Falls can hurt or maim, but there’s a RIGHT way to fall … and come back strong

The New York Times. Image: Kathy Osborn

Rare is the individual who hasn’t tripped over a pet or uneven pavement, tumbled off a bike, slipped on ice or maybe wiped out skiing or skating.

Some get injured, while others go unhurt — often claiming it’s because they knew how to fall.

According to paratroopers, stunt professionals, physical therapists and martial arts instructors, there is indeed a “right way” to fall — and it can save you a lot of grief … [More from the New York Times]

A key is not fighting the fall but rolling with it, as little children and paratroopers do. See the Times piece for invaluable tips.

>> The takeaway: There’s an art to staying healthy, fit, and safe. Mastering it beats invoking your health insurance … or prematurely claiming long-term care benefits.

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