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Go nuts with nuts for a better future!

Want to live a longer? Healthier? ... …


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Focus, folks! … At a basic level, that’s our power over things, new research suggests

Dean Radin shares research findings at the Science of Consciousness Conference in Tuscon 2016. He is shown with Stuart Hameroff, host and co-sponsor.

In the classic double-slit experiment of quantum mechanics, light, electrons and other quantum elements behave either as waves or particles…


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Good Sleep When Younger Linked to Better Memory When Older

See the latest issue of The Longer Lifestyle…


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Spectacular "Supersociety" Possible Thanks to Highly-Human Shift?

An unprecedented global "supersociety" may be emerging -- in spite of resource depletion, pollution and conflict that seem to be driving us to dystopia.

This surprisingly positive prospect is the fruition of key developments that are now germinating and sending out their first tentative shoots. They all engage a vastly underutilized resource: the best that is in people.

Among these highly-human developments, seven of the most imminent and notable are these: 



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SUPERMONEY: The New Wealth Beyond Banks and Bitcoin

Bigger bucks ahead … because money itself is being re-invented!  But it’s not really about the money; material wealth may be a secondary motivator.

The new money is 100% internet-based. It flows free and fast like electrons, and it comes with superpowers. Call it money 2.0, internet money, or supermoney. “Up, up and away!”

(Note: The term "supermoney" is used by at least two companies: of Santa Ana, California; and…


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Hot Technology for Bringing Water to California

With recurring drought likely as climate change mounts, California may have to move to where the water is. The Great Lakes region, say, or Bangladesh.

Alternatively, water could be brought to where California is, now that the Colorado River isn't…


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Breakthrough Research: Smiling Builds Health!

From Kickstarter project:

Smiling has been found to --…


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Look out, Fido! Like Human Workers, You Too Can Be Replaced!

It appears that dogs as well as people need to build their job skills to compete.

So says Richard W. Samson, author of the employment report, “Highly-Human Jobs: The New Work That Technology Can't Take Over.

Inspired by an October 16 article in the New York Times, "Devices Go Nose to Nose…


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Body Language Can Trump Language

In any encounter with others, such as a meeting, the most impressive thing may not be what you say or how you say it, but how you present yourself non-verbally.

Assertive body language is one of the most basic human skills, and with the right approach, anyone can get better at it in minutes.  

In this video from TEDTalks, social…


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NY Times Article on Possible "Agent Economy" with Shrunken Corporate Employment

Will the working people of tomorrow be mostly on their own, independent service providers rather than employees? There are signs that this could be so, according to Catherine Rampell, who writes about economics for The New York Times.

See her recent breakthrough report: …


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Millions of "Highly-Human" Jobs Out There -- Some Now, More Soon

MONEY: While employment hangs back, a whole new form of work is straining at the starting gate. That's the conclusion of a special report from EraNova Institute. It documents an emerging shift to the next level of employment beyond today's service and knowledge economy, non-automatable work in the "highly-human economy."



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Thriving by Focusing on Service, Not Income

MONEY: No matter what you do for a living, you may do better if you pay less attention to making money than to delivering value. We see the proof of this in --

  • The car dealer who wins repeat business by showing an interest in a car's performance after the sale. 
  • The grocery clerk who survives a downsizing because he smiles at people, seeks…

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Memory Trick Boosts Recall, Part of Mind-Enhancement Trend

MIND: Intentionality is coming to the fore to sharpen everything from visual perception to creativity.Our minds may be changing into meta-minds that not only think or create or remember, but first think how to think or create or remember, thereby magnifying performance. 

The common approach, in all facets of mind, is to invoke a mental model…


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A Plan for Sustainable Energy with Today's Technology!

SCIENCE: Energy-related economic, security, and environmental threats are intensifying the national conversation about how to regain energy leadership and competitiveness, restore jobs and prosperity, and build a secure and climate-safe energy…


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Digital Money Challenges "Real" Money

MONEY: The coming medium of exchange may be all-digital. Already our coins and bills have been largely superseded by credit cards, which rely on digital technology. Banks are still the intermediaries, however, and "real" money -- in some sense or degree -- backs up our VISA, MasterCard or AMEX transactions. 

With Bitcoin, the decentralized electronic…


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Better People Through Movie Watching

CULTURE: In a pilot project in Great Britain, young people watch lots of movies like everyone else, but with a difference. That difference is building character, hope, expectations, and social responsibility. If widely implemented, the approach could plant the seed for better lives, communities, and nations.   

The project began in 2006 when British filmmaker Beeban…


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A Growing Trend You Can Eat

HEALTH: Well, you can't really eat a trend, but you can eat the results of this one -- for pleasure, better health, and a greener environment. Heirloom seed growing is catching on everywhere, in small organic farms, backyard gardens, and pots on apartment windowsills. 



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Higher Expectations Elevate Egypt. Could it Work in West?

LIVING: Gallup pollster Dalia Mogahed shares surprising data on Egyptian people's attitudes and hopes, with very positive implications for the future not only of Egypt but the entire region. This in spite of recent setbacks to the democracy movement.

There's a positive take-away, also, for Westerners. By similarly elevating their optimistic…


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Welcome to SuperLife

Hello, Everyone! Thanks for your response and participation. You're now part of a fast-growing, purpose-oriented social network that is taking life to the next level. Here you'll find fertile ground for having your say, realizing your potential, and extending your influence.

  • Make liberal use of your blog and the forum,
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How to Promote Your Business, Cause, or Project ... to Make More of a Difference in Today's World

Sun power After joining, leverage the growing power of SuperLife:

1. Include your web link in your member profile, so others may visit your website or project page.

2. Contribute your expertise in frequent posts -- blog entries, forum entries, video postings. Include your web link, when relevant, within the text of any entry. The system automatically makes it "hot" so people can easily link to you. For example, here's a link to my website:…


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