Dear friend may this letter reach you in peace and the best of health. As you know the planet is in peril, suffering and hardship are more familiar to us than the water we drink or the air we breathe. Mankind is being deprived of their birthright to peace health and abundance. What is needed is a radical change in they way we exist. A revolutionary shift in our consciousness towards the reality of heaven is the only thing that can save us in a time such as this. The Heaven Project is not an ideological doctrine or a religious institution. We have no man made platform or secular agendas, we stand for truth- that’s it. Our only desire is heaven, and we live as spiritual activist to manifest heaven in our lives and the world. This. I am reaching out to you my friend for your help companionship, love, and abilities. Just like no two fingerprints are alike and every snowflake has a different pattern, when you came into this life you brought with you a very unique set of miracle based abilities that no one else has. Your overall mission on a physical and spiritual level is to manifest heaven. Heaven is a perfected state of consciousness not a location. As a spiritual activist one can upgrade their lives and the lives of others to a standard heaven that is impregnable to the negativity and supportive to the miracles that the Source is constantly sending your way. In order to meet or deadline we The Heaven Project needs your spiritual support because you are a key player in putting a end to the negativity once and for all.

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Comment by Crystal Rose on April 20, 2008 at 2:55pm
My heart chakra openly blossomed flaming while reading your letter. I couldn't agree more. Christianity is a man-made religion, one in which teaches the opposite teachings of Jesus, the Christ. I have been sharing this same message slowly RJ. I've been warned by the Masters to be very careful with my wording. People are very afraid that if they stray from their pastor's teachings that they are not going to be following God. These people are very hard core to the max people who truly want to follow God, yet without knowing it they are not following the true teachings of God or Jesus. Reincarnation (a teaching of Jesus) was not included in the bible. Nor what happened to Jesus between the age of 12-30 years of age. I have alot of forums you can read if you are interested. I will be placing more teachings in the forum as time goes on. Thank you for having a strong faith in Source(God/Prime Creator). Lots of Love To You, Michelle

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