Anatomy of inner Spirit or Ankh model of chakras system.

Anatomy of inner Spirit. Step 2

Formation process of structure of chakras system is similar to process of a crystal growth.
New elements are established on the previous model, in the form of a layer of spheres from amber, corals, turquoise, quartz, color glass, pearls, ceramics, onyx, malachite, nephrite, amethyst, and azurite. Some elements are made from metals: aluminum, copper, brass, iron, zinc, or cupronickel.

A new layer of elements give new properties of a design.
It is possible to see the beginning of process of formation of new chakras: on the top part of a design, on the bottom part of a design and two new chakras, which represent the chakras of the hands. Shapes of chakras are similar to shape pyramid and spiritual symbols of the Tantra.

This process of growth chakras system is continue. Anatomy of inner Spirit. Step 3

Anatomy of inner Spirit. Step 1

Book: ISBN 978-5-9684-0918-8

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