Artistic Minds® ~ "Always Collaborating and Creating"


Artistic Minds® ~ "Always Collaborating and Creating"

WE are an Association and Community of Artistic Minds®. Our MISSION is to come together to educate others with regard to the ARTS, and inform others of the healing and therapeutic power of imagery and the creative art process.

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Latest Activity: Mar 5, 2017

What is our Artistic Minds® SuperLife Group about?

Artistic Minds® ~ "Always Collaborating and Creating!"

Our Group Description:

We are Artists and creatives of various kinds, and we come together here to share artwork, artistic ideas, artistic news, images, photos, writings, articles, poetry and more! We discuss all things of an artistic nature. All of our members contribute very interesting and educational content, as well as visually stimulating artistic works ~ including photography, sculptures, crafts, glasswork -- some of these artworks contain journalistic attachments that explain the state of mind of the Artist when the work was created; as well as FEATURED ARTICLES of member travels and journeys that enlighten the Group in relation to the ARTS.

Our members also bring to this Group "Teacher's Notes", i.e., explanations of "How to" create an artistic work of art.

Some of Our Group Tags: fine art, visual art, artwork, creatives, artists, poetry, visual artists, writers, authors, creativity, imagery, poets, poetry, journalism, journalists, photographers, painters, art, sculpture, cultural art, religious art, international art, mixed-media artworks, crafts, glass, collage, collaboration, art journal collaboration project, collaborative projects, research studies, mind dynamics, art therapy, artistic therapeutics, artistic therapy

WHAT WE, Artistic Minds®, DO HERE IN OUR SUPERLIFE GROUP: We are a group of Artistic Minds® who share input of an artistic and creative nature with one another. We share our paintings, drawings, images, photos, writings, poetry, artistic teachings, concepts and ideas. We also discuss current innovations in the field of the fine arts, visual arts, literary arts, and educational concepts relative to the ARTS.

We invite other Artistic Minds® and new emerging ARTISTS to our Group, and welcome NEW MEMBERSHIP here. We enjoy meeting others in the field of the ARTS. We also work together on collaborative projects and research studies. Our primary RESEARCH FOCUS for 2017 is Artistic Therapeutics® and associated collaborative projects.

Being updated continually throughout this NEW YEAR of 2017!


We are an Association and Community of Artistic Minds®. Our MISSION is to come together to educate others with regard to the ARTS, and inform others of the healing and therapeutic power of imagery and the creative art process.

WE BELIEVE that the CREATIVE ARTS (in their various forms) serve as a therapeutic means by which to better understand ourselves, each other, and the world around us. WE also believe that the CREATIVE ARTS serve to inspire, encourage, and develop latent God-given gifts and talents that have yet to be fully discovered by many gifted and talented individuals. The Scriptures are utilized to create works of ART that open up avenues of spiritual and artistic self-discovery.

We collaborate with other artists, experts, specialists, teachers and students on Artistic Therapeutics® discussions, clinical research studies, and new developments in the field. Further exploration, study and collaborative projects relative to Artistic Therapeutics® is one of our main focal points for 2017.

We invite Articles pertaining to the Therapeutic ARTS, and the specific study of Artistic Therapeutics®. [Copyright ~ Artistic Minds® ~ 2008-2017]

Some of our other Sites/Groups/Media/NEWS Lines/Connections:

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Visit our BLOGSPOT: Artistic Minds® - Being UPDATED MARCH 2017!

WE hope this helps you to better understand what our Group is about. If you need more information, just ask, and we'll be glad to provide it to you.

To all new Artistic Minds® SuperLife Group Members who have questions, just post your questions for immediate response.

Rene' Allen


Discussion Forum

Artistic Minds® Members ~ Now that it is 2017!

Started by René Allen Jan 4, 2017.


Started by René Allen. Last reply by René Allen Sep 16, 2008.

African Art SERIES

Started by René Allen Jun 27, 2008.


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You need to be a member of Artistic Minds® ~ "Always Collaborating and Creating" to add comments!

Comment by René Allen on September 16, 2008 at 10:32pm
Hi ALL Artistic Minds® ~

Be sure to post all of your NEW ARTISTIC CREATIONS in the Group here on SuperLife, and also in our Ning Site (inspired by SuperLife Owner ~ Dick Samson). . . .

Artistic Minds® on Ning ~ for relaxation and creative expression. . . .

WE are "Always Collaboration and Creating!"

[VIEW our RSS Feeder above from our Artistic Minds® ~ on Ning Site to keep abreast of what's going on!]
Comment by René Allen on September 10, 2008 at 11:11pm
WE will be bringing forth more on our ART JOURNAL COLLABORATION PROJECT this month; as our Project has expanded to a year~long event this year!

You'll be amazed at the creative inspiration that comes forth!

Feel free to JOIN IN at any time with your creations, creative input, and artistic commentaries.
Comment by René Allen on June 28, 2008 at 9:54pm
Good Evening Members ~ Be sure to take a look at Author Maryanne Raphael's TRANSCRIPTS of both her INTERVIEW and WORKSHOP ~ recently conducted in our companion Dream Depths Gather Group.

Maryanne Raphael is the Author of many books, including "WHAT MOTHER TERESA TAUGHT ME".

You'll find both TRANSCRIPTS {with links and information} here in our Artistic Minds® ~ Superlife "Discussion Forum" ~ above; and over in our Dream Depths Ning Group in our "Discussion Forum" -- just click on the TRANSCRIPT link you'd like to view!

Dream Depths Ning and Dream Depths Gather Groups are both within our collaborating and creative Artistic Minds® Network.

Artistic Minds® ~ "Always Collaborating and Creating!"
Comment by René Allen on June 28, 2008 at 9:53am
Look forward to reading the ON-LINE LIVE TRANSCRIPT of the INTERVIEW and WORKSHOP of Author Maryanne Raphael ~ Author of "WHAT MOTHER TERESA TAUGHT ME", that was conducted in our connected Dream Depths Gather Group this past Wednesday ~ June 25th!

Both the INTERVIEW and WORKSHOP were fascinating!

Look for the LINKS to the Transcripts to be delivered here TODAY!

Author Maryanne Raphael


After you have reviewed the TRANSCRIPTS, feel free to add your input here!

Blessings ~
Comment by René Allen on June 28, 2008 at 9:28am
Comment by René Allen on June 27, 2008 at 9:55pm
Artistic Minds® ~ Superlife Group and Artistic Minds® Gather Group will be collaborating and creating! . . .

Where WE are and what have WE been doing?! . . .

"Always Collaborating and Creating!"

SEE what we've been doing!

VIEW the latest Articles, Poetics, Art Journals, Environmental NEWS, and Collaborations that are constantly going on with our other connected ARTS Groups, Therapy Groups, Dream Study and Research Groups, and Prophetic Ministry Groups.

Meet more friends, as many members will begin to connect with each other through interaction between all of our Groups and Sites!

Come back here to the Group and let us know what topics interest you, and what you would like to see more of here in our Artistic Minds® Superlife Group!

Members ~ You can start a "Discussion Forum" here in Artistic Minds® Superlife Group involving the Superlife Membership wherein you can discuss and receive feedback from all Membership here on the artistic topics that interest you. You may be holding back on something of vital interest to another Superlife member. Let's get some discussions going!

What would you like to SEE and discuss here in our Superlife Group? Let's talk about it!

Blessings ~
Comment by René Allen on June 27, 2008 at 9:30pm
Good Evening Everyone ~

All members here are welcome to join us for Discussions, and viewings of literary and artistic works of Group membership over in our other connected Ning Site ~ which is currently ramping up, and will be adding a great deal of content this weekend and all thru the month of July. You can be one of the first to come aboard for viewings and posting of content. All of the content will be linked here to our Artistic Minds® Superlife Group as well.

Our Superlife Group address (for your records) is:

Visit and or Join us at:

You are welcome to JOIN US to add your artistic works, input, feedback, discussions, creations, artistic articles, and artistic and literary related content in any and all of our connected Groups and Sites. WE will be linking all of our Sites and our Groups together so that everyone will have a wider range of artistic minds to relate with and to.

Visit our Gather Group at:

You will find a great deal of artistic content there ~ including Poetics, writings, paintings, art discussions, videos, and innovative happenings. We include environmental topics in our Gather Group as well.

All that you see there, you will be seeing much more of here!

We have made improvements to our Ning Site, and will be making improvements here in our Superlife Ning Group as well ~ NOW and thru the month of JULY!

WE look forward to your continued friendship, input, feedback, and participation!

Blessings ~

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