SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS OF DIMENSIONAL TRANSLOCATION As much as I dislike sharing disturbing news, I believe being forewarned
is beneficial in some cases. This is one such case in which I feel we
should all be aware. As I monitor the earthquake and volcanic reporting
sites, I find this message very appropo. The number of and intensity of
the eq's now occuring have increased dramatically. Can you not see how
this increase will affect us all? Be prepared to help in any way you can
as the energies for change increase. Panic never helped anything. Plan
for the changes and how to be of help. After all, this is why we
reincarnated in this particular time period - to help birth the
ascending process. Love and Blessings,


Transmitted By: Cmdr.Lady Athena

We greet you in the Light and Love of our Most Radiant One--- As we have
stated in our 2004 advisory update, Earth is now entering into the cycle
of intensified Earth changes, climatic anomalies and unprecedented
events and upheaval.

upon our site menu. Sept. 21, 2004 We reaffirm our previous advisory
which has by now been proven to be very accurate. We will now add a few

Earthquakes of a higher magnitude will now begin to occur world wide;
even in places that have never seen quakes before. In the USA the West,
and Pacific No. West, and Caribbean Islands and East Coast areas will
begin to experience activity. The New Madrid fault line is another heads
up area for activity fairly soon. Switzerland, Italy, China and Japan
---heads up! It will seem at times as if the entire Earth is a bowl of

As we've stated before tsunami and storm surges, massive flooding, high
winds and power outages foreseen. We have been barely able to contain
the Ring of Fire and the time draws nigh when it must be allowed to vent
and spew. All islands are extremely vulnerable to sudden inundation's.
All coastal areas world wide are hereby alerted.

Meteor showers with Earth impacts are imminent. Comets and the by pass
of Nirburu approach. Solar flare bombardment will disable satellites and
disrupt commerce in the times ahead.

Many sensitives are currently experiencing, dizziness, sinking feelings
within, feeling giddy and faint, sea sick, and unable to focus, as the
tectonic plates and fluctuations of the electro-magnetic fields---the
aura itself of Earth begins the spiral out of this dimensional world.
Some are noting irregular heart beats, and strange electrical sensations
on the crown of your head. Your sleep hours and patterns are changing
and shifting from one extreme to another. Your breathing is more shallow
and may cease with periodic bouts of apnea. These changes are indicative
of energetic readjustments to new solar alignments within the new binary
sun system; adjustments being made within the various subtle bodies of
all who live upon the Earth. The Earth will soon spiral out of this
dimensional out picturing and be reset within the fifth world-globe, as
a new version of Earth.

Many of you may be experiencing a sensation similar to water in the
ears, the right ear, or both ears, and nothing seems to relieve it, nor
is your hearing impaired by this. The stuffy ears symptom may also be
accompanied by itching. This is one of the signs of higher dimensional
Light body activation. ( Tachi Ren wrote a most helpful book published
in the 1980's entitled, "What Is Light Body?" In it she describes quite
accurately the various symptoms of light body activation.")

Many of you are hearing high pitched tones in your ears, ringing, loud
chirping of birds, crickets, melodies and variations of the above. This
is the Sound Current, the Voice of God, the Holy Spirit, (the Shabd,
Dhun Vani, Bani, Living Word, Logos, and various other terms used to
describe these inner cosmic choruses of God.)

Visionaries are seeing golden, translucent, iridescent, rainbow,
shimmering spires, domes and cities of light. These are on a dimensional
level that peeks into, and overlays our current version of Earth and
seems to be appearing in-- as it were ---into this dimension. It is!
This is where you are headed---the new Earth, Terra Christa---reset
within the new dimensional heavens. The New Jerusalem, Jescara, the
Heavenly Jerusalem descending like a bride adorned for her wedding, the
Kingdom of God and Christ upon Earth etc., are some of the ways that
this has been described.

(We refer you to the Keys of Enoch The Book of Knowledge--by Dr. J.J.
Hurtak, especially keys 317-318- 319 for a most precise description of
what is taking place). The times we are entering are both awe inspiring
and thrilling .

Many of you are taking fourth dimensional photographs of the other
worldly lovelies now flirting with the 3-rd dimension. For those who
have the Spiritual eyes to see and the Spiritual ears to hear, there is
much that is going on.

People everywhere are dreaming dreams and seeing visions. Many are
seeing colors, light geometry's, grids and symbols.

Others are descending and integrating higher aspects of their
multi-dimensionality. There are even those who are dying for a longer
amount of time than in the usual near death experience---these ones are
then returning---in a sense re embodiying as themselves but also with a
deeper realization of truth and personal identity. This is like taking
on another life but within the same body. In some instances this is like
a form of resurrection. The phenomena may be accompanied by a preceding
coma or not. These are some of the ways that various ones are completing
all that is possible and available to them.

Many of our ground crew have recently experienced a more direct
encounter with us. Being summoned by one of us, being invited to
approach or to enter a golden sphere of light. In many instances that
was your dimensional replacement within a higher coordinate, and you are
now seeing life from an altered perspective. What you see is where you
are-- is now an apt definitive.

Our merkabah ships of light are now appearing as translucent shimmering
golden orbs. ( the metallic type ufos are not ours. Do not enter any
metallic ufos. and do not allow, nor welcome the approach of grays or
other grotesque, non HU-man ets.)

Those of us who come to you will look like glorious angels ( without the
wings) or HU-man beings in the Adam Kadmon form----appearing in
perfected HU-man forms. We will state that we come in the Name of Jesus
the Son of the Living God----we may also greet you with Kodoish Kodoish
Kodoish Adonai Tsebayoth.
You will never feel the slightest fear with us, nor any invasiveness
upon any level. We will NEVER abduct, induce sleep paralysis, implant,
nor violate you upon any level whatsoever. At the slightest sign of
resistance upon your part we will honor your preference and depart
immediately. We abide strictly by the Melchizedek protocol of honoring
and respecting you and your total personal sovereignty and free will.
You will definitely feel our energetic signature of deepest Divine
We strongly recommend that you demand that any one who would attempt to
interact with you-- state who they are and whom they serve. Every Lord
of light will acknowledge Jesus, Our Most Radiant One as their Sovereign
Lord and King of Kings Every dark agent will attempt to dodge the Name
that is above every Name---at which every knee upon the Earth and within
the heavens must ultimately bow and confess as Lord. Be aware that there
are absolutely NO exceptions to this protocol in interacting with Earth
and its peoples.

We invite you who are the visionaries to share what you are seeing. This
sharing will provide the vision and encouragement that all require to
keep positively focused. The outcome of everything that is to occur upon
Earth will be glorious for the meek ( humble and devoted people of God )
who will indeed inherit the new Earth!

This is as a great collective exodus from out of the 3-rd dimensional
Earth system---the Sodom and Gomorra, the great Babylon, the pharonic
Egypt (types and metaphors revealing the characteristics of the present
worldly culture in its most dysfunctional expression.) The sons and
daughters of righteous inheritance, the people of God, are to now be
delivered by the Hand of God out of captivity and slavedom.

The people hood of God will experience, as a part of this process,
miracles of supernatural healing, total restoration of health and
youthful vigor. Many will not experience death as you transfigure into
your higher immortal bodies of light---or return to bodies of
superluminal Light kept in suspended animation aboard our ships of
light. As in the time of the exodus recorded in the Bible, the spirit of
death will pass over and leave the people of God untouched. All who have
been born of the Spirit are marked by the Christ blood crystalline
These ones will experience Divine intervention, guidance, and super
natural provision of food, water and the necessities of life, in ways
beyond your knowledge, manipulation and personal provision.

The keys to tapping these sustaining blessings would be ----glorifying
God and His Christ with gratitude, praiseful adoration and unswerving
confidence, faith and devotion. The lovers of the Beloved will dine,
seated upon green lawns, in the presence of their enemies, with restored
Souls and cups overflowing with blessings.
For awhile you may witness from afar the tumult of the blood thirsty as
sword clashes with sword in a frenzy of rampant warfare, escalating and
engulfing those who find this their choice. For the children of God who
prefer peace, the war torn world view will increasingly fade, like a
pencil drawing. God's chosen ones---those who have chosen back--- become
increasingly encompassed, enclosed and embraced by the Love Divine. You
will enter into a very vivid and enthralling, joyous and celebratory
dimension of experiential life and awareness. You are doing that right

Curiously, many of you remember being shown recently,exactly what is
being shared here. Do not lament if you have not---just resolve to place
your attention more upon what you are knowing within your heart---deep
within your Spirit. Pay attention to your subtle feelings, and levels of

Sit is absolute stillness with God and simply be with your Self. Most
are too busy with all sorts of Spiritual rituals, noisy prayers and
outer hoop de doo. Be quiet with the Lord, keep Him company. Call upon
His Name then commune with Him in Spirit and in Truth----from your
authentic Self---allow Him to show you mysteries that you know not of.

Place your head upon His breast and listen to His Heart beat---let Him
speak to your Spirit, your mind, your entire being. Find time with Him
in your private sanctuary; be it a warm sauna, or bubble bath, working
out on your treadmill, driving on the freeway, taking a mountain hike, a
morning walk with your dog, or sitting on your couch. Some of you may
already be in a state of continual communion; that is what it means to
"pray without ceasing". A few may have transcended the methodology and
entered into the Secret Place of the Most High. (It is rare, but those
of you who are there will quietly acknowledge that.)

People are now being drawn into their appropriate grid affiliations. You
will be "lifted"----translocated ---into the corresponding world view
consciousness grid that matches your inner tapestry of awareness and
This is why certain of you may be finding that your phone has suddenly
become silent. Some may find it ringing continually as those within your
coordinate reach out to connect with you. It is the inner recognition of
a specific energetic signature. The groupings are precise, and already
the coordinates are set, the choices have been made. Look around and
note who is still standing with you, "on the same page", and keeping
pace with you.

The different grid overlays are separating off from one another in a
gradual fade out, as they would say in the film industry.

Those who have been teacher/communicators may find that ones not in
attunment with your grid of consciousness will no longer be able to
understand or relate to you.
It is like a form of visual and auditory dyslexia, an inner selectivity
that permits only related data to enter your consciousness. You may pick
up some information to read, but the cognitive factor simply doesn't
permit comprehension. Likewise, you cannot, read, hear, interpret or
make sense of a wave length, color, or sound frequency that vastly
differs from your own. That is how precise this separating of the
"wheat" from the "chaff" will be----and is now transpiring.

As we have stated before, the best preparation for what lies immediately
ahead is Spiritual and psychological. Many are feeling an urge to pack
up, move, eliminate things from their lives, reconnect with old friends,
or let go of certain associations. Practically no one has a definite
sense of where specifically to go, or what exactly to do. There is a
general sense of urgency, uncertainty, restlessness, and a holding
pattern all in place at the same time, for many.

That is because from here on out it is God who is calling the shots! We
will have God alone to directly look to for guidance and answers. A deep
abiding peace that goes beyond what one can understand, is settling
within. A quiet certainty of purpose and grounding. A spirit of
gentleness makes irritation and negative retort way too much bother to
engage in. You may feel like a sweet, innocent, wide eyed child----a
gentle lamb of God. Tender and kind, soft spoken and just present in
this moment.

Welcome, you have just entered the Kingdom of the Beloved, where the
goodly company live in Grace and walk in Love. Welcome Home good and
faithful servant of the Most High, enter and receive your inheritance of
all that has been prepared for those who have loved God with all their
hearts, souls, minds and strength---and their neighbor as their own
Be of good cheer and of bright countenance for the future for the Eagles
of the Ashtar Galactic Command is golden, bright and filled with
exquisite reunions.

Now visualize yourself stepping into a golden translucent iridescent
sphere of light. Stay there. The lifting is sudden and out of time as
you know it; therefore watch-- expect the arrival of the Lord and stay
awake Spiritually.
Love God, love one another, love all. Live in love and you are living in
God. We send each one of our Earth crew our love and our blessings.

I am Cmdr. Lady Athena / Ashtar-Athena SherAn addressing you this day on
behalf of our combined fleets, wishing you God's Peace. Baruch Ha Shem
Adonai---Blessed is the Name of the Lord

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