Artistic Minds® Members are you ready for the NEW YEAR?

2012 is fast approaching!

We'd like to take the time to THANK Dick Samson for creating this AWESOME SuperLife Website, and for sharing a great deal of KNOWLEDGE and WISDOM with us ALL.  This Site has certainly grown by leaps and bounds since I joined -- My goodness!

As WE look forward to a prosperous and blessed year wherein we can together find creative and artistic ways in which to better our planet, let us reflect upon where we've been, where we are going, and how we are progressing as a whole.

Let's hear some GOOD NEWS! How has everyone been, and how are you doing now?
Do tell us here in this Discussion about the NEW and INNOVATIVE ARTISTIC ideas that have been flowing into your life ~ and into the lives of others for the betterment of yourself and all those you come in contact with. Let's talk about it! . . .


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