That's right, she's everywhere. Just in the last 2 weeks her sorry face bloated up on the cover of Rolling Stone, and she was the subject of a Sunday NY Times op ed piece. What a sad trip, from post teen pop star darling to paunchy slut, in and out of rehab almost weekly, judged an endangerment to her child, and nabbed for DUI. She seems totally unable to control her behavior

Is it mere coincidence that her travails have hogged national attention for the past 6 months, while untold millions have seen their lives disintegrate in the same half year. Why do we care about her when there are so many serious issues to be dealt with; a trillion $ spent on a purposeless war, a crisis in the credit markets that just keeps on expanding, people shooting each other all over country, to mention a few.

Clearly, Britney has gone beyond supermarket checkout tabloid fodder to something much more significant, and that's just the situation, she has become a signifier. Sad to say, I think her distressed psychic state mirrors the current psychic state of the nation. You think you've got problems, look at her. And we seem too have those problems too, Her bloat mirrors the bloat of the population, which has seen obesity become a major health threat. She's in and out of rehab the way so many Americans are in and out of diets.

And nationally we are no better that she in controlling our behavior, endlessly buying SUVs, upgrading to ever larger flat panel screens, while home forclosure looms. And drugs, even the warlords in Afghanistan are hard pressed to keep up with poppy product demand.

To paraphrase cartoonist Walt Kelley, we have seen Britney, and she is us.

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Comment by Larry D. Matyas on February 13, 2008 at 1:19pm
I'm not facinated with celebrity, but I follow the news and can't help but be bombarded with items not of my concern. But since the story of Ms. Spears has invaded my space I can't help but feel compassion for her and pray for her return to normality. This story is one for all to learn from. Wealth and celebrity has it's own tests. It is my hope she learns from this experience and once again gains the control that has been lost.
Comment by Dick Samson on February 13, 2008 at 12:26pm
Interesting comparison! Could in general explain our fascination with celebrities -- especially those with serious problems.... Could be an entertaining form of self-analysis. Now, if we can only become more conscious of it (thanks to your insight), maybe we can do a better job of shaping up!

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