The subtle energy of Healing hands

Ways of movement of energy rays in a body and places of their exit are known in the literature of energy medicine and Polarity therapy (Randolph Stone N.D.,).

New data show the subtle energy rays of healing pyramids.

Subtle energy rays of the body & healing pyramids

Each such ray (a component of energy chi, prana) is designated by letters or color. A letter and color designation of these rays the such: A - green, Д - red, Ro - silvery, - yellow, SS - dark blue, π - violet, correspond to a six-end star, and the seventh beam go out from the centre of a star and is designated a letter Т - orange.

These rays (beams of energy) are available not only in pyramids. They are components of energy (chi), which consist from energy of YIN - YANG. These kinds of energy play the important role in formation and functioning of the autonomic nervous system (ATS) and a subtle energy field (a spirit substance - energy of chakras system) of the person. These rays pass on through all body and go outside from fingers of hands and feet. They pass through all the non-material energy centers - chakras, they pass through all subtle body (spirit, aura) of the person. However on a number of the reasons, probably from a dirt congestions, (or energy stoppers) the way of their movement can change or to interrupt.

Grouping rays is shown in the Seal of Solomon, (Star of David ) and looks as follows. Group of beams : A , Д , Ro, it is united by communications of one triangle and are energy of YANG, (man's type on the Chinese system). Feature of beams of this group that they pass through way of PINGALA (along the vertebral column).

Group of rays : , SS , π are united by other triangle and are the energy of YIN (female type). This group of beams pass through a corresponding ways of energy of IDA (along the vertebral column). At physical level, (Chinese) alternative medicine considers, that these of energy (YIN, YANG, channels) supervise and provide with energy to the autonomic (vegetative) nervous system.

The nervous system operates physiological processes at the person, regulating ability of a live processes. One of such Functions - raising (sympathetic department of nervous system, energy YANG), and another operates braking processes (parasympathetic department of nervous system, energy YIN).

For normal functioning physiological systems the person both these functions should be balanced. In the Chinese medicine these of energy concern energy Chi (kundalini). In India it is a prana and to process energy balancing a lot of attention is given in the Chinese medicine and Polarity therapy.

Star drawing represents the most convenient way of graphic representation of balance of subtle energy kinds for the person and for a pyramid.

Healing hands

Rays of energy go outside from fingers of hands:

Energy rays of body

On a photo are shown what color of energy that must go out from your fingers.
When I have obtained these data, it has appeared that they mismatch that photo. It’s must make the diagnosis and healing pathway of energy.

Balance Rays of the subtle energy

Balance all Body Rays & Rays of healing pyramid may be presented in the drawing known, as Solomon's Seal, or Star of David. It is the six-end star are formed from two triangles.

subtle energy rays


Healing pyramids of Atlantis

Energy rays of body & pyramids

Healing chakras above the head

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