We people don't care about tomorrow, we don't care whats going to happen after 100 yrs, and in every warning given to us about G.W (Global Warming) by everyone around the planet says that if we don't start taking initiative to protect the world today it will affect us tomorrow. But the tomorrow will come after 100 yrs?? who among us or of this generation will be there after 100 yrs... to see what is going to happen at that point of time.
So, my advice to all the authorities and to all the people around the world who warns us about GW would be that if you want to awake this generation don't show whats going to happen after 50-60 yrs show us whats going to within 50-60 yrs.

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Great point about the time scale. Maybe, to care & get action, we need to focus on the VERY near term -- say, 4 or 8 years, the time horizon of our elected officials! What are the negative climate change effects can we see now or very soon? What positive effects (economic, health or otherwise) could we start enjoying by taking effective action very soon? For example, in our home we've started using the new mini-fluorescent bulbs. Though they cost a little more, they save electricity and money; and they last longer, saving us more money over the life of the bulbs. They also give off less heat and emit a soft, warm, pleasant glow.... Maybe we need to find more near-term actions like this, that make our lives better NOW, while combating global warming. (The mini-fluorescents, of course, reduce carbon emissions by using less energy. Also, they reduce pollution since they last longer; fewer bulbs in our landfills.)
Well lets just think about this. From my point of view, since I do believe in reincarnation, it behooves me to think about it alot. If I am coming back I want a sustainable earth.
There are so many reasons to want a sustainable earth: for our kids, for a general sense of leaving a place better than you found it, for creative satisfaction (shaping the planet as a beautiful work of art), for OURSELVES if we make great strives in longevity and making to live well beyond 100 in good health. I'm personally not sure about reincarnation, but I'm open to the concept ... and think it's wise to cover our bets no matter what.
Hey Nevar, This is Vishal.... I would just like to tell you that ... as you said that you believe in "reincarnation" that means you believe in god.... right, so if you believe in god don't worry about anything. As god had already written the destiny of this earth... so you or me doing anything is really not going to matter.
Hi, Dick! I think that's a great idea! I would recommend the following:
1.) Buy a hybrid vehicle (if you can afford it). It's supposedly environmentally safe. I prefer the solar powered cars if the inventors can figure out a way to get the cars to travel long distances without hassle & run during cloudy days.
2.) If you live in the country, a wood burning stove will help you save money on heat.
3.) Filter your water with a reverse osmosis water filter machine whether for bathing & drinking. Never buy bottled water.
4.) Use an electric water heater. Propane or gas is dangerous especially when the unit is old.
5.) Grow your own fruit & vegetable garden. We are energy based not chemically based humans. You don't need chemicals like pesticides, insecticides put on the plant. These chemicals will kill you quickly or slowly. Or buy organic fruits & vegetables fresh from a health food store.
6.) Use glass storage containers because plastic storage & plastic bottled water containers contains hormones that can kill the sex drive or cause cancer.
7.) If you own a house install solar panels on your house. It keeps the house cool in the summer & warm in the winter (supposedly).
8.) It costs a little more but ask your electric company to switch you to wind-powered electricity IF it is available in your area.
9.) If you own your own property, plant some trees. Plant trees in a U-figure around your property to cut back on erosion.
10.) In case of a power outage, a couple of good led shake flashlights would be good. That way you never have to buy batteries for flashlights again.
11.) Buy wind-up clocks. They still sell them on the internet. Again, so you don't have to buy batteries for your clock.

Anyone else come up with anymore ideas?
Oh... yes. Never cook your food in aluminum pots or teflon. Always use steel or iron. Much safer.
How about 100 months? Times out, to little to late, catastrophe.

The final countdown
Time is fast running out to stop irreversible climate change, a group of global warming experts warns today. We have only 100 months to avoid disaster. Andrew Simms explains why we must act now - and where to begin
Only the few that understand & apply how to balance all four areas of health; mentally, physically, emotionally, & spiritually can vibrate high enough to adjust to the climatic shifting that is going on, may become the only survivors. If we fight that shift, it will be alot more painful. O you will still get there, but whether it will be a painful shift for you or not depends upon you the individual. Of course unless you fully understand what I'm talking about, you would think me a kook. LOL... I'll take on any title. I know the truth. Science can't explain everything. They are still trying to figure out how the molecule works. I'm like ..Gee... would it be that the molecule is powered by some kind of energy? Hmmmm...
Think of the Strong Anthropic Principles, then you would have no choice but to acknowledge that everything has a purpose a chain of events that continually happens that helps keep this planet habitable & that there was a creator of that chain of events even down to the minutest minutest detail of a molecule that science is still trying to figure out today. If you are not familiar with the strong anthropic principles, google it.

I agree we need to act, but you are not going to be able change a person until they are ready to listen. Lots of Love to All, Michelle
i am from east coast of us. i see changes in our weather across us. global warming is here.
Guys, Global Warming is important to recognize. However, NASA & many expert scientists are now stating that Earth is in the outer dense black rift of the black hole within our galaxy. That is why there is alot of talk about the polar axis' going to shift. The experts are predicting this will happen sometime between now & the year 2015. If this does happen (which seems inevitable) forget about Global Warming because that is just a preview of the horror that is yet to come. There are other signs that earth is in danger. We have Planet X (called the planet of passing/wormwood/niburi) coming close to us. The experts state that all kinds of problems happen when planet x shows it's ugly head every 3600 years. Plus, our sun has used up HALF of its hydrogen meaning it is going to grow & get hotter in the not so distant future which will eventually end our solar system & blow up itself. Before the sun gives us problems lets go back to the solar axis shifting. When this happens the earth will stop spinning near the same time for three days. As a result, you think the outbreak of tornados, earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions, tsunami's, were bad being at an all time high record. That is just a prelude to what we've experienced so far. These same outbreaks are going to happen on a much grander scale. Alot of lives will be wiped out. It will seem like judgment day. Life finds a way to survive no matter what kind of life. Plus, now this is going to be a little far fetched I heard quite a few people state that the question of whether we are alone in the universe will finally be answered. LOL... If all the big businesses are going to be wiped out anyways, then you have nothing to worry about Dick Samson when it comes to global warming because we will be starting all over again. Yes, NevarSoluna you are absolutely correct we will be reincarnated whether it be in spirit or in the flesh. I pray that alot of people will dig deep within themselves & awaken to their inner God Consciousness. Only then can a person truly find peace! We are all ONE! God bless!
Experts .... mmmmm.
Thankss buddy, it seems our thinking matches with each other.... what say??


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