New Science Indicates that Thoughts Are "Things," Affecting Reality, Journalist Lynne McTaggart Says

Lynne McTaggart is a journalist who got interested in quantum physics and consciousness, and then investigated experimental evidence coming out of the new physics, which indicates that reality isn't what scientists used to think it was.

A new paradigm is emerging, she says: matter no longer rules; rather, the mind influences matter and events at both the quantum level and the gross level of everyday experience. Our intentions affect what has happened, is happening, and will happen. She has inaugurated the Intention Experiment -- -- to find out if the common intentions of large groups can affect things to a greater degree than the intentions of individual alone. If a lot of people, all at once, think positively about the growth or a plant or the safety in a city, will the plant grow bigger and the city's crime rate go down?

In controlled experiments with group meditation, reduced crime rates and other beneficial effects have been observed in the cities where the meditation took place. (Enter "group meditation" in SuperSearch to find relevant videos & forums.) In these experiments, no intentions were evoked; the meditators just did their ordinary thing, seeking a calm, focused mental state. McTaggart wants to know if the addition of intention makes a difference.

In this video she asks, can our thoughts stop global warming or end world poverty? Can it do big, outrageous things like this? Can we really, though the power of intentions, create a better world and new realities?

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