1) Taking a step back from the "To Do Lists"
2) Reflecting on Life Direction
3) A preventative approach to health
4) Feng Shui tip of the month

New Moon in Cancer on the 3rd, Taking a step back

With the new moon in Cancer we are drawn back to the moon energy of the feminine, mothering and nurturing.

It is all that we hold dear and close to our hearts that is focused upon as we enter the month of the Goat.

We now want to surround ourselves with people and energy that help us feel comfortable, more so with our attention drawn back to ourselves as an energy body (in both giving and receiving), though it is also good to remember that being out of our comfort zone is the best way to grow in many situations.

This July is a time of gathering and settling, as we journey through the Goat and take a step back from the haste of daily to do lists, and more to the more sacred rituals that sustain our very soul, and nurtures our sense of wellbeing and vitality.

Cancer is the sign of the stomach and the mother, so we are now returning to the mother source in our lives whether it may be our real maternal mother, or whatever it is in our lives that embodies that archetype for us, providing a sense of nourishment, familiarity, protection and support.

It is a time we may feel the need to return to our old friends and family for guidance and reassurance, as a source of encouragement and reflection.

18th Full moon in Capricorn, Reflecting on life direction...

With this full moon passing by the backward travelling Jupiter in Capricorn we can see developments and breakthroughs with regards to our most precious aspirations as we bring our focus to them.

This is the sign of ambition and it is also very purpose driven in terms of life goals, career and position in life, so it is all of these matters that will now take charge as we are immersed in a fully charged internal reflection, of what direction we are heading in… and how we may best meander through current life challenges to a stable and secure ground.

This time brings us all to look within for the answers, with regards to our life direction, as it is only us who can determine where we truly want to be in order to align ourselves with our own personal truth, and what we value most as individuals.

Watching the success of others, and chasing for the recipes wont help at all when it comes to our own lives, as we are each very unique as is our purpose, and all that we bring into the world.

The Chinese perspective, A preventative approach to Health...

July is the Goat month in the Chinese system of Astrology, which is an earth animal.

Given that the Rat (of 2008) is a water animal (and though still in an earth year), we are now in a somewhat elementally balanced period. This is a time in which we have an opportunity to prepare for the abundant water energy of the coming months through the rest of 2008.

Ideally this month will be used as a grounding period in which we may lay foundations and plant seeds for future growth.

A time to bring our awareness back to our bodies, (our spiritual temple and carriage), it is important now to build the immune system.

Taking a preventative approach to medicine and health now... will be a key in maintaining strength and vitality throughout the rest of the year, especially through the colder (water) months.

Feng Shui Tip of the month...

"How to enhance your Feng Shui"

Inspire yourself

Take note of what it is your surroundings make you feel inside.
Do you feel uplifted and inspired? Or do you feel weighed down
and heavy when you are at work or at home? These are just a couple of things to consider,
when wanting to enhance the energy of any space you occupy.
It is important to keep your environment full
of things that have meaning for you,
particularly things that represent the type of energy
you resonate with or that you want to attract into your life,
so that it is easier to get into the feeling space of already having it.

Take a look around you right now,
are you surrounded by inspirational material?
Everything, from the books on your shelf, to the ornaments,
objects, papers and magnets on your fridge,
all play a huge role in influencing your subconscious
mind and what you create for yourself.

Your home is much like a womb that nourishes
and develops the embryo of your life, and your creation.
It is the food source from which you may derive the support,
protection and inspiration to live the kind of life you dream of,
desire and wish for. Treat this space as your temple.
It is your most powerful key to use in unlocking your true potential.

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Comment by Susan Doyle-Hosie ** Universal Balance on January 18, 2008 at 5:39am
Great reading on January's astrology-dont know anyone who knows as much as you do about astrology - wonderful work! x

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