The Ballot Initiative Industry is a clandestine business. Not much is known about the Initiative Contractors, Coordinators and Circulators that make it their living to qualify petitions for the ballot. More and more petition circulators are coming forward with real accounts of crocked coordinators that make it their living to undermine democracy, disenfranchising circulators and initiative proponents, so they can get rich off of others hard earned money.
Many Coordinators are absolute crooks that undermine the democratic process for their own means, at the expense of others. Look at the following example of Mark Jacoby of Y.P.M. who knowingly broke election code in the summer of Arizona 2008 by having his sub-coordinators, sign the backs of petitions they did not collect to make it easier for him to keep track or pay checks he owed to people. When witnesses came forward to the secretary of state, five initiatives where kicked off the ballot. This cost proponents millions of dollars. Mark in turn decided not to pay his workers and was reported being seen driving around Tempe Arizona in his brand new BMW.
Initiative Coordinators Earn approximately $2-$12 for every signature they turn into the state by initiative proponents, often earning hundreds of thousands a collection cycle that can last 2 to 3 months. They pay their circulators $1 a signature and often will work on 3 or 4 petitions at a time. Mark Jacoby has said that he is worth over $5,000,000.00. He has been in this industry as a top contract holder well on since 2000. Initiatives backed by wealth proponents are sure to be paying huge sums of money to these crook coordinators. The Pay Day Loan initiative was said by Andrew Chaves of Petition Partners to pay out $5 a signature.
This 25 year old, ex crystal meth fiend Mark Jacoby is worth 5 million dollars from just 8 years in this industry. Imagine how much money is available in just your state alone for ballot initiatives. Proponents go through hoops trying to come up with the money to fulfill one of these big players’ contract agreements.
There is so much money at stake; these coordinators are ruthless in their tactics in getting a contract agreement. Jenny Breslin of J.S.M. was reported to have slandered an all Black petitioning firm to the point where they were denied the right to meet with initiative proponents because. Several lesser qualified coordinators where given contracts which now leads to a civil rights case between Jenny and the all black professional coordination firm.
Jenny is well known nationwide by circulators to be a crook. She has dominated the industry by using her experience as leverage, and bad mouthing competitors, for over 30 years. Often leaving town before a final check is cut, it is estimated that tens of thousands of individuals where ripped off by these national con artists. People that needed money to put food on their families tables where denied their final paychecks they worked tirelessly to earn. We are talking about people that are independent contractors, working 60 -80 hours a week, who are just left in the dust and Jenny retreats to her ranch in Florida.
More often than not, petition coordinators share contracts and collude with each other to rip off petition circulators, they play games with “validity” that often lead to short checks and they will trade circulators among each other. When a circulator is owed money, a common response is: “I haven’t been paid yet, when I am paid, I will pay you out.” Often this game is played for months on end. Coordinators ignore phone calls and often never pay. Lawsuits are rarely filed because of the lack of ability for the legal system to prosecute someone based money owed for this type of independent contracting. Many of the victims are the poorest people, living on welfare, homeless or struggling just to get by, paying for court procedures is often out of the question.
Mark Jacoby of Y.P.M. is being investigated for voter fraud. Beyond the facts present, there are hundreds of pending cases involving petition circulators who were not paid for their work. If you have any information regarding fraud by any petition coordinator who does not pay their workers, please contact GEA today with a brief explanation of what happened and your contact information. We are attempting to create nationwide federal cases against these coordinators to put them out of business for ripping of their contractors and keeping professional qualified people from participating in this billion dollar industry. Many incidents are not being reported and this must change. G.E.A. has a goal of re-designing how the ballot initiative industry operates so everyone can take part in earning a portion of the income generated by this industry. No longer will greedy capitalists dominate OUR democratic process. GEA relies on YOUR help in raising awareness about this industry and how we are redesigning it be run by ordinary citizens.
The Ballot Initiative Industry is not supposed to be run by criminals; it is supposed to be run by “we the people”!
One day initiatives will be completely citizen created and qualified. The Ballot Initiative Network has reached its event horizon, with numbers that exceed ballot access requirements and we will have a chance to protect our liberties, freedoms and ensure justice. We hope to serve as a resource for proponents who need coordinators who have a good reputation in the industry.
There are many good coordinators in the ballot initiative industry, GEA encourages them integrate with our philosophy and join our cause.


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