As it has been what seems long time passed since I have taken the occasion to share some of my thoughts and emotions of words in this manner. To give a few of my perspectives. I am starting slowly to understand and attain harmony with all of the different aspects of my being. To accept and love the variety of all that I am. I have now the same love and appreciation for my angels, as to my demons, and other spiritual forms. All with me from my beginning - even as I somehow lost memory of them. My teachers and protectors.
I am one of questions and possibilities. I find interest in learning of the many different beliefs and traditions of the world. I believe in religious freedom. I do not believe that there is only one way to obtain the spiritual, nor do I agree with those that disregard the beliefs of others only to attempt to justify why their beliefs are the *only truth. I find it contrary that these same types experiment in matters that go against what they preach.
I do not believe that all people are Gods and Goddesses or that all are equal in intellect and skills. I believe that all are given potential, it is then each person's choice what they will make of their potential. To experience and evolve. Not to attempt to command or control forces that you know nothing of.
I am the one that looks to see the best in people and to encourage.
I am she that perceives the joys and sorrows of all.
I am a unknown one.

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