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At 9:09pm on July 13, 2008, Deborah J. Boyd said…
Carly, What started you thinking about the conspiracy? What was your first clue? Love, Debbie
At 1:33am on July 10, 2008, Cyndy said…
hello, how are you? hope life is good! cyndy/long beach, ca
At 5:38pm on March 17, 2008, David Beard said…
Many best wishes to you Carly.
Keep in touch.
David x
Film Music Composer
At 9:14pm on January 27, 2008, Silver Shaman said…
Carly, we have thoughts and fears that come from many past events, past life events and even soul fragmentations from others we have been close to. There are many reasons and too many to list however; the main reason we do this is we don't know how to start our own healing process of releasement and clearing our mind, body and soul to become enlightened and free. Often we are not able to focus on anything for even just a few minutes. Clearing of the Chakras. We are blocked I usually start by recommending the Golden Keys to healing.
This alloys you to meditate and concentrate on generating a good flow of energy through your energy body and raise your vibrations higher and higher. This puts you into a place to connect with the sources of information we need to know what we are here for and what our purpose is.
This may be and Idea for you.
At 10:02am on January 27, 2008, Silver Shaman said…
Carly , that is exciting, do you have any particular topic in particulart that you would like to begin with. I am open as always there is no topic I am not willing to discuss.
It is my wish for you to have a wonderful day and filling with new ideas and happiness
At 1:33am on January 21, 2008, Silver Shaman said…
Hi Carly, thank you for the invite. Let me know if I can help you with anything in the line of healing, or meditational sharing, I work in various modalities. You are also welcome to see more about me at my space .
At 3:27pm on January 16, 2008, Nina Gabriel said…
Hi Carly,
Thank you for the invite. I would like to visit your website to see your works. I am an artist my website is please visit. Maybe we can exchange links. let me know if you would like to. Best regards,

At 1:35am on January 16, 2008, Maribeth Snell said…
thanks for the comment and invite carly. i took the pic in sone sea grass by cook inlet for a yoga brocure. i was teaching 5 classes a week until last saturday. I ran a snomobile into a tree :-( I'm typing w/ one hand!
At 2:24pm on January 14, 2008, markus said…
I agree. I lived away from Providence for many years ... I came back to a completely different city. It does have a special energy that it didnt always have .
At 12:10pm on January 14, 2008, SuperLife said…
Hi, Carly! Welcome to SuperLife!

You're now part of a fast-growing, purpose-oriented social network that is taking life to the next level. Here you'll find fertile ground for having your say, realizing your potential, and extending your influence. Please --

* Make liberal use of your blog and the forum,
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* Network with fellow members to make good things happen,
* Invite colleagues and friends to join you on SuperLife.

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If you have ideas for improving SuperLife, please share them -- to make the site more attractive, user-friendly, and effective.
At 11:26pm on January 13, 2008, Anahata6 said…
Hello Carly,
Thank you for sharing superlife hugs with all of us. Your words help open the eyes to love.

Love Of Each Beings Journey
At 10:31pm on January 13, 2008, flagirl67 said…
carly, hello.
At 2:15am on January 12, 2008, Quinton Vance said…
Thank you for visiting me, Carly! It's entirely possible that we've either passed each other in the hallowed halls of Berklee if you were there between 1990-1993, and it's even more possible that, if you were there then, and had a project band submission, that I've worked on it! It's even more possible that if you've attended or played in any student concerts in the Performance Center, that you've seen me! It's even MORE possible that if you've been in the Student Convocation or Graduation concerts, that I was there, playing in the band! Lastly, if you've ever shopped at the infamous Daddy's Junky Music, I was there! If you've ever ventured down to Wally's on Mass Ave in Roxbury on a Monday night, I was there! If you were at the Rat on Comm Ave on a weekend, I was there! It's great to meet a fellow alum! Keep in touch, & we'll trade war stories about the "Berklee Experience!"
At 11:21pm on January 11, 2008, Cyndy said…
Hi. Thanks for the invite. It is an interesting place to be! This site!

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