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At 10:10pm on August 19, 2008, Cosmostrologer said…
Yayy! What a suprise! It's so awesome to hear that you are on cloud nine.

Actually it's not a bun. It's a whole damn keg in my belly!

I send you waves of love, bliss, and happiness to occur in your life!
At 1:09am on June 19, 2008, adeel said…
i am job in information tech. in a multinational company
At 6:26am on June 18, 2008, adeel said…
hello rebecca taylor how are you
At 3:18pm on April 18, 2008, yogesh pawar said…
hi r u? i will love to b ur friend......
pls let me knw asap ......i wating for ur reply. bye take care
At 6:51pm on February 4, 2008, afreandforlife said…
i've done alote of massage for people you have been in car accidents, my main study have all ways been from a spiritual view, polarity therapy has been a big part, with st john studys on rebalincing the body and its poles,,
At 7:49pm on January 30, 2008, afreandforlife said…
cool page if you have any questions for me please feel free to ask, one massage therapist to another, till then much love to you
At 2:35pm on January 23, 2008, Crystal Rose said…
Hi, Rebecca! How are you? Haven't heard from you in a while. Pray you are well. Lots of Hugs.
At 8:56pm on January 14, 2008, Vishal Trivedi said…
Hi Rebe,
Where r u these days?? hope every thing is going fine in ur life. Any how just take care of ur self and talk to u later.
At 6:29pm on January 9, 2008, Cosmostrologer said…
indeed there is!
At 1:33pm on January 8, 2008, SuperLife said…
Hi, Rebecca! Welcome to SuperLife!

You're now part of a fast-growing, purpose-oriented social network that is taking life to the next level. Here you'll find fertile ground for having your say, realizing your potential, and extending your influence. Please --

* Make liberal use of your blog and the forum,
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* Participate in groups that match your interests and concerns,
* Network with fellow members to make good things happen,
* Invite colleagues and friends to join you on SuperLife.

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If you have ideas for improving SuperLife, please share them -- to make the site more attractive, user-friendly, and effective.
At 6:35pm on January 7, 2008, Vishal Trivedi said…
Well Rebe, my day is going pretty boring.....
As you would have also noticed that MONDAY and THURSDAY are very boring days of the week....what say??
I m still at my office....Anyhow talk to you later.
Just takecare of ur self.
At 4:04pm on January 7, 2008, Vishal Trivedi said…
Hi Rebe, How r u doing today....
And how was ur weekend??
At 10:57pm on January 5, 2008, Michael Murphy said…
WOW, nice words! I love your spirit.
At 9:58pm on January 5, 2008, Cosmostrologer said…
indeed. im super stoked on what the futre holds for our friendship. this may sound wierd... but i get the feeling ive met you before maybe in a past live or something. you just look so familiar and the aura you give off...idk it might be my imagination or it might be truth. but talking to you just seems too surreal for some reason. hope i dont creep you out haha. im just speaking the truth. alright time to jam with some buddies. take care!
At 1:06pm on January 5, 2008, Jay said…
Hi Rebecca,

I am software engineer working in Dallas.
Interested more in Mind , Spirit Topics. tell Me about you.

At 3:25am on January 5, 2008, Cosmostrologer said…
i hope all is well in your world and your life brings you all that you deserve! thanks for finding me. =] im very glad to have made friends with you.
At 8:13pm on January 4, 2008, Vishal Trivedi said…
Well Rebe', you are right OM is an HINDU religion word.
According to Hindu mythology OM is the power which rules the whole UNIVERSE...Shiva is known as biggest god according Hindu myth' OM is simply an alternative word for Lord Shiva.
OM still have such a power that if you are meditating and you have kept a background music of will fill the magic of this word.

Hey Rebe', keep writing and take care of your self.
At 12:43pm on January 4, 2008, james said…
At 8:05am on January 4, 2008, Kim said…
hello! nice to meet you in cyber space. brightest blessings!
At 2:32am on January 4, 2008, Crystal Rose said…
Hi, Rebecca! I invite you to become my friend. Come chat sometime on any subject at all. I would love to get to know you as a person. Lot of Hugs.

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