Tired of bad news? Get ready for a pleasant change!

Positive people Superlife is an unprecedented paradigm shift, the key trend of our time. If we catch its surge, rather than letting it swamp us, it can carry us to a hyper-human world of greatly expanded powers and possibilities. Thanks to scientific and social advances, we are fast evolving into a whole new self-modified species. Those of us who get with this meta-trend can look forward to six key developments. These include:
  • Supermind: Shifting to a new level of awareness and conscious control.
  • Superspirit: Tapping "the force" (call it God or quantum energy) with scientific clarity and impact.
  • Superhealth: Living to 100-plus in good shape.
  • Superscience: Making planet-saving breakthroughs by adding new scope and objectivity to research that is accelerating.
  • Superbusiness: Creating universal wealth by turning industry and commerce totally green.
  • Supersociety: Taming violence and creating a golden age by making food, basic necessities, education, culture, and opportunity available to all.
There's a big countertrend, of course. It involves super pollution, super conflict, and more. The two big trends, very positive and very negative, appear locked in mortal combat. Only one can win. Through information and inspiration found here, we can move aggressively in the positive direction. The prospects are becoming more substantial and exciting month by month. If we play our cards right, we could be on a fast tract to an exciting new future.

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