Abraham on Martin Luther King - Esther Hicks

Abraham, speaking though Esther Hicks, responds to a mother's question about her 7-year-old son being uncomfortable hearing the story of Martin Luther King. Then Abraham presents their own version of Dr. King's dream, as told from Non-Physical Source's empowering perspective. Recorded during a 2008 Abraham-Hicks Well-Being Cruise Seminar. For more information about the Teachings of Abraham, please visit our acclaimed website at

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Comment by Carolyn Anderson on March 16, 2008 at 9:52am
Aaah, Abraham...
Don't you just LOVE how they are able to so clearly and concisely able to bring a difficult situation into such beautiful and uplifting view? How simply and concistently they approach whatever subject has been brought forth?

I've had the privelege of asking several questions of Abraham and I must say the answers I received were the most profoundly life-changing of any teachings I have ever encountered.

Thanks for sharing this.

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