Memory Trick Boosts Recall, Part of Mind-Enhancement Trend

MIND: Intentionality is coming to the fore to sharpen everything from visual perception to creativity.Our minds may be changing into meta-minds that not only think or create or remember, but first think how to think or create or remember, thereby magnifying performance. 

The common approach, in all facets of mind, is to invoke a mental model that calls forth latent abilities. With memory, for example, many people dazzle others by quickly memorizing the names of everyone in a crowded room, lists of objects or numbers, or the order of playing cards in a shuffled deck. They're not just born with good memories; they use mental models or "memory maps" to enhance their skills.

Science writer Joshua Foer shows how this can be done using a device called the "memory palace." The technique can be learned by anyone is just a few minutes. Lots of practice, though, is required to maximize perforance.

Washington Post review of Joshua Foer's book on memory: Moonwalking with Einstein.

If you really want a better memory, over the span of your lifetime, the full suite of enablers includes diet, exercise, stress management, and psychopharmacology as well as cognitive training and mental exercises.

Wikipedia: Memory improvement.

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