on this one?
I'm with you on this, Jordan! Here are some immediate affirmative action options:

- Send the article to 12-plus SuperLife friends and other friends, by clicking link "1" in the article. (I've sent to all my SuperLife friends plus some "outside" friends.)

- As for getting money together, a good first step is to donate $10 or more to the Orion Project, after clicking "2" in the article. I've contributed $50. This, I think, could be an incredibly "profitable" investment, because the money is for developing the near-free energy used to power ET vehicles. According to Disclosure Project witnesses, secret military-industrial projects have already reverse-engineered this form of energy, but it's not available for civilian use. The Orion Project scientists, I understand, have connections to the covert projects, but are not tied to them -- and have the capability and freedom to develop the new energy technology independently. Once funding goals are met and initial project results are available, a widely-publicized press conference is planned. This may be the quickest way to not only gain the tremendous benefits of the new energy, but bring broad public awareness to what's going on, as well as clarity from governmental leaders (many of whom already favor public disclosure, according the Steven Greer, head of the Disclosure Project).

Other affirmative actions are also possible. These two have the best chance of getting results soon, I think.
Sounds great! I'll jump on board as soon as I can. But I don't have a "credit" card only atm so can I donate via mail?...Or what is my best option? I'll even try to send the article to friends on myspace. Is there also some type of printable version I'd love to go pass out awarness flyers at the local mall or beach. If not could we find a way to make one?
Learn about the UFO ballot initiative in Denver Colorado. How do you launch a cost free ballot initiative and get it on the ballot for the voters? Well you have to live in a city that allows ballot access. Go to the following site for info and click on the link titled UFO ballot initiative. There are great files and E-books you can upload and share with others. Enjoy and join the ballot access network for a civil revolutoin. Lets free, free energy now!


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