Gregg Braden's Divine Matix Theory, Part 1

Weighing in on the fundamental nature of mind and matter, Gregg Braden joins quantum physicists and others in looking at the effect of consciousness on material events and everyday reality.

In this interview, Braden expounds on the concept of a Divine Matrix, which he defines as a bridge between the inner and outer world, and a mirror of quantum essence. In further describing the matrix, he cites the work of physicist Max Planck who wrote about a non-conventional form of energy from which all physical matter originates.

This matrix or field is not something that is "out there" but rather it's the very stuff that is holding us together, says Braden. The universe can be viewed as a massive computer, with our consciousness as the operating system and our emotions/feelings as the software.

We each create a feeling in our heart, and like prayer, it can have a direct effect on the planet. Prayer can be most effective if the desired outcome is perceived as having already happened, as this gives the field something to work with, he explains.

Art by Alex Grey

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Comment by Beverly Allgood on February 5, 2008 at 5:43pm
As an Artist, my experience of the divine matrix came from deep within the recesses of my soul's awareness. After the untimely death of my sister I manifested a series of divine portraits which led to divine interventions of contact within the great spiritual matrix of teachers like the Buddha and Jesus and were improvised collectively through this series of portraits I had painted and a collection of digital photos. Inside the divine matrix the Gospel came to life in a cosmic virtual reality far from a material point of view, but from an energy point or level of conciousness and it was from another world all together, a world of absolute joy and heavenly bliss. His kingdom had come and his will was to be done in my life and others. My mission now is also to wean humanity from the trap of surface reality loaded with false impressions of self and to help guide them towards a deeper understanding and meaning of the gospel and the hidden world or kingdom of heaven.
Comment by Dick Samson on February 2, 2008 at 3:20pm
Michael, I certainly agree.

Braden deserves a lot of credit for bringing practical spirituality into the scientific arena; and also for relieving millions of the linguistic baggage of organized religion.

His theory of emotional prayer can be used by anyone -- including agnostics and athiests -- without requiring a "belief" in anything other than "what is" and what one deeply wants.

What's more, his theory -- like any in science -- is testable and is being tested.
Comment by Michael Evans on February 2, 2008 at 3:08pm
This is a fantastic series. Thanks.

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