Most everyone has heard of affirmations. Some feel they can’t cause any harm others may feel they are just a way to telling yourself fancy lies. The fact of the matter is, affirmation are a tool. They are something to use in order to create a desired effect. For example:

There was a woman who knew, or at least she thought she did, the good in saying affirmations . She was overweight and she was telling herself that she was thin and healthy she did this routinely day by day. However, she confessed that she felt disconnected in saying she was thin as she look in the mirror and her image was staring back and telling her something entirely different. The reason why I say she thought she knew the power affirmations hold is because she was overlooking a very important factor.

When it comes to affirmations it’s not just a matter of saying what you want the end result of your desire to be. It is a matter of putting into practice the power of your imagination. Like testing a theory or hypothesis you have to apply the right formula in order to have the substance needed to complete the test. This is true with affirmations and the law of attraction. You put your feelings, thoughts and words into effect to create the reaction from the precalculated cause. So what this all means is that when you are saying your affirmations you are not lying to yourself. You are applying a formula. This keeps it in perspective so that you can eliminate the distractions of what it is your changing and just apply the formula for living in the moment of where you want to be.

Whether this will prove true in manifesting your desired outcome is not the focus. You wouldn’t use salt to water your garden, nor would you use a pillow to brush your hair. These things would be silly. The same holds true for affirmations. The object is to use your words as part of a formula to create, or at least test a theory of whether
you can create a desired outcome. If you don‘t use the right tools you are fowling up the process.

Another way to look at affirmations as a tool is to think of them as a little vacation. Your way to take a break from what you don’t want to what you do. So say your affirmations daily and let them take you away.

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Comment by Dick Samson on December 7, 2007 at 6:54pm
Good points. I have found it profitable and rewarding to speak and think in the affirmative as much as possible. For example,
- I avoid putting others down; it's a reminder not to put myself down, through negative self-talk.
- If I need to correct someone or myself, I try to frame the statement is a positive way. For example, instead of saying "I don't agree with that," I'll find something in the statement to validate, then express additional thoughts. "You bring up an important issue.... Another angle on the solution might be ..."
- I reinforce affirmations with positive imagery, body language, and small actions."
- I use gradual progress to reinforce my wild wishes & expectations. Imagining myself pushup king (for my age) seems less ourlanding when I remind myself I did one more pushup this week than I did two weeks ago.

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