Air Max 1 Bill Belichick defended his team's formation

Baltimore head coach John Harbaugh has more to say about the Patriots four O

In a season ending press conference on Tuesday, Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh once again addressed what he previously called a "deceptive" formation by the Patriots in Saturday's AFC divisional round game.

In the third quarter against Baltimore, New England had Shane Vereen enter the game as an ineligible receiver and drop into the backfield while they used a four offensive linemen up front, confusing Baltimore's front seven.

Harbaugh seemingly did not like the move and charged onto the field at one point being charged with an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. He voiced his displeasure after the game.

Air Max 1 Bill Belichick defended his team's formation as a variation of a fairly commonplace move.

Billige Nike Air Max According to Jon Meoli of the Baltimore Sun, Harbaugh discussed the Patriots alignment again on Tuesday.

Nike Air Max Dame "My thoughts are the same as they were during the game and after the game," Harbaugh told reporters. "It was about the mechanics of the officiating. I never had an issue with the formation, never even brought that up. It wasn't about the formation at all.

"I had a chance to talk to [referee] Bill Vinovich during the game, and he addressed it. He said that was right. There's a certain timing that goes with that, in terms of the referee getting back in position to referee the game. The ball was being snapped so quickly that he didn't have a chance to do that.

"Plus, another interesting thing is the signal for an eligible receiver and an ineligible receiver is the same, so it's a little difficult to determine what the official is actually signaling in the heat of the battle when it's done that quickly. Bill was great about it, he said he would slow it down. I think he went over and told their sideline the same thing, and we didn't see it after that.

Nike Sko "I thought it was well handled, and talking to the league afterward, since then [NFL Vice President of Officiating] Dean Blandino has told me it's being looked at, and the mechanics are being looked at and some changes have to be made. In no way did I think it determined the outcome of the game. I was asked about it, and I answered.

Two plays after Harbaugh was called for the unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, Tom Brady hit Rob Gronkowski for a 5 yard scoring pass to pull within 28 21. The Patriots forced a three and out and then had the tying score the Brady, Julian Edelman, Danny Amendola double pass in their next drive.

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