Using the Ballot Inititive Process , take it back for the people!

How to fight back, How to say no to chips, How to keep your guns, How to protect national Sovereignty, Block the NAU, End the IRS, End the FED, Unite America for 100% renewable energy, create a GREEN economy and more!!!

24 of our 50 states allow for citizens to put initiatives on the ballot for any constitutional amendment you can imagine. Recall procedures hold our representatives accountable nationwide. We need people to unite to hold our own ballot access process for ourselves and to protect it.

Liberal vs. Conservative is a game that is about up!

Join for unified solutions that help all people. Put it on the ballot! Organize a permanent ballot access network in your state with GOD SPEED.

go to to see this vision. Your input is appreciated, venture capital is needed. Lets launch this revolution NOW!

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