We people don't care about tomorrow, we don't care whats going to happen after 100 yrs, and in every warning given to us about G.W (Global Warming) by everyone around the planet says that if we don't start taking initiative to protect the world today it will affect us tomorrow. But the tomorrow will come after 100 yrs?? who among us or of this generation will be there after 100 yrs... to see what is going to happen at that point of time.
So, my advice to all the authorities and to all the people around the world who warns us about GW would be that if you want to awake this generation don't show whats going to happen after 50-60 yrs show us whats going to within 50-60 yrs.

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What I am going to share with you is very scary. Stuff that you may or may not be aware of. You know about the Patriot Act. Did you hear about what happened to the reporter who apposed Bush's bill publically? He was arrested, shipped off to Russia where he was tortured very brutally for a month. The reporter was no terrorist. Also, Bush put in a new bill stating that we cannot sue any business for faulty or unsafe products. Also, Bush put another bill into place that states that restaurants can put any kind of dangerous chemicals in their food if they so choose. Bush obviously has no respect for Human life or the Betterment of all mankind. All he cares about is lining his pockets with cash! Did you know that Bush is related to Queen Elizabeth? Did you know that they are a part of the Illuminati, Freemason, & Rosicrucian secret societies? Yes, it is true! They are from the one same family. Strange coincidence, isn't it? That the same family members should be in positions of power oceans away? And both don't care about preserving human life (ex. the death of princess Diana). Do you know what else is scary, look at the Latin words under the pyramid on your new dollar bills? It says, "Novus Ordo Seclorum." Do any of you know what this means in Latin? Take a wild guess. The New World Order. Does this phrase sound familiar to any of you? Remember Hitler, how he took Jews to concentration camps to be killed? Guess what Bush & his family are a tag team with FEMA. FEMA has similar concentration camps set up here in America like Germany during WW2. If you don't believe me go to type in "FEMA concentration camps." The video even gives the locations. His plan is to annilate all christians if they don't deny God. Here's a long time rumor about to come true. Remember the well rumored "microchip"? Bush has this bill passing through congress now. In this bill, it states that we (the Americans) have to either accept the chip in our hands or some kind of code on our bodies or we are not allowed to buy or sell food etc. He is going to use the classic terroristic "what if" tactics or have a secret plan to attack America somewhere making it look like a terrorist attack. To get just what he wants, to get the public scared enough into accepting the chip. But even so with all this crap going on, people don't care! Do you really want to know who runs this country? I'll break down what the picture on your dollar bills of a pyramid. These are they symbolisms of power. I'll break it down. Apex: is the international monetary fund (the eye) 1.) Political Zionism 2.) Bilderbergers 3.) Business Advisory Council 4.) Council on Foreign Relations 5.) United Nations Banking Complex 6.) Federal Reserve System & other central banks 7.) United Nations 8.) Common Market & Atlantic Union 9.) Seato, Nato, & other front alliances 10.) Tax-free foundations 11.) Income & Estate Taxes 12.) Communism, Socialism, & allied "isms" (the most visible aspect of the apparatus) & the Base: Secret societies which are Freemasons, Rosicrucians, & Illuminati etc. Secretly all these "isms" & secret societies in inner sanctums for thousands of years have cultivated an ancient plan slowly, meticulously to bring all nations under one world government. Today its proponents simply call it the New World Order. Jordan Maxwell asserted the evils of the eye in the triangle & pyramid & enlarged his attack on Freemasonry to include the International Red Cross in his Matrix of Power: "The international red cross is a Masonic organization. Why is the international red cross able to go behind enemy lines in wartime, in conflict? Think about it. There is a reason. (Their symbol) comes from the Red Cross of Saint George...also a Masonic institution." Have you ever read David Icke's book called, "The Biggest Secret?" He remarked on the design of our nation's Capitol (also thought to be heavily influenced by Masons), wrote: "Capitol Hill is not a political building, it is a temple to the Satanic Brotherhood." Now I don't know if Icke was smoking some Peyote or if he was possibly telling the truth?! FYI: I get my sources from experts at inner levels that risk their lives to get this information out to the public.

I'm not going to worry about it though because I still have faith in people. When people finally get tired of all the crap, they will stand together & finally go do something about it to change their uncomfortable circumstances. Plus, another positive is more & more people are awakening to their inner God consciousness. Sure there will be bumps along the way but after we climb over those bumps, we will be entering the Aquarian age permanently often referred to as the Golden Age with peace, love, joy, acceptance, compassion, & understanding will be at the forefront in everyone. This will be the ONENESS with God that we all crave. And that like you, I am looking forward to.
Oh your research with an open mind...and you won't go beyond the point of no return....hope it's not too late.
dear larry,

you are right we should use open mind. but i think just by living with the variations of weather holds some


Thank you, Dennis for your kind words. Larry, I am more than a researcher, a non-denominational minister, & home remodeling independent contractor. I am a research expert. Every piece of information I receive I analyze to make sure the information I received is fact. The information I shared here is unbiased. It is based upon testimonies of experts who risked their lives to get this information out. (Two, of which have been killed by our government interest group.)The experts trying to get the truth out cannot use broad media. The broad media has rules in place that prevents any story from unveiling anything that will show lies our government members have told. For this you don't have to look any further than You will hear every speech Bush has given. Even some funny dyslexic speeches he's given. The real definition of being open-minded is this; Not narrow or conservative in thought, expression, or conduct. As an research specialist, I am not biased. I AM very open-minded! I am also an ordained non-denominational minister who is open-minded & appreciative of mystical experiences. I don't let anything cloud my judgment! I don't hate Bush. I just don't like his disregard for human life! He cares more about putting money in his pocket than he cares about the betterment of Americans. As the old saying goes: Proof is in the pudding!
Michelle, I'm sorry that it seemed like a personal attack on your activities; it's not. I've heard of these things before but prefer to stay away from the fringe activities that go along with those subjects. I prefer to think positively about things I can make a difference about. I have been poor and didn't think others made me poor. I have been rich and not by luck. I've been the recipient of bad Karma and good Karma, and learned that I was its author: I like the good Karma better, incidently. I'm not a spring chicken. I have relied on my connection, that is available within all of us, and found that each step I take leads me in the direction I determine by my activities.
I honor you in the direction you have taken with religion and encourage each of us to grow in our relationship with the "God of our hearts."
I am here because living healthier, living longer, loving deeper, and encouraging grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren appeals to me. I want to encourage each of them to develope their light within into a "beacon on the hill," not out of personal agrandisement, but in search of the best path.
Thank you for your apology! I, too, am not looking for recognition. I yearn for all of my other brothers & sisters to awaken to what is going on in the world so we can change it! The secret societies than run our governments behind the scenes have been pushing hard the idea that we are helpless. We have each other. We are not a victim of circumstances. We created the environments in which we chose to live in. We elected our government official based upon what came out into the media, instead of doing a little research ourselves prying into the personal life of future electees. Don't you get it Larry. We have the power to change the world. You can help make a HUGE difference by telling all your friends about what is going on. Make them aware & then ask them to share it with more people. We need the truth to spread like wildfire. Larry, light/energy is knowledge. Lack of light is lack of knowledge. Larry, you want to help make a difference for the betterment of all mankind--then spread the truth. The very truth I have shared with you. All of you who read this should spread the truth of everything I have written here. Don't damn up that energy (being afraid to share the truth) just because you are scared. Your fear will make the worse thing you fear happen. Relax, let go of this truth by discussing it openly with your friends & let it spread like wildfire so together we can change the world making it into a better place. I believe we can do it, together. Like the old song goes, "Put a smile on your face make the world a better place. Put a smile on your face." But never fear, God is near. LOL... He's within all. Just listen to HIM (not your selfish pre-recorded ego), God will guide you in the right direction. Never fear. Love Your Sister, Michelle
Michelle, Wow, You have hit it on the head. I too do too many hours a day researching what you have just spoken about. And at the bottom where you add people are awakening to the inner God consciousness is also a fact. What you have just explained is 100% correct. The world people are becomming very Concious. Look at the land slide Priminister results on last election in Australia. The Secret sociotys had Howard scared . Many supernatural things are happening to lots of people in this world. Most things cant be explained. There is a much more powerful phonomanan returning to this planet. Even the masonic etc institutions cant stop whats comming. The chosen people of the world will prevail. Our concious frequency is rising. Meditate, with time you will find the answers for yourself
Hi, Chris! Thank you for your kind words. Yes, this "awakening" is shifting us into becoming multi-dimensional beings. Don't be afraid of this shift. In the beginning we were perfect. Imagine if you will that God is a pizza & nothing exists outside of the God pizza. The church fathers were accurate when they said that God is the Alpha (beginning) & the Omega (the ending). What they didn't mention is that Alpha also means Male (the initiator) & Omega meaning female (the receptive). God is both male & female concepts. Why do you think physically we have male & female counterparts? We think in physical concepts not Spiritual concepts. God is prime creator, he is a spirit, he is both male & female concepts. We have a hard time conceptualizing God being male & female. The early church fathers knew this. So they decided to take this little piece of information out in order to control/manipulate us better. They love the guilt & shame tactic also makes things easier for them to keep their power. Religion is the work of the devil. I say that because anyone in government or church fathers who likes to control you & deny you knowledge is one of them (the fallen angel or one of their clones). Religion is one of the fallen angels easiest way to manipulate/control the crowds. Easier way for them to get your money too.

What can we do about it? There are many things you can do.
1.) Quietly tell all your friends (not about the "aliens") about what is going on in government. How Bush has a new law that makes sure that we can't sue corporations for faulty products/services & the new law stating we can't sue restaurants for putting harmful dangerous chemicals in their food. Mention how a reporter was tortured in Russia for over a month because he opposed the Patriot Act.
2.) Remind people gently that we are whole slices of the God pizza & that separation is a lie, if you wish.
3.) Make yourself aware. Read the following books that the Roman Catholic Church has poo-pood.
The 12th Planet by Zecharia Sitchin
Walking with the Master Answering the Call of Jesus by Elizabeth Clare Prophet
The Holy Bible (From the Ancient Eastern Manuscripts) by George M. Lamsa
Founding Fathers, Secret Societies by Robert Hieronimus, Ph.D. with Laura Cortner
The Forbidden Mysteries of Enoch (Fallen Angels & the Origins of Evil) by Elizabeth Clare Prophet
Reincarnation (The Missing Link in Christianity) by Elizabeth Clare Prophet with Erin L. Prophet
The Nag Hammadi Library by James M. Robinson
The Anatomy of the Spirit by Caroline Myss, Ph.D.
The Gnostic Gospels by Elaine Pagels
The Answer You're Looking for is Inside of You by Mark L. Prophet
The Lost Years of Jesus by Elizabeth Clare Prophet
The Lost Teachings of Jesus (volumes 1-4) by Mark L. Prophet & Elizabeth Clare Prophet
How to Meet & Work with Spirit Guides by Ted Andrews (In the next few years, you'll meet one or more of your spirit guides who will teach you how to shift your vibrational frequencies)
The "I AM" Discourses by Saint Germain Press, Inc.
Unveiled Mysteries by Saint Germain Press
The Wisdom of Serpents (Reflections on Religion & Foreign Policy) by Roland S. Homet, Jr.
The Templar Revelation (Secret Guardians of the True Identity of Christ) by Lynn Picknett & Clive Prince
From the Tablets of Sumer by The Falcon's Wing Press
Shifting Frequencies by Jonathan Goldman
Misquoting Jesus by Bart D. Ehrman
The Law of Attraction by Esther & Jerry Hicks
Sacred Sounds (Transformation through Music & Word) by Ted Andrews
The Magdalen Manuscripts (The Alchemies of Horus & The Sex Magic of Isis) by Tom Kenyon & Judi Sion

For help with relaxation I recommend the book called, "Advanced Yoga Practices (Easy Lessons for Ecstatic Living)" by Yogani. These books should help you get started on becoming more aware of what's really going on. Truths in which church fathers & government leaders do not want you to know.
Thank you for your list. Those books look like they would be great reads. I need more time off work. Michelle l look forward to your comments in the future. Pitty majority people in this world dont mind being mushrooms
Hi, Chris! It actually makes me sad that my brothers & sisters of Light allow themselves to be mushroomed. I love them so much. If only they could see how unnecessarily they are hurting themselves. However, for some it goes all the way back to a child's treatment by their parents in childhood. A lot of my brothers & sisters of Light have been horribly abused as kids. On top of severally been put down by their own biological parents constantly. As a result, they end up loners in school getting severally picked on or get involved into gangs. Children need to be loved & appreciated. This is what we all want deep down within ourselves even as adults. When these children become young adults, they end up screwing up their own lives because they don't really know any better. So, they end up either shying away from people (anti-social), they become a doormat (willing to please everyone else in order to be accepted), or they end up physically hurting someone. Prison is full of people like this. Some as young as 15-16 years of age. We need to love each other. Reach out to each other. Accept each other. (If we were all the same, this planet would be a pretty boring place!) If there is one thing I'd like for parents to know is this: All your child wants is for you to love her/him as much as you deeply crave to be loved! Your child loves you!

Thank you Chris very much for your kind words. Cute kid. The picture is so tiny. Boy/Girl? My husband Jim & I would like to have children. When I was young, I had my tubes tied because I was afraid to have children with my first husband. He turned out to be an alcoholic. He was stealing money from me plus he wanted to live off of me. I have long since divorced my first husband. My second husband I am very happily married to. He was my inspiration to become a minister. Plus a Nutritional Specialist. LOL... Anyways... to make a long story short. Now that I've been married to my second husband for a couple of years now, we would like to have children. We cannot adopt a child, my husband is 65 years old. Social services takes a close look at that sort of thing. We looked into IVF (invitro fertilization) but the cost is expensive plus there's no guarantee. It costs $25,000 for an IVF (or more). It was my sister-in-law that recommended that we have a tubal reversal. The cheapest price in my area costs the same as the IVF. I'd rather spend $25,000 on the child I'd have. But, I did get lucky. I found a clinic clear out in Kentucky where the cost for the whole process which includes a motel room, costs only $6500. My husband & I are ecstatic about it. We are saving money up for the procedure. I have three dogs. Two females & one male. I didn't have my girls spade yet nor the male neutered. Now, there's an idea. I think I will breed my German Shepherd females. Yea! Goody! Goody! Goody! I'll have to be patient, my girls are only 19 weeks old. Gotta wait two years before they are old enough to breed. It's a foot in the door. Enjoy your child(ren), Chris. Treasure them. Spend good quality time with them. You don't need fancy boats, cars, etc. Too much of a financial decrease anyways. Time goes by so very fast. Soon they are getting married. Live life to the fullest like you were dying. Think about it, if you were dying & you had a family--how would you spend your time? Would you do something selfish or would you spend time with your family as if it were your last? That's the things about life, you don't know when your time is up. Every moment counts. We should never waste it. We work to support our family but not to the point where it takes us away most the time from our family. Work 6-8 hrs. per day spending the rest of the time with family. Some parents try to find jobs that are the same hour as when the kids are in school. On the weekends no work. Weekend would be for grocery shopping, paying bills, running errand etc. It would be people who do not have children that would work the weekends or after hours during the week. If only it were like that all the time. No child would ever be neglected. We would grow into happy young adults. My goodness, there might be even WORLD PEACE! Goodness me! LOL...
dear mr paanan,
we all must look inside ourselves. the answer is always in front of us.

In one of your messages you mentioned Secret Societies. Today I re-read the article and decided to google secret societies to do some research on my own. Since my research does not start with pre-conceived notions, I tend to follow my light with-in.

Secret Societies took me took me to several sub-topics of which I chose one you mentioned,"Rosicrucians."
Rosicrucians led me to several names, of which I chose the first, "Christian Bernard."
Mr. Bernard is the current Grand Master of the French speaking jurisdiction. That page had External Links on it and I chose "The Spiritualization and Humanization of the World," whick took me to the Rosicrucian Website and the "Imperators Message." The message from the world convention in Goteborg, Swedem in August 2001 has topics such as devoting meditations to sending spiritual assistance and positive thoughts to world leaders to aid them in pursuing their mission as best as possible.
Topics such as "The Economy of the Third Millennium," "Ecology and the Environment, "Future Technology," "Some Important Questions," "The Role of Science," " The World of Art, and " Morality and Religion in the Third Millennium."
The article closed with, "It is imperative that we, the peoples of the Earth, declare our responsibility to one another, to the greater community of life, and to future generations.
-The Earth Charter
Pretty good stuff, if I do say so myself. I won't go into summarizing and leave it up to those with an interest to search these things out on their own.


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