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Manna Sachet
is a product combination of two synthesized proteins emulsified with a special catalyst to enhance their multiplication. The product assists in TWO major ways:

Enhances enzymes in the body that produce proteins slowing down the aging process.

Fortifies the immune system against virus and bacterial agents.

Manna Sachet may be taken safely by children or adults regardless of any current medications being taken. Its anti-aging immune system strengthening powers make it the perfect method for maintaining a more stable and healthy lifestyle.

The Synthesized Peptides are a mirror image of the original proteins from Carcharodon Carcharias- the Great White Shark & Crocodylus Porusus- the most ancient living species on Earth (over 250 million years old). A synthetic peptide is a mirror image of a natural protein made up of Amino Acids strung together that destroy powerful viruses and bacteria by penetrating their membranes.

The Great White Shark has been around keeping our seas clean for over 250 million years. They are one of the most successful oceanic predators in existence eating rotting carcasses, scraps and killing other sea creatures to survive.

For many decades now it has been commonly accepted by lay people and scientists alike and especially so by the Asian world (whose civilizations go back over 9,000 years) that the cartilage of these species has magical powers and endows the person taking the cartilage with an impregnated immunity from various ill health conditions. The trade in this cartilage still flourishes abundantly globally.

Testing on the Great White Shark has revealed some unique startling facts concerning conditions which man and scientist is still struggling to solve in this present age.

For instance when these species have (in tests) been injected with Cancer and HIV cells the species have rejected the contaminated cells from entering the bloods molecular infrastructure by virtue of their innate immune system protection that they have built over 250 million years.

Logically, when one thinks seriously enough about this it is further confirmed by the fact that this species has not survived by pure luck alone during this period of time whilst other species have succumbed and become extinct.

We have simply taken the great white shark and the Australian saltwater crocodile’s best weapon against infection, synthesized the proteins and made the dual protein functional for human application.

Crocodiles and sharks have an innate immune system as the first line of defense that kicks in as soon as an organism faces any threat-a puncture of the skin, bacteria in the stomach, something nasty in the lungs. Besides the cells, such as macrophages and neutrophils, gobbling up bacteria in this first line of defense, these anti-microbial peptides bash holes in the bacteria’s membrane, which weaken it to the point that it instantly dissipates.

Manna Sachet is a unique synthesized anti-microbial peptide compound of amino acids, which have the properties necessary to fight bacteria without damaging normal cells. Until now, the reasons why sharks and crocodiles avoided wound infection were unknown.

Check out the Facts & Testimonials pages, which provide an extensive amount of evidence of the healing effects of the Anti-Microbial Peptide.

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