Dearest Souls- blessings to you xxxx

I would like to introduce you to my band SAY as we are launching our album 'MULTIVERSE' on January 26th 2009 in the UK and the 27th February for the rest of the world. It will be a commercial album like no other and here is why i believe this to be so:

Who are SAY and what is MULTIVERSE?

"SAY are making music that touches places a lot of other music doesn't reach. It provides optimism, positive feeling and aims to uplift anyone who listens to it. The songs are filled up to the brim with love, life and encouragement and feels like this is something that is urgently needed during these times of struggle on the planet and within a lot of human beings. Their second album 'MULTIVERSE' has smashed all previous boundaries and is their greatest and most consistent album to date. It is an album imprinted with raw energy, self-determination and song mastery- almost a rarity in modern times and something to be listened to with fresh ears. It takes you on a journey through self-discovery, love, creation, healing and magic and leaves the most wonderful tones in your ears! "


Mediarise: “This song aims to help people become aware of the hidden agenda behind the mainstream media and this mass manipulation of thought.”

For You: “Is an ode to the inherent beauty that exists within all human beings and how each and every one of us is able to experience a different dimension of life through the natural process of dreaming.”

The Disclosure Project: “There are devices which use the natural energy of the Universe (cosmic energy) to provide power- this energy is infinitely available to all. It will put an end to poverty, starvation and pollution… and it exists right now.”

By the Window: “Our thoughts can become so strong and so rooted in past or future that we forget to appreciate the beauty that exists right now. Living in the moment is the key to high quality living.”

The Flower of life: “There is a framework for all ‘matter’ that exists as a series of circles. They form a shape known as the Flower of Life and the reflections in everything highlight its existence.”

Free the Animals: “This isn’t a protest song it has to be said but more of an ode to those creatures of this planet who are unfortunate enough to be held in cages for us to look at.”

Quantum Galactica Major: “Human Beings are capable of the most miraculous and wonderful things, one of which is healing. This song is a fictional story based around the powerful healing technique known as ‘Quantum Touch.’”

Human Doing: “We are not our story or our roles- we are Human Beings. Shining lights of awareness in an unconsciously ‘doing’ world. This song is about ‘being’.”

Take Flight: “Ancient cultures have provided the entire human race with snippets of powerful knowledge for many centuries now. Only during these times of our existence are we privileged to be able to piece together this knowledge for the benefit of the whole.”

For more information on where to listen to this album (either in CD format or Digital Download) please visit our website:

Infinite Love and Gratitude to you All in these beautiful and challenging times

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Hi my name is Don - ive been in meditation daily practice for about a year now and ive found that audio enhancements really help my mind to shift
more quickly and effectively. Ive tried many audio meditation enhancement techniques and have combined several into these powerful meditations. With subtle stereo theta wave inducing Binaural Beats and set to base Solfeggio Frequencies , along with digital stereo nature recordings from Humboldt's Lost Coast & Ancient redwood forests and rich deep synthesized tracks - and enhanced with digital sound loops and effects. I hope you enjoy these as much as i do - i use these meditations daily and find them a wonderful way to encourage the mind to relax and the spirit to find peace. (Listen free with the site player)
there is an iPhone app version - as well as the Satori Sounds Trax on Itunes

I really want to share this with other meditators :-)


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