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Comment by René Allen on June 27, 2008 at 7:26pm
Hi Dick ~ I received your note. I'll post the links to the Transcripts of both the INTERVIEW and the WORKSHOP of Author Maryanne Raphael ~ Author of "WHAT MOTHER TERESA TAUGHT ME".

Author Maryanne Raphael

Author of the book ~ "WHAT MOTHER TERESA TAUGHT ME"

by Author Maryanne Raphael

It was a wonderful experience. . . .

The Interview lasted an hour, and the Workshop lasted an hour.

I think everyone will enjoy reading the Transcripts. Maryanne Raphael is a very interesting and wise woman. This was her FIRST-EVER ON-LINE LIVE INTERVIEW and WORKSHOP. She is the Author of many fascinating books, including "Along Came a Spider" ~ which takes an in-depth look at personal madness ~ mental illness.

Maryanne Raphael also wrote "Mother Teresa ~ Called to Love". She spent much time working with Mother Teresa, which made the INTERVIEW and WORKSHOP all the more fascinating. Maryanne's up-close and personal relationship was wonderfully relayed to us in little moments of wisdom and insight that Maryanne shared with us.

Mother Teresa ~ Called to Love
by Maryanne Raphael

Both the INTERVIEW of Maryanne Raphael and the WORKSHOP were conducted in my Dream Depths Gather Group. A Group where we discuss DREAMS, DREAM INTERPRETATIONS, do DREAM RESEARCH, conduct DREAM STUDIES, and Journal our DREAMS.

I'll put up the information this evening. Let me know how you enjoy the Transcript Dick.

Have a wonderful evening Dick.

Blessings ~
Comment by Steven Raymer on April 10, 2008 at 2:37am
When something catches on these days, tremendous power accompanies the success process, day to day. Good luck.

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