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At 9:11am on December 11, 2009, ashok said…
r u thtre
At 9:11am on December 11, 2009, ashok said…
hi........... how r u???????????/
At 6:02pm on November 15, 2009, Maryanne Raphael said…
Dear Rene, Looking at the dates. tHIS IS LOVELY BUT CONFUSING. Today is Nov 15, 2009
\All of these dates come together Time is relative Love Maryanne
At 5:59pm on November 15, 2009, Maryanne Raphael said…
Rene I love you and miss you so much. Long time no word from you. I know you are busy doing wonderful projects as you always do I go on a book tour and Ohio holiday trip from Nov 18 to Jan 8 return to calif and in January book tour in Palm Springs.
Love always Happy 2010
At 6:17pm on January 24, 2009, Conscious Mind said…

"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." ~Albert Einstein~

Thank you Rene,
I'm sure this new year finds you in good spirits.
May it be Bliss.
At 10:47pm on January 20, 2009, Violet Rain said…
Greetings Rene. I know you left me a message in the summer of last year. I've been traveling and changing. So I apologize for not keeping in touch, Nevertheless, I thank you for inviting me to the other networking groups. I am also seeking to gain Reiki Mastership this year 2009. I feel moved to also study Karuna Reiki. Are you doing any seminars?
At 11:53pm on September 16, 2008, René Allen said…
Blessings Subhrodeb.

At 7:41am on September 10, 2008, René Allen said…
Will be back to respond to everyone!

Blessings ~
At 5:38am on August 3, 2008, Subhrodeb -the fair GOD said…
Let's collaborate to heal the world, please join my group PRANAYAM &YOGA and give some suggestions on how to make it better
At 5:09am on July 11, 2008, René Allen said…
Hi everyone!

I've responded to each message on your pages.

Blessings ~
At 1:53pm on June 30, 2008, Vishal Trivedi said…
working, busy, productive
At 12:28pm on June 30, 2008, Bhavesh Ahir said…
At 8:36am on June 29, 2008, Elizabeth Evans said…
Hi Rene:

This looks quite professional and I can't wait to find the time to actually get in and do some perusing. Mom fell at the Nursing Home yesterday afternoon and fractured her hip so my time is rather limited here right now. I will be back.
At 12:32pm on June 28, 2008, Maryanne Raphael said…
I am checking my email right now. Like yours mine is time consuming but always interesting and stimulating. Love maryanne
At 12:28pm on June 28, 2008, Maryanne Raphael said…
Thanks for telling me about this beautiful site.
Love Maryanne
At 9:56am on June 28, 2008, René Allen said…
At 9:04am on June 28, 2008, René Allen said…
Good Morning Superlife and Artistic Minds® Members!

I am happy to ANNOUNCE that Author Maryanne Raphael has JOINED our Superlife Network as well as my Co-Partner of our Dream Depths Gather Group.

Maryanne Raphael is the Author of "WHAT MOTHER TERESA TAUGHT ME".

And, now that Maryanne is here with us, her TRANSCRIPTS from her recent LIVE ON-LINE INTERVIEW and WORKSHOP will be added here in our connected Artistic Minds® and Artistic Therapeutics® Superlife Groups!

You'll find both the INTERVIEW and WORKSHOP TRANSCRIPTS fascinating ~ as Maryanne spent much up-close and personal time with Mother Teresa. Hear directly from Maryanne ~ What Mother Teresa taught her!

Look forward to reading the TRANSCRIPTS TODAY!

And do leave us your thoughts.

Blessings ~
At 8:47am on June 28, 2008, René Allen said…
You're welcome Walter. I look forward to learning more from you!

Blessings ~
At 7:40am on June 28, 2008, Walter said…

Rene -Thank you for joining the Power of Water group. I hope you find the information helpful.
At 7:44pm on June 27, 2008, René Allen said…
Hi Everyone!

This is a Message that I left in response to Dick's request. I thought I'd share it with everyone in here as well.


Hi Dick ~ I received your note. I'll post the links to the Transcripts of both the INTERVIEW and the WORKSHOP of Author Maryanne Raphael ~ Author of "WHAT MOTHER TERESA TAUGHT ME".

Author Maryanne Raphael

Author of the book ~ "WHAT MOTHER TERESA TAUGHT ME"

by Author Maryanne Raphael

It was a wonderful experience. . . .

The Interview lasted an hour, and the Workshop lasted an hour.

I think everyone will enjoy reading the Transcripts. Maryanne Raphael is a very interesting and wise woman. This was her FIRST-EVER ON-LINE LIVE INTERVIEW and WORKSHOP. She is the Author of many fascinating books, including "Along Came a Spider" ~ which takes an in-depth look at personal madness ~ mental illness.

Maryanne Raphael also wrote "Mother Teresa ~ Called to Love". She spent much time working with Mother Teresa, which made the INTERVIEW and WORKSHOP all the more fascinating. Maryanne's up-close and personal relationship was wonderfully relayed to us in little moments of wisdom and insight that Maryanne shared with us.

Mother Teresa ~ Called to Love
by Maryanne Raphael

Both the INTERVIEW of Maryanne Raphael and the WORKSHOP were conducted in my Dream Depths Gather Group. A Group where we discuss DREAMS, DREAM INTERPRETATIONS, do DREAM RESEARCH, conduct DREAM STUDIES, and Journal our DREAMS.

I'll put up the information this evening.

I've asked Dick to let me know how he enjoys the Transcript, and I'd appreciate feedback from everyone else here on the Site!

I'm looking forward to hearing everyone's thoughts!

Blessings ~

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