Here is a topic I would like to expand within this group.

Art for Peace - NO WARS

There are different ways to express your ideas; with peaceful scenes, protest and anti-war themes, video, or written dialog.

Over the years I have created photo-art posters for personal therapeutic purposes. Sometimes I find myself getting overly angry and frustrated with the mess our current government's administration has created in the Middle East. I have funneled this anger into creative projects I'd like to share with you.

Although these photo-posters are not always peaceful in content, the message they carry is meant to steer conscious minded people towards peaceful endeavors, and to stir up the desire to do something more in protest to the wars
and conflicts threatening our planet today.

I have archived these photo-posters on my Homepage at

Below are a few of the slides, and the links to view them if you wish to see the entire albums and FULL SIZE photos.

Peace Logo - former blog site 2003

Peace Poster - War IS NOT The Answer 2003


1. War Kills (graphic) 2005

2. War Criminals 2005

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That is a powerful and beautiful message! People in "THE KNOW" already accept that war is not the answer to the state of humanity, in fact, it is the antithesis of humanity in principle. Bart Simpson once said, "There are only 3 justified wars, WWI, WWII, and the Star Wars Trilogy." I'm inclined to agree. While aggression begets aggression, there have been times when it was necessary. I believe that we've evolved as a society to negate and eliminate the need for aggression in order to preserve the greater good, as was the case in WWI & WWII. The current state of affairs does NOT fall into this category. This war in Iraq is all about greed, control and profiteering, and has no place in the human existence as being in any way shape or form beneficial. While I don't like to get political, it is my belief that President Bush has merely set out to right the wrongs that his father created while in office, while making a profit for himself in the meantime, and that is primarily what he is focused on. There was never any intent on restoring order to a country which has been beset by war since the time of the Babylonians, there was only the intent on lining pockets with cash in order to further individual goals of profiteering. Is this evil? Who am I to judge? But, it has caused countless situations of pain and suffering for the pawns in this game ... namely, the Iraqis as a people, and American soldiers and their families.

Your artwork is beautiful and terrifying, and it stands as a testament to your ferocity as an expressionist. I am honored to meet you, and I would be more than honored to work with you on furthering your idea. As soon as more people hear about it, the more they would want to get involved as well! Keep me posted, and my your Creator bless you with more visions of what should be!
I'm sorry Quinton, I can't agree with you or Becca. You must realize that the World Trade Center was the target several times in the past and finally they were all the pictures you want have been successful in turning a positive loving posture into the that your goal...... you haven't made me reconsider....but to ponder your allegiance to the peace we've enjoyed for all the years since the separation from our rulers before Columbus....The Free Men of Europe (several nations)...left their countries to leave the control of state religions to fashion our constitution which guarantees freedom of religion among many things,,,,,but the main thing...our young people have given their lives to allow people like you to spit on their efforts....oh yes many innocent have died over there as collateral damage but since we intervened those who are benefactors of our efforts consider them a gift to
the "God of their hearts,"......America has never asked for any more land than to bury those gallant enough to fight for their right to be free from the terror inflicted on them by their blood-thirsty leaders. You would probably consider the Cathars a provocative reason for the religion in authority to exterminate them because they wouldn't convert. Terror grows when people submit..... As long as I'm alive I'll resist your insignificant contribution to the ememys of peace...and If you or your kind are victorious and have America's family bow to terror...I place this curse upon you...that you may spend the rest of your days convincing... yours to follow.... of the folly of your ways....So Mote it Be!....And as far as the World War is concerned.....didn't we refrain until we were attacked....In this case we were attacked several times before the sleeping giant was awakened...then it was only once.....Our government didn't create anything over there....they have been at war with their own people for time they want a war to convert the world...
somehow I'd like to believe your pictures are just to provoke people into some college project in philosophy....but since you attached your name to it I feel you want people to know you for your gallant effort to trivialize the history of our forefathers and their efforts,,,,I suggest you spend time meditating on the Constitution of theUnited States and the Bill of Rights. I bet you couldn't force yourself to create a picture montage on the subject of freedom! I wish peace to come from our efforts in the Middle East..... God knows they have never kown it..
Gee, I wonder what all 12 of the Native Americans left have to say about all this ...

I'm not putting down what our soldiers are fighting for by any stretch of the imagination ... I have a brother who served, 2 brothers in law who fought in Desert Storm, a father who fought in Korea, a grandfather who fought in WWII, and countless cousins & uncles who were drafted & fought in Vietnam. The one thing that I see that all wars that America has participated in is this ... it is the poor, uneducated lower class who spill blood so that the pontificating upper middle class and the pretentious rich can wax poetic on the pros and cons of war as it relates to the very blanket of freedom that these men and women provide. I'm no political analyst, as I've said before, and I really hate politics in general, but, if you ask me ... and you have ... there is no way that you can tell any Native American that they were "serving" this country by getting massacred and keep a straight face, nor is there any way you can look a mother of her dead son that "he was serving the greater good" by being sacrificed in the name of oil and big business. While the destruction of the World Trade Center was tragic, and the lives lost thus far in the so-called "War on Terror" is epic in its' proportions on human suffering, senseless killing is still senseless killing. Need further proof? Ask Pat Tillman .... thank you for your very well eloquated viewpoint. One more thing ... God Bless our troops, and please, let's bring them home safe sooner rather than later. There is such a thing as beating a dead horse.
Pat Tillman was a leader, was-not poor, uneducated, or lower-class. He believed in his country and volunteered to serve, as did I; I am a Vietnam era veteran. Tillmans fate was a tragedy; a loss for us all. The military is not what it used to be. Now all volunteers have to be at-least high school graduates, many are college grads. and volunteers have to be law-abiding citizens. Battles for Oil is a progressive talking point. Incidentally, the Progressives have all but closed down drilling, and new refining operations in the U.S. Our politicians accomplish a lot but sometimes the pendulum swings too far in the opposite direction and the country with the most control of operations for the environments good, are prevented from supplying the U.S., rendering us to relying on people that do not keep us in their best interests. America has vast oil fields that go untouched because of over-regulation. We all see the benefit of forcing us to see the wisdom of harnessing the sun, etc. ......but a-little too soon? The greater good is that we (business) are making decisions to keep us meet the future and still be in competitive....which is what makes America what it is.
Just as a reference, I'll quote "The Kolbrin Bible," SOF:5;101 "Peace is the proper course for all men to follow, but peace at any price is a delusion. Therefore, it may better become a man of peace to stir up the righteous to fight. Ten courageous men can overcome a hundred of lesser courage. Prepare for war with peace in your heart and with regret, but for the sake of the cause, press forward resolutely. Be at peace within yourself through gain or loss, advance or retreat, victory or defeat. The peaceful man who shouts. "Peace at any price" does no prevent was; he only steps aside to put another to the fore who will slay and be slain. That is contemptible and worse than if he had stood his own ground." There is real wisdom there and what, I'm sure, Pat Tillman faced in his mind with his decision. The Book of the Sons of Fire; Chapter five..cover the Laws of Amos....a tedious but necessary read for my understanding and growing wisdom.
Thought provoking ... to be sure ....

For every Pat Tillman, there are hundreds of thousands of countless others. Pat Tillman was the VAST exception to the rule. NFL star ... rich ... well-known ... and he got shot in the back by his own troops. What about the thousands who have died from a town that nobody's ever heard of ... outside of that town? What about the kids who get duped into dreams of glory, college careers and an escape from the doldrums of farm life, or inner city struggles by recruiters looking to bump up their commissions? What about them? What about their families? Does CNN do stories on them? Is there a three way discussion about these guys on "Nightline"? Do they make front page news with a huge picture of them on the front cover?

You, being a veteran of Vietnam, know all too well what I'm talking about. I have much respect for you and all of our troops here and overseas. Now, do necessarily AGREE with the reason our troops are fighting in Iraq? No, but then again, nobody asked me, did they? Just because I don't agree with the PREMISE of war, doesn't make me someone who agrees with the notion of "Peace at any cost". That's just as insane!

Make no mistake, Pat Tillman and the thousands of others who died did NOT go over there to get killed. Nobody save the insane plan to do that. But, let's not confuse the valiance of their efforts with the greed and corruption which sent them there in the first place. Therein, my friend, lies the true evil ...
I thought you didn't get into politics........I'm familiar with that notion of the greed factor and I'm familiar with the other side of the becomes a policeman or fireman thinking their ultimate ending will be death.....but to enjoy an honest son-in-law joined the Air Force to get experience with Air further his ability to support my daughter and his degree in the military and is furthering his education on the GI Bill. His intention was not to die but to improve his condition....Peace protesters at Kent State never thought they could die protesting for peace....what a tragedy....those who have been to war and those who have protested war have chosen their place.....both have love in their hearts and lives.....we have love for each other.....and the beat goes on.......your right this horse is dead...we have a disagreement....and honor each other enough to share respect for each other's view of things..........I would like to hear your musical interpretation of our discussion.....I know you have an album in you that could start out with a peaceful child playing....growing up......facing agression....learning peace.....finding a place of rest. Oh very young ...What will you bring us this time....Your only dancing on this Earth a short while....Oh very young what will you bring us this time.
Well Larry, you're right. I don't get into politics, but that doesn't mean that I'm ignorant of them, either. You are a very deep individual, no doubt. I've enjoyed this discussion with you ... you definitely know what you're talking about, and you make your points very eloquently. I do know of someone who joined the military just to die, and he got his wish. He was barely 19 years old, and I'll never forget him. I've given up on writing music about war, politics, protest and the like. There are many others who have done it, and are still doing it, who would be far better at it than I would. I'll leave that undertaking (no pun intended) to them. I'm currently working on a piece which describes colors, and using different keys to set the mood for each color. I'm also working on a music theory book, and maybe SL would allow me to post some in their stores.

Actually, I really don't think that we have a disagreement at all. We've both arrived at the same point from different directions. There's more than one way to get to Pittsburgh, right? You still wind up there, no matter which road or method you take, if that's your destination.

I'm all for peace, love, happiness & inner enlightenment as much as anyone. Sometimes, ideals get confused with reality, and the reality is, not everyone thinks that peace, love, happiness & inner enlightenment works for whatever cause they've dedicated themselves for. Sad, but true. If the only way that someone can find true peace and spiritual awakening is to blow themselves up with a bomb, taking as many people down with them as they can, then that's what they're going to do, and nobody can convince them otherwise. That's reality. Ideally, I'd like to sit down with him and try to find out what the hell he's thinking, and show him another way. If the current administration believes that the only way to protect their interests ... notice I said, "Their interests.", not the country's interests ... by exploitation, greed, corruption and lies, then by gadfrey, that's what they're going to continue to do. Sigh ....
This has been most interesting and I consider you a long distance friend.
Hello, Quinton

I have some new links to share, in hopes of expanding our efforts for the Peace Movement.
I'd like to keep some balance between the positive and negative aspects of War and Peace for this group.

A few months ago, my husband and I were invited to participate in a small gathering of friends that live in the Motherload counties in California, surrounding Sonora. The event was a Peace Walk and Blessing at the Peace Dome in Copperopolis, scheduled on the Fall Equinox - 2007. My husband, Jim Novak, a keyboard musician, was asked to provide music for the luncheon and celebration. This event was arranged by the owner of the Peace Dome, Cheryl Canfield, and she was hosting her good friend, British Independent Film Director, Mark Skelton, from Positve Pictures, CA, as her guest speaker for the party. Mark announced his current film project, "Peace Pilgrim," a film documentary/drama about Mildred Lisette Norman, (July 18, 1908 – July 7, 1981) a remarkable true story of a contemporary saint who dedicated her life to sharing with the world the peace she had found.

I would also like to share the Peace Pilgrim web site:

I archived 5 photo albums of the Fall Equinox Peace Party (200 photographs) on my Homepage at
The albums can be viewed at

Title Slides - (for all 5 Albums) : "Cheryl's Peace Dome Fall Equinox Party 2007"- Volumes 1-2-3-4-5

Cheryl Canfield's web site:
Please take some time to look through the links,
In Peace & Love,
Becky Novak
To Larry D. Matyas,

May you someday find PEACE within your heart.

Forgiveness is the first step to healing.

O.......K....... I forgive you.
wow ... that was actually pretty funny!


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