by Cmdr.Lyur, Author, Speaker.
Update Fall 2008
There are more and more signs coming that the big transition is at hand on all levels.
Read the article " Transition from Fourth To Fifth World" with my foreword, posted on the web.
A congressman told this year (to the US chamber) that basically the economy will be "crashed" soon, this worldwide. If so this is related to the plans of the Galactic Federation of Darkness and their allies on Earth. It is again paramount (yes Star Trek) to be connected with the real Starfleet and Federation of Planets. Know who you are and whom you belong to. It is major also to increase the personal protection overall since the low hierarchies of the other Federation are going to try to get as much slaves as possible. How do they proceed ? It is easy by using New Agers that believe in everything and fairy tale messages from St Germain and other "big" beings out there. First most if not all messages of today's channelings are fakes or from con artists. Second they are a trap to try to get Lightworkers and even Starseeds and Star People and have them give away their power and submission. The "Nes---a" scheme is an easy mouse-trap, in order to receive that great money you will have to give your hands to handcuffs, basically (new universal banking card 'id" and such). Doing so you will also sell your soul and become a slave bound for the 4th and 3rd dimensional planets in a parralel mirror universe (see Star Trek again) looking very much like the hell created by the Christian Church. The public announcements on British and US TVs on the existence of extraterrestrials is related to this plan unfolding.
As my colleague speakers and myself said in the big International UFO congresses of the 90's, the first public aknowledgment will be on the aliens of the Galactic Federation of Darkness, presented as "our friends from space" exactly like in the excellent TV series "V". This global event will be related also to the installment of the "New Universal Religion" that was called by the previous pope before his transition. All of it organized in a kind of big bro miracle society, read again the basic books (Orwell, Aldous Huxley's Brave New World - watch the movie featuring Leonard Nimoy "Spock" - and the best book in this prophetic vein : This Perfect Day by Ira Levin) We say it again and again : all channelings and exposure projects about public first contact are related to the Galactic Federation of Darkness, absolutely not to our Confederation of Light. We have done our contacts with the people in the 50's, 60's and 70's, while being rebuffed by all leaders on Earth in the same period who decided to make deals instead with the negative aliens. There will NOT be any other attempts for public contacts, whatever with the leaders, nor for huge shows of ships over cities with public coverage, from our Galactic Confederation of Light. Nothing has to be expected from such events which will serve ONLY the "big bro" society to unfold, and give a pretext for the world leaders to announce their past "contacts with our ancestors friends from space". Our ships will contact our starseeds and star people crews, and this in a very discrete manner, on special sacred and sanctuary areas outside of cities and populated areas, with NO public notice, even "New Age" the latter being now controled at 95% by the Federation of Darkness and their allies on Earth.

How then to contact the good extraterrestrials ? First they do decide of any contact, not you.
Second you have to know your galactic heritage, a kind of "soul DNA" because of the universal law that extraterrestrials can contact only their own on any given class M planet. By knowing who you really are from that heritage and past lives in outer space, you will send out an awaken continuous beacon to the ships that you are ready for contact and to move into the 5th dimension.
How to know who you are ? Read my article below.
Read also my article below "Personal Protection", it is imperative to work on a steady protection, the "new age positive thinking stuff" is insufficient, and the "white light being highest frequency" is a fraude. People on the path to ascension and transition into the new universe need much more as protection.
Golden Love and Light
Am I a Star People ?
by Cmdr. Lyur, Author, International Speaker,
list of news to receive infos :

First of all there is an useful concept to grasp inside your own perception of reality. We are talking about the reincarnation belief system, which is a reality for more than half of this planet today, almost the whole eastern part, not counting a good percentage of Americans and Europeans ..
The East has kept intact this knowledge, while the West got a wild brain washing by the official churches in order to eradicate this reality and have more control on their sheep..
So then "many lives you have lived" as would say Master Yoda…

Now the difference between a "Star People" (a being who came from the Stars) and a "Children of the Earth" is simple. A Children of the Earth is a being spiritually awaken and that awakening being performed along many lives spent down here on Earth., since the beginning of the "Earth experiment". Besides thousands of lives upon this planet, such being usually had only a handful of lives on other planets, just to give a taste, so to speak. Usually a Children of the Earth has no or little memories of "other worlds" and is not interested in out of space stories.
Now pertaining to the origin of all souls down here, I do agree that we all are "Starseeds", all came from the universe as seeds on the planet Earth experiment, at the very beginning.

A Star People is quite the opposite of a Child of the Earth. Very few lives on Earth, ten or twenty, and all the rest spent in countless planets, star systems, in many missions for Starfleet…Engage !
Usually the Star People likes to say that he/she has been "parachuted" down here - without parachute - inside a hostile environment of looking crazy Earthlings. Never will the Star People understand how these people live and act, even in love. A Star People will fall in love immediately with the natural beauty of this here planet, trying to protect her from the "locals" who just destroy her. Animals come very easy to him/her, and the Star People would be just happy with nature, animals, and a TV on which to watch all Sci-Fi stuff, being nuts with Star Trek… Sounds familiar ?..

Often enough the Star People will repeat all around that his/her parents are not "the true parents". And being in a kind of permanent "out of the body" state or "natural meditation", he/she will never find exactly funny to cramp the legs in lotus position for hours in order to start to meditate… Star People girls also often got in trouble in relationships because they attracts males like honey attracts bears, with this incredible magnetic field radiating around, as well as a sensuality out of the norm…The only safe way is another Star people man, with which everything will fit OK.

You may also very well carry the energy of the Saturn Command as an extra "complementary" little touch to bear, on top of your other capabilities, missions etc…Star people with that energy use to blow the fuses of people and equipment all over the place, make any less-than-light frequency pop-up for eventual cleaning and recycling, in anything and anybody, including in relationships. So Saturn Command star people are not exactly the most popular type among humans here, and have" quite a hard time to find their kin. I know better, I'm one.
I have kept the word "Star People" to go back to basics. It is pretty much time to do so. That word was used first by Francie and Brad Steiger in the book
"Star People" (still worthy to get in used bookstores).
You also can find a triggering guide line with my galactic readings, see end of article.

Here is a short figure about the Star People population, according to our computers in Starfleet. As soon the naughty boys from Earth invented atomic bombs, a wave of volunteers from Starfleet was rushed into the planet - birthing process - and between 2 to 3 millions were born in the 40s,50s, 60s, and disseminated all over the planet.
Another huge wave started in 1975, we are talking about around 150 millions as of today, but still going on. And a number of children born since the mid 90s arrive here totally conscious and need not to be "awaken". Their 3rd Eye is open at birth, their multi-dimensional senses fully operational. They will become very early instructors for many including their "parents". They know who they are and why they are here.

The following channeling is from …1982 !, but applies for right now when sanctuaries start to form for the last gatherings of the crews :
(note : the word "Christed" meaning "on the path to Christhood" is totally different and almost opposite to the word "Christian")
"The Star children will be called the Christed Children because they carry the same knowledge and vibration of Jesus/Sananda. Your communities will be their support; like the Essenian school was the support for Jesus. Do not let these children be 'recorded" by the current ruling. It is also imperative that they will not have inoculation of vaccines or other drugs since their vibration do not permit to bear it. It will be the same for you later, and is already so for many. Keep well the responsibility of these children placed in your hands, they will lead the Golden Age that you have open. Many Star children have used parents only as vehicles. Many families who welcomed them have not in their destiny to remain in physical bodies during the transition and Earth changes. Many families will be torn apart. These Star children will arrive alone in your communities in very strange ways. You also know that you are to work with children that you do not know yet. When you possess the freedom that comes with spiritual understanding, you realize that you are free souls with responsibility only to your divine self. So many husbands and wives will leave abruptly to join others and start new families for the transition of the planet. Do not be afraid of love, for love is your true nature. Expressing your very nature is to love without fear, and love all of life. Naturally you will function better in monogamic relationships. Over all keep your divine integrity and all your relations will be polarized and blessed. When a relationship is polarized and blessed by the divine self (not by a priest), then the union is made on the eyes of God. When integrating these high principles, your will then receive true happiness and joy in you and all your relations."
Commander Lytton, Intergalactic Fleet . Channel Lyuri Hardishek (USA)
Another important piece below to read :
"Starseeds Children
By Sue Ellen Malone, channel (USA)

No doubt you have recognized a distinct change in the behavior of children born in the two last decades. (since mid 70s). Many of them seem to have little regard for the established educational process. Quite simply, they are supremely bored. Often these children do not do well in school. Their minds are elsewhere (quite literally). They have little patience, refuse to do mindless rote activities, many are hyperactive, and some totally disobedient ! In short our system does not fit their needs. There are advanced neurological receptors present in the genetic structure of the starseed children. These "hook-up" receivers bring advanced data conversion. They simply are not content with running their cylinders on mega-slow speed so to speak. It is the reconnection of these structures that will be facilitated through the Academies of Light. (new communities built with the help of the Fleet).

As the Starseeds are awakened, they will gather together the young ones in schools /Academies of light, where the living energies of light language will be transmitted and received. These encodings will take place through the creative energies of movement, sound and light. As the Star children bring the energies through their cerebral cortex into the spinal cord and nervous system, their DNA structures will be altered allowing them to receive further instruction encodings directly.
If there is a young starseed in your sphere of influence, you might consider sending conscious telepathic signals of recognition to them. The Bach Rescue Remedy has proven to be successful in calming the emotional bodies of these brilliant children. It may be as, if not more, effective on the frazzled nerves of the parents !

Once the Starseed children are reconnected and protected from the stifling energies of our third dimensional reality, they can enjoy themselves again. However in the meanwhile, they have "Joy Guides" that sing flashes of tunes which are, of course, coded messages from the universal light languages. They stimulate their playful imaginations, and prompt expressions of the light language through the creative talents in music and art."
by Sue Ellen Malone (USA)

The children born since 1975 are to be the future leaders and operators in the oncoming evacuation/ascension procedures, as well as leaders in the new Starfleet. These Star People are here for the first time, never been incarnated on Earth before.
The "birthing" procedure was the only valid one to help the humanity of this planet without breaking the Prime Directive from Starfleet - which really exists, of course - : law of non interference in the development of class M planets.

I will explain in further articles the various aspects of being a star people regarding ascension procedures compared to the children of the sun. By now let’s just say that it is important at this time to know if you are a star people. Our crew members who have received my Galactic Readings report that it helped them tremendously to trigger their galactic memories and give a new direction in their lives and new way of being awakened.
Information below.
More to come
Golden Love and Light
Cmdr. Lyur, International Speaker, Writer
list of news to receive infos :
Star people ! Valid all year round : from this moment on all requests of my readings will receive a free "virgin untouched" Galactic Crystal from the new US stargate/crystal portal/vortex.
Cmdr.Lyur/Jean Michel had the privilege during a UFO close encounter, to have an interlink connection installed in his body/mind by the Space Brothers of the Program from Jesus/Sananda. Since that time he is permanently hooked-up with the Star Lightships "Crystal Bell", "Light", and "Janus", which are "anchoring Golden Light Christ Consciousness Ships" from the Inter-dimensional, Intergalactic Fleet. Another name for such Starships is 'Merkabahs'. Today for the first time, Commander Lyur is offering the "Golden Starquest" readings. You will discover your Galactic lineage, your transit planet of arrival in this solar system, your special abilities, your specific connections with the Ships, your personal mission on Earth, your mission within Starfleet (that you agreed upon before being incarnated here), and even your choice of future missions in this local and new future universe. This is a "mail order operation", in which Commander Lyur will hook-up for you under the guidance of the finest commanders in the Fleet above.
This is a totally new offering that Cdr. Lyur was asked to provide in the U.S. and worldwide. You will receive by mail 10 to 12 pages of personal guidance that will help you understand and fulfill your embodiment on Earth and your commitment with Starfleet and the spiritual galactic hierarchy from this local universe. I have to shift now from the introductory fee that I have kept in the last 6 years to the normal fee for my Galactic Readings, which is 170 US $. It is still a very valuable offer which has helped star people to receive a lot of information and to trigger their galactic memories.
I just need your name (name of birth), postal address, handwritten letter, and a check in US $. Foreign checks with your local money equivalent are welcome as long as they are written in English. ("Bank checks" in US $ are better, no 'Postal checks', Canadian checks please add 10 US $ for bank charges or use USPS money order, the latter also available all over the planet. Order to the name of Jean Michel Surmely and send to: Jean Michel, P.O. Box 1524 Mena, AR, 71953 U.S.A. You can also use a Credit Card and Paypal. Go to and send to I receive immediately a notice from Paypal. In such case you just need to send me a picture of yourself by email to get your frequency for the guidance from my ships . You can also clic on the Credit Card logo in our websites below. Golden Love Captain Lyur

My Galactic Reading are composed of two parts :


1. Your actual Body/Mind components within this time/space frame
2. Current environmental energies within/without you at the time of this reading
3. Message for this life time
4. Suggested proceedings to manifest your reality
5. Projected manifestation when you will incorporate this guidance in your energy fields

1. Your E.T. lineage before you came in this local quadrant
2. The planet on which you made a transit in this solar system (stepping-down procedures) before you took embodiment as a ground personel volunter upon planet Earth.Your work within the Fleet when you were there. Note : there is no kind of astrology used for the whole readings.
3. Your connection with the ships of the Intergalactic/Interdimensional Fleet. Your special abilities within Starfleet.
4. Guidance for your current mission on Earth.
5. Your universal and future mission(s) in the New Universe.

Each number represents one page of readings. I only do the reading by mail or at a separate time because the proper time is set up by my contacts and I need to be in my own space for this. No individual sessions.
Readings by Cdr. Lyur, Starship 'Light#2', Golden Light Division, Ashtar Command, Intergalactic-Interdimensional Fleet
Thank you for your order and support, may the Love/Light of our Radiant One be with you always.
email :
Galactic Crystals : unusual crystals with a lot of extraordinary formations and hundreds of tiny pyramids carved on them, this naturally by Mother Earth and being downloaded information from the space brothers and high dimensional beings at an unknown date. In the 90’s, space brothers have also been seen removing crystals from Earth, doing special procedures on them, and releasing them back to Earth. Those are "galactic archives" and languages of light destined to be used to trigger galactic memories and special multidimensional abilities in the star people and starseeds incarnated on Earth. Warning : the use is to put those carvings on the 3rd eye in order to download the datas. But this can be done only by the “vanguard” of the star people otherwise it could blow up the 3rd eye. I have never seen those before, and do not know if others have dig those, but I feel privileged that they came to me. It is probably the time for them to come out of Mother Earth now, to connect with the 5th dimension.
** Personal Protection Level One
by Cmdr.Lyur
On the radio show “Out of Time” (available soon by me on CD Audio) I have pointed out again to the current situation of the planet immersed now in the 4th dimensional frequency band.
Since recent times I have received continuous reports from many Lightworkers and star people
suffering sharp vicious attacks from the dark side directed more than before on the personal level.
Thus I am writing a series of messages focused only on PROTECTION.
In a nutshell :
 Earth changes are on the increase and will start really to rock hard by next spring. It is not for nothing that the Elders of all Native American tribes have told their people to leave big cities, coastal areas, and be on higher ground with their food and water ready by the spring of 2006. People of same mind getting together will form frequency pockets of higher energy helping to be protected and this way helping more the shifting of the worlds. When your frequency is “polarized” you are in tune with Mother Earth and thus also protected from natural changes.
 Higher energies send by the center of the local universe are pouring in, bursting our local sun and creating friction in all dimensional bands. Purpose is to shift the universe into a new one, where 3rd and 4th dimensional energies, worlds and beings will no longer exist. As a result, forces and beings in control of these 3D and 4D bands are fighting their last battle to keep their dominion, or in other words, to take their dominion with them in a parallel universe. (a good number of New Agers are actually falling for them)
 This planet currently in full gear in the 4th dimensional band is having a side effect that the dominion of low hierarchies, lesser gods and non-benevolent aliens have full access and powers on it’s inhabitants. Contrary to the pinky New Age cheers about the 4th dimension, it is not great at all, only a transit that should be traversed as quick as possible, as we do in so-called “etheric travel” at night. A huge problem is that the astral coronas around the Earth and the Moon (this was very well explained by Ashtar in the early 90’s) are today packed with all disincarnate souls who do not have the 5D frequency to move into the new universe and are NOT authorized anymore to reincarnate on Earth or anywhere in the current local universe until completion of the new one. Those souls are NOT evolved and are trying to interfere with as much as living humans as possible, INCLUDING the new age people, channels and so forth. No need to explain further you see the picture. Even the official churches are saying that since 10 years or so there have never been as much “entities possession” as anytime before and do not have enough “exorcists” at hand to do their usual practices.
 As a result of all the above, interferences and attacks on people of light, star people and starseeds have never been so numerous and so pushy. Besides broad energies of doubts, division, anger etc…, personal attacks are on the increase, to try to neutralize the remaining (quite small) of real Lightwork done on Earth.

To respond to the question of readers and listeners to know if the usual techniques of spiritual protection at this time are sufficient, the response is : No, they were in the past, but not anymore at this time. It does not matter the “sender” whoever they are beings, energies, thought forms, frequency pollution, it is all the same.
It is necessary today for people of Light and star beings on Earth to have a PHYSICAL protection as complement to the spiritual ones. The 3D tools such a radionics are not the best because they usually “send back directly to sender”. In the current situation, these “senders” become then more enraged and increase their efforts. The “war of magicians, white and black” is continuous and a “no win”.
To use the New Age motto : “send back only Love and Light” does not work either anymore, it just pleases the forces opposed to the shifting of the worlds to see “sheep” in front of them. It really seems that the New Age of today has forgotten 70/80’s words such as “Rainbow Warriors”.

Along the years I have experimented several tools, with various levels of success.
I find today an absolute necessity to have personal PHYSICAL shields. There was no coincidence that in the past kings, pharaohs, prophets such as Moses and Aaron, were wearing at all times very heavy breastplates to deflect numerous attacks and interferences on them, and shields around their palaces/temples as well.
I would classify the physical tools of protection, complementary to the spiritual ones, as this :
- Level 1 : Personal portable Shield, that you wear on yourself, preferably at all times.
- Level 2 : Personal Shield inside the home
- Level 3 : Shield Ring around the home
These 3 Levels would be normally necessary to have altogether.

Level One physical protection
This is the most urgent to have and the first one, but the rest is also necessary.
I have studied and experimented a number of “personal shields”; The usual ones “made on Earth” are of ancient technology, outdated for our times, and not much efficient unless you get yourself the impressive breastplates of the Pharaohs and others, loaded with gems. Not exactly discrete and quite expensive. Esoteric and occult shields have the inconvenient to have a questionable origin since linked to all “gods and masters” of Egypt, Sumeria, Mesopotamia, who were, conversely, “sub-gods of low hierarchies”, reptilians and the like.
The personal shield I found the most effective was of extraterrestrial technology, developed by a colleague speaker of mine in International UFO congresses.
I did use that shield for years and one time I gave it to a person seemingly in dire needs of it (mistake). I had none of it for a long time, and I just found the source again. It is important that our ground crews and children of Light linked to the “Golden Light Program” have such shield.
Therefore I decided to make it again available at this time.
With it I had extraordinary results, non only for a great protection but also for increased energy, or better finding “one’s normal energy back” Here are a few unmistakable examples :
I always had losses of energies in big stores, due to mix of auras, deadly lighting system, thought-forms etc… As soon as I had the Medallion on, pendant on the solar plexus, all nuisances were gone immediately, I was feeling in these stores as well as “at home”. Another : in my lectures, there were the regular “energy zappers” that all speakers know very well, resulting in quite an energy loss. The very first time I got the Medallion in such events, I put it under the skirt, as experiment, nobody would see it. A friend healer, always present in these meetings, came to hug me and stopped cold 5 feet (1 meter 50) from me and said : “what is happening, it is like there is a barrier between us ! It is impossible to approach you.” Upon seeing the hidden Medallion, she understood at once. Each and every time in meetings, I was then totally protected, with no energy loss of any kind. Another potent example :
At a time the Fleet asked me to activate a vortex and base of theirs in Norway, in the mountains.
The area was huge, and to perform the Gridwork we had to cover large distances on cross-country skis, which was quite hard on the body, combined with the cold. We had to make often pauses to recover. The first time I had the Medallion (again under the ski gear) I felt no fatigue whatsoever running on front of the group unable to follow, and this for hours. As a test, I did remove the Medallion and put it in the rucksack, and again I was like the others, a kind of turtle on skis. Medallion on again, it was Rabbit running wild. Many other experiences with the Medallion brought similar results, in all departments, including personal assertiveness in any situation, even non spiritual and professional ones. It will also naturally keep at bay astral entities and non-benevolent aliens (at night just find a way that the Medallion stay on solar plexus)
Only “unwanted” side effect, eventually, do not wear it with an intimate partner, see the story of the healer/lady friend above !! Unless you wish to divorce !!!
As of today I am then making that Extraterrestrial Medallion available again. It is a pendant like, looking like a miniature of the radio-astronomy dishes, with a similar receptor as well. It is worn around the neck the shield itself falling between the solar plexus and the “love-spot” area (heart chakra) These two areas are extremely vulnerable to any interferences, attacks, frequencies pollution, direct targeting by technologies or forces, stress, traumas, violent emotions, you name it all. The star people are particularly sensitive to all these. The Medallion itself is covered by hundreds of tiny pyramids, much like my Galactic Crystals. These pyramids are sending back (to the universe for recycling) all unwanted energies and frequencies, ELF, EMF, attacks on people of Light, auras from other persons, thought-forms, mental conditioning patterns, programming from the dominion, etc… The receptor on top of the Medallion is collecting all energies that could be re-polarized, turn them into positive and send them thru a small hole into the solar plexus and body energy fields and chakra system. This explains why the person wearing it will feel it’s power and energy back at optimum level. The center of the receptor has a specific color, the color that you need at this time in your fields and body. Similar to the color “Rays” that enter the chakras.
That color will be the one you are in lack at the moment, or the color you need to develop. I have seen that we may “change” that color over the years, depending on changes in consciousness, level of Lightbody etc…
It is necessary to select the color beneficial for you at this time, thus I propose to find it under guidance from my ships contacts. All is needed is a photo or handwriting.
The Medallion itself is extremely pretty and decorative, a real jewel. Naturally one can wear it openly, there will be questions from friends ! It has the same efficiency under or on top of the clothes. A number of “stars” in the music and entertainment industry are wearing that very medallion, they know about loss of energy don’t they…(and many are star people)
The suggestion is to get that Medallion as quickly as possible, no one knows when communications on the ground may be impaired by Earth changes and other events.

Price : 197 US $ this includes shipping and handling as well as the search under guidance for your specific color. Order to : Jean M. Surmely, P.O. Box 1524, Mena, Arkansas 71953 U.S.A.
(Canadians please use Canadian Postal Money Order or check of Royal Bank of Canada)
Outside the US please request a Bank check from your bank drawn on a New York bank.
Europeans, you can send a regular check in Euros, in that case : 188 Euros.
The most secure and quick way to order is to use a Credit Card and Paypal. Go to and send to I receive immediately a notice from Paypal. In such case you just need to send me a picture by email for the search of color.
You can also clic on the Credit Card logo in our websites below.

In Personal Protection Level Two, we will speak next of Physical Shields inside the home.
Golden Love
Captain Lyur
See below a number of our star people in Hollywood are wearing the Protection Medallion, see here actress
Xenia Seeberg from the sci-fi show “LEXX”.

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