We people don't care about tomorrow, we don't care whats going to happen after 100 yrs, and in every warning given to us about G.W (Global Warming) by everyone around the planet says that if we don't start taking initiative to protect the world today it will affect us tomorrow. But the tomorrow will come after 100 yrs?? who among us or of this generation will be there after 100 yrs... to see what is going to happen at that point of time.
So, my advice to all the authorities and to all the people around the world who warns us about GW would be that if you want to awake this generation don't show whats going to happen after 50-60 yrs show us whats going to within 50-60 yrs.

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Yes my friend many , many ,many things need to be done. But whilst the world is governed by power, greed and money the force is against us. Most are conciously changing but seems everyone is doing it individually. People need a jolt before they realise. G8 example. America arnt even adressing it until china and Inda do. Its a waiting game till it smacks them in the face.
Hey Chris, Thats so true.

I don't think it than simple unless you use famine, disease, poverty and war to thin the herd.

The growth rate of the world population is slowing and has been most of my life is negative in some parts of the world such as the EU and China.

So far the best humane way to reduce population seems to educating women. However, with education of women you educate mane and get an increase in productivity that so far has led to an increases in energy use and spending some of the added income they make on more meat in their diet.

The current price of oil and food is mostly due to Asia's mostly India & China that account for 40% of the world's population increasing need for energy to fuel their 6% to to 10% economic growth per year and use of grain to feed an equal increse in meat mostly hogs they eat each year.

My son and his wife go to China to her parents at least once a year. They are complaining how much more meat and grease there is in the food there as people have more money to spend on food.

So it turns out that method isn't working too well to reduce the pollution for them.

China with the most Draconian population controls methods on earth is the fastest growing polluter on earth as well. China with 20% of the wold population passed the USA with only 4.6% of the wolds population as producing the most CO2 this year. Can you imagine what they will do if they continue to grow. India is not far behind China with 17% of the worlds population.

If we control pollution with population cotrol we have to get rid of an awful lot of people.

It is interesting you mentioned the word, "Draconian." In ancient times this was another word for "Shapeshifter" something very evil. I don't know when the fallen angels' cloned hybrid foot soldiers what you call "aliens" plan to eliminate the worlds large populations, but supposedly it is soon near 2012. Alot of our US military with high credentials are going to Congress to give evidence & testimony of the secret "Black Projects." There are many projects going on from underground. Watch the videos about "aliens" & US military personal going to congress. 9-11 was just a small example of a wipe out of large populations. These military men & women know these plans of large populations eliminations & how it will be done & when it will be done. That's why they are coming forward risking their lives & reputations to try to stop it, TO SAVE LIVES.
About China, America borrowed money from China. Now we are buying products from China. So they are making money off us with interest. This is what was reported to me. Don't say my friend is wrong about that until you do more research on this subject.
Let me put it this way, MJ-12 was a project that came to be shortly after the Roswell incident. You would be closed minded if you really think that we are alone in the Universe. Aliens can travel here & to back home multi-dimensionally. Remember, Einstein's theory on the Quantum Flux? Plus, they have superfast spaceships. Let me explain this project. Aliens are kept secret by our government with good reason. If you saw a creature that looked different than you, causes mass hysteria. Anyway... the "Aliens" do not have sex organs, so they cannot reproduce themselves. So, our government gets advanced technology & weaponry in exchange for giving them our DNA. They can & have taken a great number of human beings experimented on us & made hybrids mixing our DNA with theirs. Where the sam's who do you think we got the idea of a CD disk/player & computers or MP3 players etc. Hello??????? We are not that smart of a race to come up with these advanced forms of technology ourselves! Sorry, but don't try bragging about yourselves. I'm stating that these "aliens" are the worker bees for the fallen angels. The fallen angels were not stupid. They were extremely intelligent beings who taught us about cosmic universe. They came down with the knowledge of DNA in humans & animals. They could even cross breed us with animals. In fact, you need look no further than ancient Egypt. The people there made statues etc. of their "gods." The fallen angels appointed themselves & their worker bees as "gods" over us. We were totally fascinated by their advances in medicine & technology. I don't know if you know our true history as in-depth detail as I do. I have a translated copy of the Tablets of Sumer. I would order a copy for yourself if you can still find one. I'd also invite you to read the following books, "Enoch" by Elizabeth Clare Prophet. (Ironic, her last name because she was indeed a true prophet of God.) another book I recommend is the Peshitta Bible that was translated by George Lamsa. I would pick up some books on Near Death Experience. I also would invite you to pick up some books on "Alien Abductions." Then pick up the video on Global Warming by Al Gore. That was a very detailed documentary, I felt.
Did you know that it was the "aliens" that taught men about medicine? Dr. Mercola said that "Properly prescribed medication is the number one leading cause of death in America." You've heard the rumor (more than likely) that Doctors have a hard time properly diagnosing people so they prescribe an antibiotic anyway. That way something else goes wrong in your body the Doctor can prescribe another drug which ends up causing more problems, & another prescription write up until you get to the point of having surgery or your dead.
Properly prescribed drugs is part of the silent war against the children of God by the dark family (evil). Mind control is the next one & the Orthodox doctrines & dogmas IS the easiest form of control for the anti-christ. I can say this because I know the history in full detail. Details that have been denied by those in the Vatican. The truth was either burned or locked up. In case you hadn't noticed, the Orthodox doctrine & dogmas teach the opposite of what Jesus taught! In all honesty, Orthodox doctrine was around even in the time that Jesus walked the earth. In fact, the Orthodox priests believed the "Messiah" would come to uphold the Orthodox laws. The high priests killed Jesus because he opposed the Orthodox laws. The Orthodox high priests wanted Jesus out of the way so they could have their positions of power back.
Another way we are being killed off is through the immunizations we give our children. We are energy based beings. The vaccines are bio-chemically based. (Why do you think we are required to eat alot of fruits & vegetables every day?! And what is their food? Photosynthesis, the sun.) Alot of the vaccines that we are required to give our children have mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, bleach, & we are giving the actual virus when we inject these vaccines into our children that we were trying to prevent our children from getting in the first place. Alot of children have died or ended up with some kind of disability.
Depopulation so far has been a quiet war. I recommend watching the video from about a woman who has come up with steps that dictators use. Let me see if I can find that video by Naomi Wolf. I'll see if I can include it on SuperLife if I haven't done that already. Later.
Parvati, Thats what the problem is that no one have an idea how to wake the people up. I mean most of the people in the world don't even know about GLOBAL WARMING and the people who know feels that only their individual step would not going to make any difference.

Hare Krishna,
By starting within yourself & by learning what I teach & spreading the news about what I teach letting them read my forum discussions for themselves. Or send them to me, to where I live so I can teach them face-to-face. I wanted to start a community, a fellowship church anyhow. If you are willing to try something new by wanting to learn Jesus' original teachings & how this can apply to your daily living, then learn from me because I will mediate/channel God/Jesus'/Ascended Master's teachings. I AM sensitive. And that is the nicest way I can put that. It starts by building a community like we are doing here on SuperLife or sending them to me. Go & find open-minded people. It will spread like wildfire, but I can't do this alone! I need your help, Vishal! Our non-physical brothers & sisters need our help by putting them to work sort of speak. This will be explained later in due time.
Anyone else out there on this forum, if you have read my forum discussions share these with others who are open-minded. This person will spread what they learned & applied in their own lives personally. Then this person will share the same info with another person & this is how it is done. This is how people wake up. It will spread like wildfire. It doesn't happen instantly because there is alot to learn & to apply. It takes alot of hard work within each individual. You change within yourself first, then this glowing you've picked up spreads from the inside to outside. Love is the key. Treat others as you want to be treated especially spoken to (even to that person who cuts you off in traffic). So, one step at a time, Vishal. Lots of Love to You, Michelle
Hi Michelle,

Someone that is way off the beam or having a lot fun writhing goblity gook that make less sense than usual wandered into the thread. Einstein's coment on the Quantum Theory was, "God wouldn't play dice with the universe". He didn't believe in it and didn't have a theory on it.

If we look at the million year temperture history
from According those are at an all low for ice cover. Almost all sources agree we are at or near the peak of a very warm time in earth's history. It won't get much warmer before we go into an ice age. Some indicators such as the Antarctic ice temperatures indicate an ice age has already started. What man does won't have much effect on the forces at play in those cycles.

While man made CO2 is only a small fraction of earth's climate and it's impact only based on computer models extended beyond the end of their data. That's not reliable at all in anything but a straight line curve. Climate is sure not a straight line curve.

While in the real world switching to methods of generating energy that make less of CO2 and quit being wasteful all make sense form a lot of ways we are over looking the much bigger problems of feeding a world in the face of growing populations with a world economy based on Ag model of 50 years of near perfect weather for growing crops. Well the last 10 years haven't been that way. They have been a lot like the 1930's.

We have become so caught up in sensationalized problems we didn't notice the last 7 years as the world granaries began to empty out. We even helped it along by legislating that food be burned at fuel.

The price I could sell wheat for earlier this year was more than 3 times higer than 3 years ago. Corn is more than 3 times higher than it was 3 years ago. Food isn't like oil the groceries and meat don't go up like oil every time the price the raw product goes up they wait until what they buy goes up to pass the cost on. But its is being felt in places that people are closer to the supply and by flour instead of finished goods and have had to buy products made from recently purchased grain. It's coming here soon.

When the price of grain triples for someone that spend half of their money on on food how do you think they feel about us looking at ways to grow less food and use food for fuel as an answer to the worlds problems.

Hi, Gordon! Thank you for expressing your view. Here is what the ascended masters say. "The Dangers of Specialization. Our feeling is one of absence of speciality, because WE live for the WHOLE COMPLEX OF LIFE. Every specialist approaching US inevitably loses his monochromatic eyeglasses. (No offense, Gordon but this comes from them.) Specialization cuts off the full balancing of the threefold. Specialization is a very subtle way of cutting off the path of initiation in the world community at large. We have to specialize in an area for our daily bread, we understand that, BUT let it be only one of the dishes on our table sort of speak. Let our profession & our calling be one thing, but let the other hours of our life be for rounding out our experience in the threefold flame of the heart & our knowledge of the universe. Because consequently, the mechanical performance of their specialization leads to monochromatic eyeglasses--seeing only one way. It's like watching tv, seeing a flat screen & thinking this is life. It is very, very dangerous way of thinking. Within the community, we have options that enable us to have spherical vision like Michelle does to embrace the whole universe. Without a specialty it is easier to prepare oneself for the current task in evolution--intercourse with distant worlds & the transformation of the Astral world, the world of dark earthly survivals. The adoption of the concept of Community will open the gates for next achievements, & their dates depend upon people themselves. Therefore, let us take up broadly the quest of Community. Time is so important. A fulfillment of those dates comes down to you & me, to our attunement with HIS cosmic timetable. All-comprehensiveness is spherical consciousness, the awareness of the Self as a point in the center of a sphere that is a coordinate of infinity. The sphere is also infinity, but our divine spark our dot in the center is the focal point of the I AM Presence, the Sun Center. (Anotherwords, awareness of the Self is in coordination with God within our secret chamber of the heart. When we are in tune with God, everything else fall into place.) We see all things within the cosmos in relation to the Self as the coordinate. Everyone else assumes a relative position within that sphere of Self. It cannot be otherwise, else the Self--even the Divine Self--would cease to exist as a reality. Every dot of every individual within our sphere of consciousness becomes the center of another sphere through that Self-awareness. Wherever God is in manifestation in us, He is the center of a cosmos. It is one thing to discuss abstractly distant worlds; it is another to realize oneself a participant there. Only he who has not CLOSED for himself the path to beauty may understand how near to him is the manifestation of the far-off worlds. The messenger, Michelle, is trained by an ascended master to receive various methods of words, concepts, teachings, & messages of the entire spirit of the Great White Brotherhood; one who delivers the law, the prophesies & the dispensations of God for a people & an age. Ignorant animal magnetism destroys the integration of the mind of God with the physical body--the figure-eight pattern between the mental & the physical bodies. You need to help restore that individual desire for excellence & eliminate welfare as much as possible. You need to help inspire people to contribute to the commonweal. You have to defend your soul's relationship to your I AM Presence to keep that community identity established. If you do not have a messenger or an avatar or the incarnate Word or the authority of the Brotherhood within the community, the community does not survive. "Smite the shepherd & the sheep are scattered" is a true statement because the shepherd is the only one who can recognize the wolf in sheep's clothing. She is the only one who has the power & authority to bind that wolf in the midst of the sheep. One of the qualities of sheep is their gullibility, their non-awareness of the anti-self. We teach this awareness to the messenger & she has been teaching this to you. But even after she has taught these lessons, people often do not have the awareness, no matter how simply put the messenger words things. They still go out with a dreamy, idyllic sense of the masters & are often unrealistic about what the Great White Brotherhood is & what the battle of Armageddon is about. People's perceptions are often far from the mark. You can hear these teachings, but unless you integrate them with the heart, they are of little use. Community is the great dream of the ascended masters of the Great White Brotherhood. The ascended masters who guide their chelas (students) in physical embodiment do all they can to draw lifestreams together on this plane before the conclusion of this life so that you can work out your karma, be free to enter the temple of the ascension as a candidate for the ascension at the close of this embodiment. And so, they have created their Community of the Holy Spirit by drawing together lifestreams to work out the process of individual self-mastery. All Our Love."
Thank you for your support in the fight of global warming. In reality, many people still ignore and keep their own opinions on a netraul reaction to GM. They have different reasons, in my opinion, Global warrming has been influenced by many human-made causes. The better we care our nature, the better we will prepare for our children. In the experiment of chemical reactions or closed man-made miniature of environment, we can recognize and measure how each element influence other objects in the environment.
Reducing greenhouse gases, increasing recycled materials, creating renewable energy, implementing new green technology, self-responsibility in energy usage of electricity at home and other places will be a great initial project in each community and individual to change our environment. Thank you everyone who prevents global warming and make the world better.
I agree, Mark! We each need to do our part.
The effect's begun , we are sitting atop a mine and pretending it won't blow , but it is going to blow,.See recent events Tsunami of 2004 ,Hurricane Katrina ,Australian forest fire , Cyclones in Bangladesh ,recently in Myanmar ,IN India our monsoons are corrupted ,freezing Mumbai in winter ,do we need more evidence , if the youth raises its voice nothing can stop them from creating a substantial impact .But alas we are corrupted by our surrounding s ,an idiotic Bollywood ,wasting enormous amounts on dancing-around trees movies ,silly glitteratti ,even Hollywood is hogwash , those celebs are the worst offenders ,sack them , destroy their damned cars , let all people go vegetarian stop having meat , break those pubs ,bars ,discos ,ban them till they behave themselves ,close down red-light areas . Actually people have forgotten the basic thing which all religions agree upon : respect all living beings , as they all have a soul
If I have 100 individuals who r not hesitant to die for the world and take all the responsibility on their own shoulders , bear the burden of all our prejudices ,having nerves of iron ,and never-say-die attitude, we can purge this world in no time .


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