[September 16th ~ 2008]

Making an Art Journal is very therapeutic. While many people make Journalizing their life events a daily habit, others turn to the business of making Art Journals for specific projects.

One such Group Collaborative Art Project that has been going on and is still going on now is an Art Journal Collaboration Project within our connected Gather Community. The members in our connected Group have been working on their Art Journals for months now. WE have been seeing some wonderful examples of CREATIVITY!

Take a peek at Art Journal Reporting by Linda K., who has been our Art Journal Reporter! . . .

Just click on the link below:

Art Journal Reporting ~ An Art Education From The Un-Selfconscious ...

And, take a look at Linda K.'s ~ Art Journal Reporting ~ Random Bits of Inspiration

Then, take a look at how Linda K. led us all off on our journey with our ART JOURNAL COLLABORATION PROJECT . . .

Art Journal Project ~ The Beginning by Linda K.

Then VIEW: "Finding One's Voice in Journal Writing" by Elizabeth E.

You'll be seeing a lot more ART JOURNALS and more on our ART JOURNAL COLLABORATION PROJECT. If you have missed any of our connected Group's artistic and literary works, feel free to JOIN US over that in our connected Gather Groups! . . .

Artistic Therapy and Artistic Minds®

You'll have to JOIN those Groups in order to participate there ~
But, know that, we will be bringing much from over there to over here to share with you all here! Those two Groups are very busy Groups!

We'll bring much of our works here of the BEST of the BEST!

Jennifer N. is our Art Journal Reporter on children's projects, and we'll be showing you the wonderful creations of little artist, Gideon. Gideon is the youngest member of our Group ~ at age five!

Be on the look-out for some of Gideon's creations!


BE YE BLESSED in your artistic genius!

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Rene, I'm SO GLAD that Gideon and I have decided to join in on this collaboration. I'm having so much fun filling in my journal with random thoughts, writings and bits of inspiration.

I believe this was one of my best decisions to make these for us. I hope that soon Gideon will design his own pages (and leave them IN the journal, LOL) so that we might look back upon this time years from now. :)

To any who are debating joining in. Do it. You'll thank me later.
Jen ~ I am so proud of Gideon! He is getting better and better at his artwork. If you share some of the Videos that Gideon has done teaching his art classes over here in the Superlife Artistic Minds® Group, I believe that the Members here would really enjoy sharing the videos with their children. You can do some links as well.

Your literary Bio is going to be something that others here will appreciate.

And, your latest Art Journal creation! Perfect. It is really a perfect work.

With Gideon being only 5 years old, they will really be impressed with his abilities.

I'll be sharing our Transcripts from Maryanne's INTERVIEW and WORKSHOP over here Jen from our Dream Depths Group.

I'll bring the links over later tonight.

I am so happy with your page! It is so beautiful.

Blessings ~
and Co-Partner
Just received your message and invite Rene. Yes, my world was quite busy...just got out of school today. Can't wait to start on my art journal.
Hi Elizabeth!

I figured that you were quite busy with School. I'm excited that you are here, and I can't wait to see what you will come up with on your Art Journal. As people here will soon SEE, everything that you create is wonderful!

You have so much wisdom to share here in relation to teaching the children.

Thank you for coming over!

Blessings ~
Your Friend,
Elizabeth ~ Checking in with you . . . I can't wait until you start your ART JOURNAL as well . . . You've already shared so much with us in the ARTS in relation to your classroom creations, and your Photo Essay of the adventures with your sister and mother was so wonderful to SEE.

Lady Bess ~ You have definitely been "gifted" with the ability to teach in the area of the ARTS.

Let us know how you're doing ~ WE miss you when you're not around. HUGS to you, your mom, and your sister.

Your Friend ~
Rene, all of my art video files are on the other PC I could get them off but it's a bit tricky. Sad, too there's at least 4 there that I never posted on Gather.

I've been considering making a video compilation of Gideon's art. That way it's all in one place rather than on articles and images scattered over at Gather. If I do that I'll post it here.

My literary bio isn't that impressive - yet. (See? That's me being hopeful, LOL) I only really have one big gig under my belt and I'm not too thrilled with the quality of writing that was done there.

I hope that everyone enjoys the transcripts!

Big Hugs!
Hi Jen! Since Gideon has been so busy with his artistic videos and other artistic creations, I'm sure it won't be a chore for him to create a fantastic ART JOURNAL. I'm so glad that you two have join in on this . . . we'll have to bring over the beginnings of your ART JOURNAL that you have brought forth already, and some of Gideon's ART INSTRUCTIVE VIDEOS ~ You two are so inspirational!

I'm glad you both joined in on this ART JOURNAL COLLABORATION PROJECT, because you both have a way of inspiring others with your artistic creations.

Of course, you know that I am looking forward to what you both will add to your creative portfolio.

Thanking you for all you do! This is such FUN!
Don't forget to visit your fellow collaborating Artistic Minds®. WE are "Always Collaborating and Creating!"

Artistic Minds® ~ "Always Collaborating and Creating!"


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