In our spiritual warfare against the negativity we have to guard our psyche from flawed views of reality, life and our relationship to the Source/Creator. The negativity is extremely clever and organized. Some of their most deadly weapons are the subtlest. In the cultural drama of this world that we in The Heaven Project refer to cultural drama as “The Story” there is a great dark and venomous myth that infiltrates every culture disguised as “The Truth”. This great lie is that we must know bad in order to know good, sickness to know health, pain to know pleasure, poverty to know abundance so on and so on. As long as this thought exist in the minds of mankind evilness, sickness and despair will grow in abundance, and true abundance and health will remain in scarcity. This idea is worse than any disease, famine, or catastrophe that the mind can conceive because it is that very thought creates the fertile soil for the seeds of Hell to grow. Negativity exists only because we think we need it in order to obtain all that is good. We at the Heaven Project challenge you to intellectually put such flawed thinking to the test. For example, if there was no negativity in the world, would one not know that this is actually a good thing? If there was know poverty would one not know that they have all that they could possibly need. If there was no such thing as diseases would we not acknowledge that we had health. Most importantly, If there was no negativity would we be complaining! Is it necessary to “know” healthiness or richness in they way that we do as much as it is to be healthy and rich. Many think that in order to know the “good” we must surround ourselves with the “bad”. We don’t have to know the “good” by separating ourselves from it. Many think that this polarization is natural but the truth is that “The Good” has no opposites. The GOOD are manifestations of Love, and Love is an expression of the The Source Function. Since the Source Function has no equals or opposites, “The Good” cannot either. As you can see, we hoodwink ourselves into authorizing the negativity to lease out space in our mind. When we subscribe to such a wicked and illusory paradigm we become companions to hell. If you pay attention to many of the world’s religious doctrines, and new age philosophies you can see this myth at the foundation of what they teach the masses. The Creator has no desire for you to hurt and suffer. Your place of origin is Heaven. Heaven is the only state that the Source intended for us to reside in. That my friend is the Ultimate Truth.

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Comment by Crystal Rose on April 20, 2008 at 3:27pm
Just try to understand what it is like. R.J., watch the video of the song I've posted called, "What It's Like" by Everlast. It's a song to get people to have a little more understanding. Lots of Love. Michelle
Comment by Crystal Rose on April 20, 2008 at 3:23pm
R.J., this is hard for alot of people to learn & apply because of how their parents brought them up. You see if the parents have problems, the child becomes an adult with problems. Obviously, these children were not brought up in love. So, these children, now young adults do not know any better end up spending a good portion of their lives leaning towards anything that makes them feel good about themselves such as drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, sex, etc. ("Opiates of self-gratification" as my husband Jim calls them.) These people do not know how to love themselves, let alone love how to love someone else. Environmental influences don't help either, like religion. Churches that children are forced by their parents to go to use shame & guilt as a means to control people by conforming the person to their way of believing. Church leadership has this "You are a sinner" technique of guilt & shame like I said to torture in the young person's mind to conform to their B.S. (belief system).
(Note: Know that you are not a sinner all the time.) This is what I call "Spiritual Abuse of Church Leadership." You should read my personal experience on that from one of my forum discussions if you are interested in hearing my first hand experience of church leadership spiritual abuse. When they are ready, they will come. Just have patience. Lots of Love, Michelle

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