Author Maryanne Raphael's on-line live INTERVIEW and WORKSHOP was held in our associated Dream Depths Gather Group on June 25th.

You may VIEW the TRANSCRIPT by following the LINK at the bottom of this reprint.

Photo: Mother Teresa blessings Author Maryanne Raphael

WELCOME to Maryanne Raphael's WORKSHOP!


For Members here, following are meditative therapy questions for you to involve yourself in here that were presented at the WORKSHOP.

Here are the QUESTIONS that were presented by Author Maryanne Raphael for ALL PARTICIPANTS to think on . . .


1. What is your favorite dream, the wish that your heart makes?

2. How often do your favorite dreams come true? What do you do to help them along?

3. What were your dreams and goals when you were a child? Do you still have the same dreams?

4. Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King had dreams of a better world. What kind of world would you like to see if all your dreams came true?

To get an idea of how the WORKSHOP went, follow the WORKSHOP LINK. Also, do think on the Dream Questions, and add your input here in this Discussion, as Author Maryanne Raphael will check in to view the input.

Let's us discuss how our DREAMS can CHANGE the world!


Your HOSTESSES and WORKSHOP CO-ORDINATORS: René Allen and Jennifer N. ~ Owners of Dream Depths Gather Group

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