Transforming One's Space Through Oneness Consciousness

With a quiet, peaceful delivery, artist and Sufi teacher Lynn Barron delivers a powerful, practical message: how to make the journey back "home" to an ongoing experience of oneness which she describes as a broad "awareness that doesn't wander." Barron insists that oneness must be lived in everyday life, and explains how glimpses of interconnectedness can be remembered and applied to mundane scenarios in the home and workplace, with resulting in greater spaciousness, increased rapport, and light to life. Although she found the process initially risky, her "living oneness" soon began radiating outward; and she believes that many people doing likewise can transform communities and collective structures with a global effect.

Lynn Barron travels around the country meditating with people and speaking about her mystical experiences. She receives formal training in the classical tradition of Sufism from a Shaykh in India. An interview with Lynn and her unique path can be read in the recently published book "The Unknown She: Eight Faces of an Emerging Consciousness by Hilary Hart."

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