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Unspoken Language...What we Say in the Silence

"To the wrong person, no words are enough...yet to the right person, No words are needed."- Unknown 

I believe it is a Universal law often forgetten when lost in the pursuit of an argument, that sometimes no words will do. I believe that we see others perspectives when we listen and become open to where they are coming from, rather than seeking to impose our own standpoint. This to me can teach us to open up to a far greater realm of perspective and insight…


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The Stars through May & June 2009

May being the month of the Snake, brings change to those born with a Pig in their chart, as these two animals clash which can mean a number of things including change, upheaval or generally indicating an unsettling time (which for some may be over due and even positive).

With regards to the swine flu out-break through the month of May, It is also a month when we have an energy transit according to "Flying Star" Feng Shui, that tends to bring illness to the surface where the… Continue

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The Stars through July 2008

1) Taking a step back from the "To Do Lists"

2) Reflecting on Life Direction

3) A preventative approach to health

4) Feng Shui tip of the month

New Moon in Cancer on the 3rd, Taking a step back

With the new moon in Cancer we are drawn back to the moon energy of the feminine, mothering and nurturing.

It is all that we hold dear and close to our hearts that is focused upon as we enter the month of the Goat.

We now want to surround… Continue

Added by Leah Jade on July 1, 2008 at 5:30am — 1 Comment

The Year of the Earth Rat- 2008

Being the first sign of the Chinese zodiac, the Rat of 2008 is a year of significant change, in new beginnings and fresh starts. With the huge shift in social structure, coinciding with Pluto moving into Capricorn, our government experienced huge changes when we elected a new leader, and in America we have enormous talk of political change, with elections coming up there also. Never before have we seen a woman, or a black man lead in the history of American government, and with Hillary…


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