The Stars through May & June 2009

May being the month of the Snake, brings change to those born with a Pig in their chart, as these two animals clash which can mean a number of things including change, upheaval or generally indicating an unsettling time (which for some may be over due and even positive).

With regards to the swine flu out-break through the month of May, It is also a month when we have an energy transit according to "Flying Star" Feng Shui, that tends to bring illness to the surface where the conditions are not so healthy... and are stagnant enough to form ailments and physical dis-ease.

The Snake is given quite substantial strength as an energy this year, as being the year of the Ox... it has great support, and having the Feng Shui energy of 7 residing in the North during May, there is a certain type of alignment that has revealed itself to be a strength in the clash present, bringing illness in the form of the Swine flu outbreak here in Melbourne's Northern suburbs especially.Not to mention the origin of this epidemic being Asia...which resides in the north of the globe.

Presently we have the Flying Star energy of 7 influencing the North direction ( in Compass Astrology/ Flying Star Feng Shui). This is the feminine aspect of the metal element...governed by the Rooster, which has quite a strength given the relationship between the Snake ( of May), the Ox (animal of 2009) and the Rooster Astrologically influencing the north direction this month. As all three animals are present it is a period/ time & place (direction) in which the Pig animal is in a great clash.

On a more general note, the month of the Earth Snake, May has a smoother feel than April in a general sense, given the Snake's relationship with the Earth Ox of 2009. Strong earth energy carries over from April into this month, as the fire element of the Snake, brings more ashes to settle into matter. Especially being the time of Taurus, we are brought to look into the financial aspects of our lives, be it how we maintain a sense of abundance and strength through our relationships, our our careers, these are the things that bring stability which will now become more of a focus for all.

Passing through May, it is certainly matters of the earth and economy once again that take our attention overall, though also looking at our own physical bodies. With the fire and earth elements present energetically, we may have a tendency to burn the candle at both ends. With a little more rest, water and awareness, this can always be in nourishing the kidneys, we have a great deal more strength to be able to keep up with the demanding pace of May and June- being the fire months (of the Snake and the horse).

Watch all communication until the end of May, as the planet Mercury, as we know governs this aspect of our lives and is retrograde until then. This means that we may encounter more challenges with regards to remaining clear in our conversations with regards to intentions or around being specific. It is common to miss read or mis-communicate information during these periods also, so it is advisable to be extra vigilant for the coming weeks.

With June bringing the horse energy in, we shall see the pace pick up after Mercury slowing things down through May. Naturally like the ebb and flow of the tides, this will bring us to the Gemini period of expression and creativity after the deep reflection through this month prompted by Mercury's retreat. We shall see much of our hard work begin to pay off during this fruitful time, as June is the month of the greatest yang/ masculine energy and will therefore bring to flower all of the seeds that we have been sewing through this year's cycle so far. Until next time, best wishes to all.

Leah Russell

Dip. Holistic Counselling
Advanced Cert. Chinese Astrology
Cert. Feng Shui, Cert. Massage

Soul Compass
M: 0433 891 891

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