When You Post to the Net, Send an Email, Make a Call, or Just Talk to Someone, Are You Helping Create a Global Mind?

Although more than 20 years old, the 1983 video "The Global Brain" by Peter Russell offers exciting possibilities for today. Is evolution, from the Big Bang to the Internet, about to generate consciousness on a global scale.
Do our everyday interactions -- from phone calls to email messages, net postings to mental interactions -- lead us ever-closer to the day when "pop" we're all suddenly together in planetary awareness?

The global awakening might be like those rare experiences of sports teams, little theater groups, or concert orchestras where everyone suddenly "catches fire" in a magic flow of mutual excellence.
Click here to watch Russell's seminal video.

Then watch a recent video of Russell, about the central role of consciousness in shaping reality:

A related idea is more than half a century old, the concept of the "Omega Point" at which the Earth gains consciousness, like primates when they (we) became complex enough. This is the hypothesis of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, the French Jesuit Priest, Paleontologist, and philosopher who died in 1955.

Click here to read about Teilhard and his vision.

Is the Omega Point -- Gaia waking up -- close at hand? Do our daily interactions -- on the net, in person, and perhaps psychically -- contribute to it, little by little?

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