A Plan for Sustainable Energy with Today's Technology!

SCIENCE: Energy-related economic, security, and environmental threats are intensifying the national conversation about how to regain energy leadership and competitiveness, restore jobs and prosperity, and build a secure and climate-safe energy system.

Yet America lacks a comprehensive vision of how a market economy can achieve these transformational goals. A plan for changing that has been advanced by Amory B. Lovins, Cofounder, Chairman and Chief Scientist of Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI):

RMI has that vision, and is now building its detailed roadmap, which they call Reinventing Fire™. This strategy brings together RMI's 28 years of innovation and engages the world in an ambitious but eminently achievable project: using whole-system thinking and integrative design to move the U.S. off fossil fuels by 2050 -- and other nations toward similar goals -- led by business for profit.

Three key features of the plan are –

* Heavy reliance on sensible design changes that can greatly cut energy requirements in factories, office buildings, homes, cars, and public transportation systems.

* A synergistic mix of green energy technologies combined with affordable transition away from polluting fossil fuels.

* No need for science breakthroughs. The goals can be accomplished entirely with existing knowledge; leading-edge developments would be welcome, though, and make the prospects even brighter.

If acted upon aggressively, the plan could --

  • create millions of jobs,
  • add billions to corporate profits,
  • reduce deficit spending,
  • increase wealth for the middle class and rich alike, and
  • end reliance on fossil fuels by 2050.

Progress is already underway. High profile clients of RMI have included Walmart, Ford, and Pacific Gas & Electric, as well as the Pentagon and White House.

Book by Lovins: Reinventing Fire

Wikipedia articles: Reinventing Fire | Rocky Mountain Institute 

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