The Energies of 2008 . Brotherhood of LIGHT The Energies of 2008 . Brotherhood of Light

The Energies of 2008 . Brotherhood of LIGHT The Energies of 2008 . Brotherhood of Light

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Sedona Journal Of Emergence
April Article Submission
Written February 2008

The Energies of 2008

Greetings, dear readers, from the Brotherhood of Light. We are delighted, as
ever, to be sharing energies and love with you once again. More than
anything else please know that you are loved, beyond measure, by the Divine
Source of All That Is. We remind you that, no matter what is happening, all
is as it should be. What an incredible time to be alive! What amazing things
are happening as people become awakened and aware! No matter what strain and
strife may be going on in your life, take heart, for it is only lesson. All
drama is lesson. The lessons form your game plan, and the game of life is
speeding you toward many resolutions. We have been giving you guidance as to
how to simplify your lives, take good care of your bodies, and make positive
change happen as you begin to create a brighter future for your planet.

Ah, you may be thinking, what planet are we looking at? (Chuckles.) So much
war, poverty and disease still rampant, so many people in dire need of the
basic essentials of life, and so many species quickly disappearing as the
global temperature rises. We ask you not to focus just on the negative
aspects of what is occurring. Look to the massive changes that will sweep
the earth in the remaining five years of the Millennium Shift. Look for a
new honesty, a show of new integrity, as all of your political problems
shift under new guidance. Even more than that, the energies of 2008 will
cause personal shifts on many levels. Remember, please, that these lessons
are intensifying at all levels, from the individual to the global. Do you
see how financial problems in one country are affecting all countries?

From now on, any imbalance in resources will be felt around the world!

Why? Because you are all globally connected, and you are all beginning to
feel that connection. You are beginning to feel the new energies coming in,
for now they are requiring your physical bodies to shed all the 3D density
you no longer need. As we have said in prior Circle of Grace work, the
Millennium Shift is an energetic shift. That is why it is so important to
clear at all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. We have
defined those PEMS layers as comprising your dense etheric body. You have
been accustomed to living through your physical core, and discerning reality
through your limited 3D physical senses. Now you are shifting along with
your planet, from 3D to 4D to 5D. As your senses expand into the nonphysical
dimensions beyond 3D, you will begin to feel your aura more and more. At
first, what you will feel most are the etheric blockages that you carry!
Yes, those imbalances, or areas of excess etheric pressure, will need to be
identified and cleared so that all of your PEMS layers can gracefully
weather the energetic shifts that are getting increasingly "heavier".

We covered the symptomology of the shift changes in a prior article (Sedona
Journal, September 2003, Pre-Ascensionitis). Along with all of those
physical changes, the new energies are causing you to heighten your
spiritual vibration in a new way. Simply put, you are truly beginning to
feel your nonphysical energies shift when presented with (or in the presence
of) a person with a lower vibration. Dear ones, know that lying reduces your
vibration, as does negative criticism and unwanted judgments. The doing of
these "negative things" will become tangible to you, and painful. On the
other hand, doing something good, helping another who is in need, tithing
something back to the universe through a good deed or gift, all of these
things will feel great! Remember to let good deeds go with quiet grace, and
do not look for recognition. If your ego is involved, negative karma is
released instead of positive. Yes, karma is energy, too! You will soon learn
to identify the flavor of that level of energy creation.

Why have we been teaching the Circle of Grace clearing process? To help
lighten your bodies and brighten your path! Also, connecting with us through
the Healing Prayer will give you tangible proof that we exist, and therefore
proof that you are connected to All That Is. When we say, "God is within
you," we mean it literally! Rather than turning to God when things go wrong,
we offer to meet with you on a more regular basis (chuckles). Use our prayer
every morning, change the words "healing session" to whatever you wish. Take
us shopping, and we will guide you to what you are seeking. Take us with you
to the dentist, the doctor, and ask us to help make all go smoothly. Give us
permission to be with you, and we will co-create with you whatever future
goals you wish to manifest. Look for synchronicity to replace coincidence in
your life. As a reminder, we give you the prayer here and hope to hear from
you soon! The first two lines are generic, and yours to change to fit your
belief system. We ask that you keep the last two lines as they are written.

Dear Lord, Father/Mother God, Creator of All That Is, Was, and Ever Will Be,
please join me in this healing session.
Dear Ascended Masters, guides and angels, please join me in this healing
Dear Brothers, the Brotherhood of Light, please join me in this healing
Dear Higher Self, please join me to guide and lead this healing session.

Say the words of the prayer out loud, for the vibration of your voice gives
us permission to join you in your physical space. We surround you in a
"sacred space" of 4-5D energies, and as we help you to clear at all PEMS
levels, we also work with your higher mind at the conceptual level. Remember
to keep your jaw joints loose and open so that your nervous system can
release pressure, no matter what type of meditation you favor. As you
progress chronologically though the last five years of the shift, you will
feel each rise in energy more clearly. As you become more sensitive to your
energetic layers you will become more attuned to your energy flows, your
energy needs and your energetic blockages.

In prior text, we urged you to release old things that you no longer need.
Why? Not just to tidy up or clear out a drawer here and there - all of those
old, unused things carry energy that is no longer appropriate for your
living space. They therefore block the clear energy flows in your home.
Every material release will give you a physical sense of release as well!
Pay attention to Feng Shui, for those principles truly apply now. You will
feel the changes you make around you, for they will lighten and brighten the
flow of energy in your home, which you will learn to feel with your senses
and therefore your body. All is connected, dear ones, and you cannot achieve
self-realization by only working on your emotional, mental and spiritual

Your physical body, too, requires extra care because the shifting process
requires energy. Below your level of conscious awareness, your body is
constantly recalibrating to and integrating the higher incoming energies.
That's hard work! Pure food and water, resting often, these are common-sense
ways to take care of yourself that should by now be a priority. Yes, a daily
practice is the best remedy for all that ails you! Whether you prefer an
hour meditation or a half-hour walk, please, tend to your body's needs.
Listen to what it tells you, or your etheric imbalances will grow and begin
to "weigh you down". Indeed, our answer to most of your questions is, "Get
clear!" Once you clear and balance your physical vehicle, all of your
efforts will become effortless (chuckles).

We have a new request for you: before you call us in for your healing
session, please drink a full glass of water. Yes, many people with ample
water around them are suffering from dehydration, which can cause dizziness,
confusion, migraines, increased heart rate and breathing. Dehydration and
salt depletion often go hand-in-hand, with symptoms such as diarrhea,
vomiting, excess sweating, lethargy, cramps, and a pallid complexion. Is it
not amazing that the lack of such a simple thing as drinking water can do to
your bodies? For the work we do together, that extra water is vital for
processing toxins and releasing all forms of blockages.

Nostradamus prophesized that by the year 3000, you will be able you heal
your bodies with a glass of water and a prayer. We say, start now! You are
so far ahead of the curve, you have no idea how proud we are of you, every
single dear heart reading these words. Light a candle or some incense if you
wish, say the prayer out loud, and toast our co-creation with that glass of
water. As you drink it, imagine yourself as fully healed, as fully One with
your own higher consciousness, as beyond all of the strain and strife of
your human life. Imagine it done, and give thanks! Feel that gratitude well
up in your heart, feel that emotion fill you and heal you, and become that
vision you hold of yourself, your new self, your eternal Be-ing seeing
through the eyes of your temporary physical body.

So please be aware that your body needs extra water from now on, to ease the
assimilation of the higher energies. We gently remind you that soda contains
so much sugar that your body must treat it as food. It takes an average of
three hours for your stomach to process all that sugar, in which time your
body is still craving water. This becomes a vicious cycle for some, who
misinterpret their thirst for water by reaching for another soda. The diet
versions have their own detrimental effects, filling your stomach with
liquid containing noxious chemicals. Again, you may feel full temporarily,
but you cannot fool your body at the physical level of process - it still
craves water, you are still thirsty, and you reach for another soda. Now
that your conscious awareness has been reminded of these facts, we hope you
will choose wisely and listen to what your body needs, not what your old
addictive patterns may be. We cannot stress this enough - water is vital for
your body to make a graceful energetic transition.

Now that you are in the final quarter of the Millennium Shift, each year
will bring a new "press" of energies onto and into your planet that will
release another layer of lesson and push you into higher and broader levels
of consciousness. Remember, 3D and 4D are included in 5D. At this point, we
remind you that you're not going crazy, you're becoming divine! (Chuckles
and a big hug!) The energies of 2007 (2 + 7 = 9, the number of mastery)
forced everyone into a tizzy of completion, raising drama to a level where
it had to be addressed, dealt with and cleared. Why? Because the energies of
2008 (2 + 8 = 10 = 1, new beginnings) are now expanding to offer you new
chances to attain a heightened perspective and function from a new level of
spiritual integrity. As your auras become palpable, as you begin to feel the
energetic ramifications of physical events, negative energies will truly
make you uncomfortable! (Yes, both yours and that of others, chuckles). It
will become easier to make "high minded" decisions, and you will clearly
feel the lower energies as they swirl around you.

Dear ones, why is the war in Iraq happening? To show you that the old type
of war, the 3D shoot first and don't ask questions, is no longer working.
Why are isolated acts of terrorism all the rage? Because the more divine
light that reaches your planet, the more isolated pockets of extremism are
being brought into that light and exposed. Now that you are all globally
connected, can you not see that your good energies and efforts should go to
helping all peoples in all distressed lands? This is what you are all waking
up to, feeling and facing right now: a heightened level of morality, a new
code of ethics for the new co-creative future that you lightworkers are

So, to clearly define the energetic shift that is occurring this year, we
would like to use your language, once again, to explain what is happening to
you at all PEMS levels. The two words we have chosen are "ethics" and
"morals". What is the difference between the meanings of these words? How
are they related? Why are they often confused and confusing? In your
dictionary, ethics and morals are described as:

Ethics: the study of standards of conduct and moral judgment; moral
philosophy; the system or code of morals of a particular person, religion,
group, profession, etc.

Ethical: having to do with ethics or morality; of or conforming to moral
standards; conforming to the standards of conduct of a given profession or

Ethicist: a person versed in ethics or devoted to ethical ideas.

Moral: relating to, dealing with, or capable of making the distinction
between right and wrong in conduct; relating to, serving to teach, or in
accordance with, the principles of right and wrong; good or right in conduct
or character.

Moralism: moral teaching; belief in or practice of a system of ethics apart
from or beyond established religions.

Morality: moral quality or character; rightness or wrongness, as of an
action; the character of being in accord with the principles or standards of
right conduct; moral instruction or lesson.

These two words, and the higher perspectives they espouse, have been mixed
up and misused for so long that there is often a "grey area" of confusion
between them. The loss of these words' original meanings allows the
separation of "us and them" to continue to guide your conscience, and
therefore your actions. We remind you here of an old joke - a moral person
always knows which course to take (the path of right action), while an
ethical person defines the right and wrong choices, and then must decide
between them.

Do you see the difference, dear ones? Being ethical is being well-versed in
what is morally righteous and what is not. At every turn, an ethical person
must weigh the good and bad judgment first, before they decide how to act.
Because of your free will zone, you have the right to choose what to believe
in, and how to express that belief. Being a moral person, dear heart, is one
step easier - you distinguish the right from the wrong, and that one
determination automatically leads to choosing the higher path.

In other words, an ethical person knows what they should do, but then must
decide what they will do. That level of consciousness still defines good,
bad, right and wrong as something outside of themselves, as knowledge that
they need to apply at every turn. A moral person lives in the energy of the
right decision, making it effortlessly because they have internalized those
ethics into a code that they think, feel, act and live by. Please remember
that Spirit does not judge any of your choices as either positive or
negative; we use those terms only because they have meaning for you. As you
evolve physically in the last quarter of the Shift, you will feel the
energetic impact of those right and wrong decisions in a way that you never
felt before! Negative energy will cause an "achy" feeling, a distress or
discomfort that you will quickly shy away from. Positive energy will draw
positive energy, and you will instantly, clearly feel that as warm and
welcoming, often with a feeling of familiarity.

When you flow effortlessly from one right action to the next, you are
establishing a new level of spiritual morality, a new code of ethics for all
of humanity to live by. Yes, your new evolving comfort zone will help bring
in and anchor the energy of the new future you are creating. Your expanding
awareness will establish new heights in the collective human consciousness.
You lightworkers are "raising the bar" in regards to what is acceptable
behavior on your planet, and what is not. When you watch the news, does it
make you "feel bad" for all of the atrocities that man is still perpetuating
on his fellow man? Do you feel dismayed and depressed by the level of
violence and suffering still out there? Then you are truly feeling your
aura, which speaks to you in emotions and feelings, not words.
Congratulations! You are definitely evolving!

We counsel you gently here, as we have before, to stay positive. If each and
every lightworker takes a few minutes each day to "pray peace", you will see
the effects spread very quickly! What do we mean by that? When you pray for
peace to come, you are energetically informing the universe that your world
does not have peace. We explained earlier how to picture yourself healed and
healthy as you drink your water before a Circle of Grace session. You can do
the same for your planet! Start by picturing your neighborhood as calm and
peaceful, and sit with that image for a while. Project the image of peace,
and the feeling of peace. Then expand your image to include your whole
country, with all of its citizens happy, healthy and productive. Picture
your government following the will of the people, and caring for its
peoples. Sit with that image, and project peace from your heart to cover and
comfort your country. Finally, expand your image again and picture the earth
as a shining blue-green jewel dancing through space. See peace reign over
all. See all human beings as happy and healthy, coexisting together on a
pristine globe that is also healed and happy to support you.

Dear hearts, be the peace you wish to see in the world, and Spirit will
gladly help you co-create it. We love you so dearly!

We are, in All Love, the Brotherhood of Light.

C Copyright 2008 by Edna G. Frankel
Edna G. Frankel
P.O. Box 62, Blue Bell, PA 19422
Phone: 215-653-0339

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