HEALTH: Well, you can't really eat a trend, but you can eat the results of this one -- for pleasure, better health, and a greener environment. Heirloom seed growing is catching on everywhere, in small organic farms, backyard gardens, and pots on apartment windowsills. 

Why heirloom? Aren't regular seeds good enough?  Both types yield tasty produce that nourishes the body and brightens our surroundings, but only heirloom seeds are reliably sustainable. Most commonly-used garden seeds are hybrids, lacking the ability to reproduce. They can grow plants, but they can't grow plants with seeds that can grow new plants. Would you marry a beautiful person you knew to be sterile? Maybe, but if you had beautiful children in mind, you might think twice.

To reap the full benefit of heirloom seeds, you need to save some of the seeds from some of your harvest and plant them for a new crop; and you need to repeat that cycle again and again. You save money on seeds, but there's a bigger benefit. The seeds may get better and better. When you buy your original batch of seeds, not all of them will germinate, and the plants that survive will be the ones that find your particular soil and climate favorable. The seeds you "harvest" will be somewhat different from the seeds you bought, and the difference may increase with each growing cycle.

Heirloom seed growing is far from "heriloom."  It's ongoing, automatic, leading-edge innovation at the cellular level, natural biotechnology that the best labs would be hard pressed to match.

You can get heirloom seeds from Peaceful Valley at Video:

For more information on organic and heirloom seeds, see this Peaceful Valley blog post.

Another good source of heirloom seeds is Pennsylvania-based Heirloom Seeds:

Wikipedia article: Heirloom plant.

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