Being POSITIVE is not about being SOFT but more about being SMART you SUCKA !...Booooy...Boooy...Boy...! Evidence that a happy, contented, loved - and loving, caring, sharing mindset can prevent disease Not just that, we also have plenty of evidence today that positive thinking and emotions can help restore health in disease.

Introduction and power of meditation. The purpose of life and health benefits of regular meditation. The idea of leading a simple life. Neuroscience (brain) shows that deep meditation activates the frontal lobe the area of attention and concentration. Deep meditation also deactivates the parietal lobe of the brain(above your ear) the area of self awareness.

Dr. Deepak Chopra also talks about a quantum mechanical body. Hinduism and Buddhism are a mirror reflection of quantum theory and support science-allies. Inseparability of the act of observation, the state of the observed, and the observer is an inherent property of quantum mechanics. Inseparability of subject, object, and interaction. Buddhism often compares mind to space. It is empty of characteristics of its own, and yet contains everything.
You are supposed to be in the present moment. People waste their time lingering or worrying about their past or projecting their anxiety or fear about the future. You are supposed to live right now .

I want the TRUTH !!! You can't handle the Truth ! Son we live in world of hurt and problems. Ignorance, desire,attachment, fear, and false images of others and ourselves tangle and tear the threads, disfiguring the Fabric of Life that we are part of. Middle Earth is the school of learning so that one day you may grow wiser and reach higher levels of consciousness.

Stay away from toxic people, toxic relationships, toxic food, toxic drink, toxic emotions and toxic habits. DRINK is Better than Prayer ! SMOKING is Better than Prayer ! PROMISCUITY is Better than Prayer ! These habits lead to drunk driving, cancer, break up of families, violence and increase health care cost. PROMISCUITY leads to teenage pregnancy, difficult life of a single mother and poverty. Get a grip on yourself ! Detachment and indifference is the order of the day. A uncontrolled mind is your worst enemy. Learning how to deal with difficult, miserable, manipulative, angry people is an asset ! Everybody wants to rule the world ! EGO-Centric desires.


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